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Bhopal has rich and incredible cultural and historical heritage. Over the centuries, this soil has witnessed a variety of dynasties ruling its people. This city beholds the traces of all its mighty history, which is truly captivating. When you plan a trip to this city to explore its history, never forget to look out for heritage hotels in Bhopal. After all, this city never runs short of them. Here under, we detail you a few places which you shouldn’t miss as a part of your trip.

Are You Ready To Explore The History Of Bhopal…?

Bhimbetka Rock Shelters:

Did you ever felt like travelling back to Stone Age..? Then pay a visit to these rock shelters in Bhopal. These rock shelters exhibit the evidences of pre-historic human life. It marks the beginning of the Stone Age in south Asia. It is traced that a few of these shelters were inhibited by humans around 1, 00,000 years ago. The rock paintings discovered in this place are approximately thirty thousand years old. It is interesting to note that these caves also present us the early evidences of dance. A classification of these paintings is done which states that they are from seven different periods of history. Unfortunately, most of the paintings of these rock shelters have eroded due to rain.

State Museum:

The historical significance of Madhya Pradesh is truly incredible and vast. The State Museum enables us to have a quick glance of this history. Since its inception in 2005, it has gained a wide popularity among tourists and historians. Initially, this was known as Bhopal Museum. It has seventeen galleries, which display huge collection of coins, fossils, paintings, sculpture, textiles and documentary heritage of the state. You will get mesmerized by some true masterpieces like weapons, musical instruments and miniatures. This museum is open on all days excluding Mondays and other government holidays.

Sanchi Stupa:

It depicts the Indian ancient art and architecture in the most beautiful way possible. Talking about its historical significance, long back in 3rd century, Emperor Ashoka commissioned its design. Large hemispherical domes comprising of various relics of Buddha were used to construct the central chamber of Stupa. However, its real beauty was incorporated during the time of Shugna. We can visualize various life incidents of Lord Buddha though these sculptures.

Laxminarayan Temple:

Leaving behind its historical and mythological significance, the best part of this temple is that it offers a panoramic view of Bhopal, which is truly spellbinding. Goddess Lakshmi is the deity of this temple. This temple was constructed in the year 1933 by one of the Indian legendary industrialists Baldeo Das Birla and so this temple acquired the name Birla temple. The architecture of this temple was designed by Sri Chandra Chatterjee.

Sadar Mazil:

During the regime of Nawabs in Bhopal, the Sadar Manzil served as a royal courtroom. You couldn’t stop staring at the massive wooden work at its entrance.  Huge terrace balcony marks the first floor and the second floor is designed to have a dome at each corner. The beautiful fountain and garden depict the typical style of Bhopal’s Nawabs. The time recommended by the tourists to visit this place is during the sunrise. You may have to spend 2 to 3 hours to explore this place completely.

It is advisable to plan well in advance for this historical trip. If you feel like enjoying a luxurious stay in this city, book the best one among five star hotels in Bhopal. A few of them also provide you necessary guidance to explore the city.

One of the reasons many couples choose the Bahamas for their destination wedding is that there are several regions that can host a dream wedding and honeymoon. Though Nassau is the island most often chosen by couples, other popular selections include Harbour, Paradise and Grand Bahama Islands.

As its capital city, Nassau boasts many beautiful venues for indoor and outdoor weddings. It has a vibrant nightlife to offer and there are several water sports couples can participate in during the day. For couples who want to experience the culture of the Bahamas there are several museums and other attractions they can visit.

Planning A Destination Wedding In The Bahamas

Harbour Island is often the best choice for couples who want to have a wedding on the beach. The beaches of Harbour Island are consistently rated as being among the best anywhere in the country. For a touch of romance, couples love getting married while standing on the pink sands of the beach. Couples who actively enjoy swimming will find that Harbour Island is the best place in the Bahamas to do so. With calm and shallow water it is safe for couples to go swimming at virtually anytime. Those who want to escape from the stress of everyday life love that Harbour Island’s preferred method of transportation is golf carts as opposed to cars. It is also not unusual to see people riding horses along the beach.

Located close to Nassau; Paradise Island lives up to its name. Couples who want to have their destination wedding in a secluded area can get married at Lyford Cay or Adelaid. For a flashier wedding, couples can get married at any of the resorts and hotels located throughout Paradise Island. The sandy white beaches and clear waters make for some lovely wedding photos that couples can cherish forever.

Couples that want to make their destination wedding a family affair often choose Grand Bahama Island. Activities to participate in while couples and their guests are there include three aviary sanctuaries and national parks, as well as underwater caves larger than any others in the world. Grand Bahama Island is well known for its delicious fish fries, which the locals eat and enjoy on a regular basis. Couples and their guests can enjoy a hearty meal followed by shopping, golfing or simply laying on the beach.

Planning A Destination Wedding In The Bahamas

One thing that is often overlooked when planning a destination wedding is what you can and cannot take along on your plane ride. Certain things like sparklers are forbidden on planes altogether while things like decorations are simply too bulky for checked luggage. Before you book your destination for your wedding, make sure you can acquire all of the things you’ll need when you arrive if you can’t take them along on your journey.

When planning a destination wedding in the Bahamas couples must show their drivers licenses, passports and birth certificates prior to the big day. Couples must apply for their marriage license in person in the Bahamas. Arriving in the Bahamas on a cruise ship requires couples to prove that they have been in the waters of the Bahamas for at least 24 hours before they can apply for their marriage license. This can be done by obtaining a signed letter from the purser of the cruise ship. Couples are generally approved for their marriage license 24 hours after they apply for it and must have two witnesses at the signing.

One of the most crucial things to know before visiting a new destination, especially when it is not as laid back as the rest of the top cities, is knowing if what you are doing is unknowingly seeming rude to them. It is also essential to have some tips up your sleeves at your disposal to survive and enjoy a pleasant visit to the city. This article talks about tips, dos and don’ts for your Jaipur trip.

Every destination differs from the other. There are things you can do in some, and things you cannot in some. It is essential to know the do’s and don’ts of a place before you travel anywhere as what you do, may be unknowingly hurting the sentiments of the people there. There are various things you cannot do while you are visiting a pilgrimage site like drinking or partying, however that is perfectly fine when you visit a place like Goa or Mumbai. There are  also various do’s and don’ts you need to know when visiting a tourist city like Jaipur. Jaipur being one of the most popular tourist site in India is visited by people from all around the world whole year round. It can be easily approached by a Delhi Sarai Rohilla to Jaipur train. Here are some tips, dos and don’ts you need to know for your trip to Jaipur.

Important Dos and Don’ts To Keep In Mind On Your Trip To Jaipur

Be careful of touts

Touts are all over, from tour guides to somebody attempting to sell you “legitimate” Rajasthani stuff. Never get bulldozed by it.

Carry change at all times

It is obligatory to have money on you, but don’t carry too much cash. Always keep changes at hand so the shopkeepers do not overcharge you seeing the big notes. It will also be difficult for you to have to pay with a 500 rupee note for a 10 rupee water bottle.

Never flash valuable

It will not be the first time a tourist or traveller has been mugged in the city if you do. Never flash your expensive jewellery especially when you are on some street markets to buy some souvenirs.

Never forget to crosscheck the bills

Whether it be eating in a restaurant or purchasing something from the shop, always cross check the bill. Excessively numerous cases happen where retailers and restaurant proprietors take the risk of making some forced errors in the bill in the hope the customers will not find out and walk away paying the amount.

Keep yourself hydrated

Jaipur is agonizingly hot and humid. Always stay hydrated with water or fruit juices to avoid falling sick.

Be careful with the monkeys

Monkeys are bold and dangerous here. Maintain a distance from them at all expense and never defy them. Simply toss them some food and slowly walk away incase you encounter one face to face.

Keep up with some courtesies

A few courtesies should be maintained while visiting the city like not spitting on some spots or talking loudly inside some monuments and temples.

Eat hygienic

Eat fresh and eat clean. Make hygiene the top priority wherever you choose to eat.

Know about the no-photograph zones

There will be some no-photograph zones in a few landmarks and temples. Respect that and switch off your telephones and put your cameras in your bag.

Myanmar Tours- Tailor Made and Private Tour Packages

For travelers who are eager to see a country that remained mystically beautiful in Southeast Asia then Myanmar is no doubt one of the best choices.  Filled with shimmering temples, pristine forests and untouched heritages, the country promises some amazing travel experiences you should expect.

Myanmar Tours- Tailor Made and Private Tour Packages

These are top must see sites in Myanmar which should be included in your itinerary :

Shwedagon Pagoda Yangon

The rich history of Shwedagon and the giant architecture reflecting Buddhist highlights make this pagoda outstanding amongst all the attractions in Yangon city.

For all the firs timer, it is incomplete if you travel to Myanmar without visiting this site.

Indein Stupas and Market

With mountain backdrop and direct view to the romantic lake of Inle, Indein is a very place to enjoy the culture and nature in Shan State. There are chances to spot the wildlife along the canals or floating gardens, decorated by stilt villages.

Indein boasts faded Buddhist stupa ruin which depicts the ancient treasures of the area. The pagoda on the top of Indein is said to be a sacred place for pilgrimage also.

Another event that takes place every week in Indein is the rotating market. There is a collection of boat, unique farm produce and colorful traditional hill tribe dress to behold during this day.

Bagan Temples

The iconic image of Burma Tourism comes from Bagan which is studded by thousands of temples. Photographers from all over the word come here to capture the haunting sunrise, flying over the sky with balloon to see the exceptional charm of the area.

Bagan also has many traditional works and the most famous one is to make lacquer ware.

Amarapura, Mandalay

Authentic Asia Tours, a local Myanmar Travel Agency voted Mandalay the first choice for adventurers who want to do motorcycle, trekking and river cruises.
Surrounded by 4 ancient capitals, the city of Mandalay has so much to offer from famous historical sites to the Royal Palace which marked the last capital of Burma kingdom.

From Mandalay, you can take cruise upriver to watch the river dolphin, riding motorbike to Pyn Oo Lwin or embark a trek in Nam Sanh

Southern Beaches

Since Myanmar opens more area for oversea travelers to visit, the south islands is really appealing. Explore Mergui Archipelago could define a life time journey for everyone. The beach is so pristine, the islands are untamed, the coral reefs are so beautiful and the people are just incredibly friendly.

Some notes :
To visit Myanmar, you need to apply for Myanmar Visa before you enter the country.
The best time to visit is from Oct to April.

Zanskar Valley Ladakh

With the snow clad Himalayas and the deep blue seas, the golden deserts and the dense forests, Indian sub-continent is incredibly mysterious. If vacation to you means thrill and excitement, then pack your bags and set on a journey to explore the rich heritage and enthralling beauty of this country.

1. Leh Ladakh

Discover a completely different culture of India in ‘The Broken Moon Land,’ or Leh Ladakh. Surrounded by some of the highest mountain peaks and glacial rivers, the quietness of the place is its charm.

India’s Most Backpacker-Friendly Destinations

As you trek through the steep slopes of the Zanskar Valley, the Buddhist hymns from the colorful monasteries create a celestial atmosphere round you. Bring back a piece of Leh Ladakh with you with the costume jewelry and traditional crafts. Spend some time far from the maddening crowd sipping piping hot butter tea as the snow drizzles knock on the window.

India’s Most Backpacker-Friendly Destinations

2. Jaipur

The Pink City of Jaipur is the land of fairytale you have always read. Ride on decked up elephants to the forts or enjoy authentic royal cuisines on silver lined plates like a Rajput king.

India’s Most Backpacker-Friendly Destinations

The exquisite beauty of City Palace with arms, armors, royal belongings and old coins is a treasure while Hawa Mahal is magnificent with 983 windows. Enjoy your evenings watching puppet shows or buy boutique apparels and leather shoes as souvenirs.

India’s Most Backpacker-Friendly Destinations

3. Pushkar

If you are a backpacker determined to unravel the unique aspects of India, Pushkar is a must visit spot. With 400 milky white shrines, 52 bathing ghats and one of the few Brahma temples of the world, Pushkar is the sanctum of Indian religious life. Witness the simple joy of living at the vibrant fairs of the city or dip in the holy waters of the Pushkar Lake with faith.

India’s Most Backpacker-Friendly Destinations

4. Munnar

A backpacker’s journey is for relaxation and hence Munnar must be on your tour map. Walk over the green carpets of tea gardens or checkout the endangered Nilgiri Tahr, butterflies with splashing colors and hundreds of birds at the Eravikulam National Park. Trek to the highest mountain peak of South India, Anamudi, lying at 2695 meters to get a breathtaking view of the city. You may also refresh yourself with aromatic tea or get some curious from the tea museum.

India’s Most Backpacker-Friendly Destinations

5. Goa

Goa is an ideal destination for fun, crazy tourists. Dance through the nights on the beats of Goa music or bask in the warm sun with beach volley and scuba diving.

India’s Most Backpacker-Friendly Destinations

Shore high in the sky with Paragliding or visit the spice plantations to breathe in the aroma of cardamom, cloves and many more. Rejuvenate yourself with Ayurveda massages at the spas or open your eyes to the sound of the bells of the ancient churches in the state. Enjoy the village life of Goa in the fishing villages, relishing spicy, hot seafood and high quality wine.

India’s Most Backpacker-Friendly Destinations

India hence has lot of surprises for the backpackers who are in love with traveling.

Fishing is actually one of the most interesting water activities to do with friends and family and it can be done for either commercial or recreational purposes. If you are planning to visit Darwin, Australia, you might want to consider going on a fishing adventure. And because it is probably a new thing for you to try, you will surely enjoy the fishing safari experience.

Go On Fishing Adventure In Darwin With Anglers Choice

Fishing Safari with Anglers Choice

You can choose your own adventure for your most awaited fishing adventure. The fishing tours Darwin can be done by selecting the type of fishing charter you prefer or you can just go for a Dundee boat hire. Below are some detailed information about Anglers Choice fishing trips and tours:

Fishing Charters

For fishing charters, you can choose the sport fishing charter, reef fishing charter, or the Barramundi fishing charter. Sport fishing charter allows you to experience pelagic fishing in Dundee beach and the possibility of catching a Spanish mackerel, sailfish or queenies is very high.

Reef fishing charter is recommended to those who want to try having a prize catch such as coral trout and red snappers. They practice catch and release so you will not have to worry about engaging in this type of activity.

Lastly, the Barramundi fishing charter is also a great option to those who want Barramundi fishing. Along the Barramundi charter journey, you will also have an encounter with some saltwater crocs and even birds of prey.

Dundee Boat Hire

The Dundee Beach boat hire is recommended for those who want to go fishing at a budget price. Starting at $270 per day, you can already rent the 4.55 m Polycraft Hire Boat, which is already good for four anglers.

Even if you do not have long days to stay in Australia, you can actually enjoy a one-day fishing charter experience only in Anglers Choice. They have a professional yet very friendly staff that will not only tour you around Dundee beach, but will also give you great pieces of advice when it comes to fishing methods. Your one-day fishing charter adventure includes all the fishing gears, lunch and refreshments, and some great stories to hear from the staff.

To book your fishing trip in advance, you can visit the Anglers Choice website to select your accommodation and proceed with your booking request. You can also call them at +61889781292 or email at [email protected] for more details and inquiries.