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3 Things To Pack For Your Next Vacation

Going on vacation can be a great experience as many people find traveling to new places very rewarding. There are certain things that you should always bring on your next vacation out of the country. Forgetting one or all of these things could dramatically decrease the quality of your trip. The following are some items you will need for your next vacation abroad.

Smartphone cameras are becoming more and more impressive in the quality of pictures that they take. A professional camera is always the best option especially if you are worried about international data charges creeping up during your trip. These cameras can be affordable as Groupon has coupons that update daily for Canon and other retailers. Take the highest quality photos of your trip as these are the things that will remind you of this trip in the future.

3 Things To Pack For Your Next Vacation

Bringing cash of the country that you are going to is important. Sometimes you might travel to a place that only accepts cash or if you are off the beaten path, might not have a credit card machine in the entire town. American money is fine to have in most places as well especially in Central or South America. There is a chance that something could get lost or stolen so put your money in different items and never leave a bulk of it in one place at once. It is better to have money and not need it than to need money and not have it.

With more and more work done online it is possible that you could be traveling and working at the same time. Bringing all of your computer accessories is important especially if you have to work while on your trip. Make sure you bring a wall outlet converter or have some that are compatible with the sockets during international travel especially if it is to Europe. The world stays connected and if you are lucky enough to telecommute then take advantage and work from abroad.

Traveling can be quite a rewarding experience but forgetting just one thing can ruin a trip. Obviously you might forget one or two things but hopefully there will be replacements at your destination. Make sure that you travel prepared next time you have the privilege of traveling abroad.

5 Most Exciting Things To Do In The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s choicest tourist destinations. It has dozens of clean and scenic beaches, a wide range of theme parks, exciting boat rides, whale watching opportunities, and live dinner shows. That is why it is known as a major hub of entertainment for fun seekers and holidaymakers. Here are some of the most exciting things you can do in the Gold Coast.

5 Most Exciting Things To Do In The Gold Coast

1. Explore Beautiful Beaches

The Gold Coast has a coastline that stretches for about 57 kilometres, providing plenty of clean sand and water for those who like to surf or bask in the sunshine. Each of the beaches including Palm Beach, Nobby Beach, Main Beach, Duranbah, Currumbin, Coolangatta, Broad Beach, and the popular Surfers’ Paradise provide something unique. They are also extremely clean because locals take tremendous pride in their beaches. In addition, Surf Live Savers walk along each beach and most of them provide a mixture of barbecue and picnic areas as well as restaurants and cafés. Visitors will enjoy using the walking tracks to explore the coastline and cherish the scenic views of the beautiful coastline.

2. Take a Ride on a Jet Boat

Jet boat rides offer a more exciting way to explore the shores of the Gold Coast than a typical sea cruise. You will be able to view the marinas, surrounding islands and city skyline while you enjoy various stunts including high speed drifting and 360-degree spinning. You can also view a couple of beautiful landmarks such as the Palazzo Versace hotel, the Sea World theme park, and the South Stradbroke Island while you have some fun on the way. Most jet boat rides are scheduled to last for an hour, or half an hour. You should always remember to wear your sunglasses when you go on these rides. Wearing sunglasses will shield your eyes from the reflection of the sun’s rays off the water and protect them from the spray of salt water.

3. Visit An Amusement Park

The theme parks in Gold Coast make a very popular destination for families visiting from other states and overseas. This is one of the major features that distinguishes the Gold Coast from other holiday resorts in Australia. Each theme park has high quality attractions and at least one major feature that sets it apart from the rest. Some provide amazing aquatic fun while others provide rope courses and zip-lines that allow you to travel over forests and lakes which have live crocodiles! Some of these zip-lines are up to 200 metres in length. Each of these parks has a variety of rides and slide shows designed for all ages and you find something fascinating to do or see during each season of the year.

4. Explore Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the leading coastal, wildlife and adventure rain forests in the Gold Coast. Formerly called the Currumbin Bird’s Sanctuary, this wildlife park has hundreds of Australian animals residing in a natural bushland setting. It offers one of the best opportunities for true family sightseeing. You can see the wild lorikeet feeding, feed kangaroos and parrots, cuddle a koala, and watch the Snakes Alive show. In addition to the variety of animals, the park also has little trains that take you around the park. Also, there is an exciting tree ropes course for kids known as the Green Challenge. Here children can climb ladders, hang out in trees and balance on suspended bridges.

5. Go Whale Watching

The Gold Coast ranks among one of Australia’s best destinations for whale watching. Their annual migratory season usually starts towards the end of May and extends up to early November every year. The whales migrate towards Australia’s east coast every year as they move in search of warmer waters. During this time, you will have the opportunity to take a tour to see them while they come out to play. More than 10,000 whales move close the shores of the Gold Coast every year. The massive shallow bay provides a good location for these humpbacks to rest and play on their journey to the Great Barrier Reef. Various tour operators provide some guarantees while some offer to refund your money if no whales are cited on the trip.


Those are some of the exciting activities you can do when you visit the Gold Coast. To have the best experience in the Gold Coast, you should endeavour to book in advance for these activities and visit at the most suitable season.

Vehicles have long become a symbol of a man’s opulence and luxurious indulgence.   I would like to convince you to experience a memorable ride in a limousine at least once in life.

What Is The Top Reasons To Hire A Limousine

Relaxation Indulgence

Relaxing while travelling is a great trade off for the amount of money paid. Hire a splendid vehicle like a limo for a hassle free smooth ride. You can have the liberty of refreshments, music, service stops, or any preferred route for the ride.  Limos have a remarkable sound system and sometimes even a karaoke for you and your friends to have some fun. Most limos also come with a bar where you can raise some toasts as well!  Hire a limo for a night out fun with friends or family because every one of us deserves a pampering once a while.

Make a statement arrival

There are often times in our lives when we wish to indulge in luxuries, comfort and make a fashion statement for glitzy and glamorous functions.  There can be several occasions where you need to be suited up and make your presence a grand gesture. And what better way to do so other than making an arrival in a limousine!

Special Events

On your most special day, you would want the most memorable experience of your life. Limousine by far is the safest and the most traditional vehicle of choice for a grand entry at the wedding venue. This is the memorable day which you would wish to remember for your entire life and a luxurious transport is surely going to be the best start of this journey.

Convenient and Safe way to travel to a new city

A luxury vehicle and a courteous chauffer are all you can ask for in a new city. It is a safe way to move around the city with the chauffer knowing the best of routes; in some cases have a good opening conversation with the driver about the best in town. No hassles of waiting in line for taxis or finding a parking spot.

Limousines are now very popularly available for hire to suit your occasion’s demands; whether it is a wedding ceremony or a lavish party or simply a corporate function, limo hire companies are now dedicatedly providing you services to deliver your best possible experience with them.  As a customer, your input is to provide them with as many details as possible to avail a better service. Try out Limo Service CT for your next best limo experience.

Traveling is one of the best hobbies for the people who have the urge to discover new lands and want to meet with new people in the journey. Some of the individuals have a religious mind, exploring temples, shrines, and other religious sites. Some of the people want to explore new destinations for getting in touch with unique culture and traditions; some may like to know about dishes and local food items. There are even people who just visit new places to take pictures for cherishing whole life.

4 Tips For The Solo Traveler To Visit Southeast Asia

Talking about Southeast Asia; it is renowned as one of the most beautiful regions in the world. The nations that are located in Southeast Asia are Japan, China, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand. All these nations differ from each other in terms of culture, tradition and rituals. Traveling to this region will give insight regarding colorful festivals, delicious food, and religion.

There are various travel agencies that offer customize Asia Family tours for the travel-enthusiasts. Even you can also go for the solo tour to all these lands. As you are not taking help of the tour agency, you have to follow some tips that will help you to get the best traveling experience.

  1. Know About the Place Perfectly:

When you are going to visit a new place alone, you should have an extensive knowledge regarding the destination. You should know the language a little bit. It will help you to communicate with the locals of the place. You can search online to get information of the particular place or you can read travel magazines.

  1. Let Your Family Know about Your Trip:

When you are going for a solo tour, there is no one to guide you or take your responsibilities. The best thing you can do is to inform your family members regarding your solo trip. At least, let them know about the place where you are going. Do not forget to give your contact number to anyone of the family members. At least, in a case of any emergency you can call them for help.

  1. Pack Your Bags Small:

It is not necessary to take huge luggage for your trip. Depending on the time of the year you are traveling, you can pack your bags. If you are traveling in the winter months, take some woolen garments. If you are traveling during the summer months, it is better to take cotton clothes as they are more comfortable than any other options. Keep some medicines, a map book; torch light, batteries, money and mosquito repelling creams when you are going out.

  1. Always Carry Passport and Flight Tickets:

Without the passport and the flight tickets, you will not be able to reach your desired location. When you are packing the bags, it is better to check whether you have the passport and flight tickets in them. It is very important to carry your identity proof along with you.

Thus, when you are traveling alone, it is better to follow the above-discussed points to have a lovely solo trip. Try to avoid the foodstuffs those are allergic to you and always visit familiar places rather than isolated ones.

Experience Comfortable Flying Through UAE Airline Services

Whenever we sit down and try to make a plan of traveling, be it a family vacation, solo trip or a simple business trip, we always notice that there is this one thing that somehow always manages to hinder our planning efforts. Well, there is certainly a reason behind this hindrance and we need to pay proper attention to it because without it, our traveling plans will be next to nothing. You might now be thinking what kind of hindrances are we actually talking about so let us make it clear to you that we are talking about your flight tickets. You must have now connected all the dots. Well, everyone knows how troublesome it can be to book flight tickets that actually match your comfort as well as budget zone. It seems to be a task which is next to impossible. We have to go through so much hassle in order to find ourselves the perfect flight tickets because something or the other is always missing and we have to start compromising then.

Experience Comfortable Flying Through UAE Airline Services

We, at, completely understand that booking the perfect flight tickets can be too much of a hassle. You have to do all the running around part and then you have to look for those tickets that will get you to your destination within your decided budget. Flight tickets these days are pretty costly and we know that we cannot afford them. We can afford the ones that provide no comfort but what about the flights that provide the ultimate comfort and are actually the ideal ones to be taken? Well, you can’t afford them. You don’t need to worry much about the cost of the flight tickets because we have got you some amazing offers this season. When you witness these offers, you’ll understand what we’re actually talking about. You will literally be blown away and you would want to book your flight tickets to all your desired destinations as soon as possible. You won’t even have to think twice before planning a travel.

Travel Comfortably and Spend Lesser Than You Could Ever Imagine

In order to reduce your expenditures, all you have to do is make use of Etihad Airways Coupons. These coupons will bombard you with some amazing and insane discounts whenever you decide to book your flight tickets for a vacation or a business trip. Be it anything, with these coupons, you can do all you want and grab the best comfort for you under your desirable budget and still end up saving a lot.

Alternatively, you can also make use of Travelstart Coupon Codes. These discount vouchers will further help you in reducing your expenditure on over-expensive flight tickets. These heavenly discount coupons will provide you with the most comfortable flights which you could have never imagined with the kind of budget that you previously had. You will now be spending barely anything and this way you will be left with a load of funds to actually spend during your vacation or business trip.

Keralan Meats – Meat Delicacies Of Kerala

Any aficionado of South Indian cuisine can’t fail to be charmed by the delectable culinary delights of Kerala. Sumptuous spicing, succulent seafood and a creative use of local ingredients are the trademarks of Keralan cuisine. However, despite the focus on the flavoursome vegetarian fare that is so prevalent in the southern states of the sub-continent, there are more than a few meat-based specialities in Keralan cuisine to keep even the most dedicated carnivores content.

Although the long, golden coastline of the sunshine state offers up an abundance of seafood and has contributed to many of the key specialities you can experience in Kerala, there are also mutton, chicken, pork and beef dishes on offer in this part of India, thanks to the mix of different religions and ethnicities that have settled in this region. The meat dishes of Kerala are hugely influence by faith – Hindus generally avoid meat entirely, although this does vary depending on personal belief. However, even Hindus that do eat meat tend to eschew beef due to the holy status of the cow. In contrast, Muslims will consume beef but not pork, whilst Brahmins and Jains follow a strict vegetarian diet. The culinary influences from these different cultures are what makes Indian cuisine such a varied and unique gastronomical experience.

Keralan Meats – Meat Delicacies Of Kerala

So, what sort of meat dishes are popular in Kerala?

Perhaps the most famous is the thalassery biryani, a fragrant rice dish featuring either mutton or chicken. Cooked with khaima rice instead of the typical basmati, this version of the biryani is aromatic, nutritious and deliciously flavoursome.

Another meat-based delicacy you might encounter in Kerala is the meat stew known as ‘eshtu’. This curry is cooked with beef, mutton or chicken and flavoured with the distinctive aroma of curry leaves as well as lashings of thick and creamy coconut milk. A variety of fragrant whole spices are added to add depth of flavour to the dish, producing a meat-based treat that’s hard to resist.

India loves its curries and Kerala is no exception. Another popular meat curry in this part of the country is nadankhozhi, a chicken and coconut curry, infused with an abundance of heavy spices to form a comforting and richly flavoured recipe.

Those that really feel a meal simply isn’t complete without a little meat won’t be disappointed by the local speciality erachiularthiyathu. This meat-heavy dish provides a combination of both beef and chicken, fried in a variety of spices, onions and curry leaves with a generous squeeze of lemon juice and plenty of hot chillies for an added kick.

Indian cuisine is adored by foodies around the world due to its inventive flavours and long list of dishes. Experience this for yourself with a visit to one of London’s best Indian fine dining restaurants. With impeccably designed menus based on all the flavours of India and sumptuous settings that invoke all the allure of the east – these innovative establishments allow you to sample some of the very best in authentic Indian cooking, spiced up with a creative, contemporary twist.

Pongal - In Celebration Of The Harvest

Each January, one of the biggest events in the Tamil calendar occurs: the festival of Pongal. The southern states of India come alive at this time of year as the people celebrate the harvest and express their appreciation for the agricultural produce that’s yielded up by the fertile lands of the region – produce that the very livelihood of the population depends upon.

As we bemoan the end of the Christmas season here in the UK, January signifies the beginning of the Tamil month known as Thai in the southern Indian states. The four-day festival takes place at this time every year, in the second week of January, and is a period of celebration where families and friends come together and give thanks for their blessings.

Beginning on January 14, Pongal starts with a flurry of domestic activity. Families clean their homes, get rid of unwanted possessions and there is an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ philosophy which symbolises the renewal and rebirth of the seasons. This day is referred to as Bhogi Pongal and families gather to give thanks to Lord Indra, the deity who brings the rain clouds, providing the water needed to help the crops grow.

Pongal - In Celebration Of The Harvest

The second day, January 15, is known as Surya Pongal – this is the day when the key events of the festival take place. Temples throughout Tami Nadu and the surrounding states organise feasts for the local people. These feasts, known as SamaBandhiVirundu, are a time for the community to come together, prepare and share food as they give thanks for the produce before them.

Traditional Tamil homes decorate their interiors with mango and banana leaves and draw patterns onto the flour with a dusting of rice flour. A typical tradition is also to heat milk until it begins to overflow. Rice is added to the pot to the cries of ‘Pongal! Pongal!’ – and the concoction is then served up to the household, along with an assortment of mouth-watering festival sweets and savouries. The rice and milk combination is also called ‘pongal’ in honourof the festival and this creamy rice pudding is usually flavoured with jaggery, spices and dried fruit and nuts to add texture and flavour to this exotic Indian dish.

On the third day of the festival – Mattu Pongal – the holy cows are worshipped by using bright paints and silvery caps to decorate their horns. The animals are usually bathed and hung with flowers. Crows are also fed on this day as sisters and brothers celebrate their relationships and hope that their bonds will keep them as united as the crow family.

Finally, the fourth day – Kaanum Pongal – is a day for family reunions and giving thanks to those that helped support the harvest.

Why not take your cue from the Tamils and celebrate this January as a time for new beginnings instead of succumbing to the post-holiday blues? Gather your friends and family and head down to one of London’s best Indian fine dining restaurants where you can celebrate your own version of Pongal in style.

Exploring Delhi On An India Tour This Holiday

While venturing out to different tourist destinations in India is an involvement in itself, arriving in the nation’s capital – the delightful Delhi for tourism and exploring it could turn out to be an extraordinary experience. It is a city that has every aspect of India imbibed in its essence. It has people from all the states and you can easily see a great and diverse mix of cultures. It is also the city that connects well with rest of the cities of India. Whether you want to fly your way to the Bollywood city of Mumbai, board a train from Delhi to Lucknow, take a bus from Delhi to Haridwar, or wish to go on a road trip by hiring a New Delhi to Patna taxi, you can get it all in this one city.

Delhi, as often called Dilli in its Hindi avatar, is authoritatively known as the National Capital Territory or NCT in short. With the capital of India New Delhi being a part of this NCT, more and more people have flown in to this city,  thus making it the second most crowded city after Mumbai. Yet its charm and warmth never ceases to amaze. A hypnotizing blend of both new and old that you can find in the New Delhi and Old Delhi parts of the city, the place is only a platter that is loaded with excellent Indian history, culture, heritage, and other such virtues. Throughout history, Delhi has stayed a powerful center and an important city open to the world.

Exploring Delhi On An India Tour This Holiday

Similar to the historical backdrop of Delhi, the way of life in the city too is quite assorted. While all significant Hindu celebrations from Diwali to Durga Puja and Holi, Lohri to Maha Shivaratri to Krishna Janmashtami to Guru Nanak Jayanti, all the festivals are celebra with much fanfare. Besides, well known in the city here are some unique fests, for example, Qutub celebration, Vasant Panchami, World Book Fair, Delhi Literature Festival, etc.

What is more, it is the place where the Mughlai cooking styles really started. You would find a rich taste of Mughlai dishes in many dishes that you explore in Delhi. Be that as it may, the normal Indian cooking styles are additionally prevalent here. From scrumptious Kebabs to Street Chaat and Bhel Puri, you find a lot of variety in food in Delhi.

Delhi is full of historic monuments that you can visit and it goes without saying that Red Fort and Humayun’s Tomb are two popular attractions around here. The city is also known for its temples such as Akshardham Mandir and Birla Mandir. Lotus Temple and Jama Masjid are other prominent and exceptional religious sites to check out during your Delhi trip. So, plan a nice itinerary of Delhi and explore this city to the fullest. Next big city that you must check out after Delhi is Mumbai. You can board New Delhi to Mumbai flights and arrive in the glamorous city from the capital of India. Happy holidays!