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Australia is one of the most aspiring and well-developed countries in the world. ‘Sydney’, Oh yes! One of the most phenomenal cities of Australia. Sydney is dream travel destination for tourists from around the world.

“Sydney – An Ultimate Travel Destination”

What Makes Sydney Amazing?

Of many amazing cities in Australia, the city of Sydney is a place with world famous opera house situated on the world’s largest natural harbor. Sydney is a multicultural city with a mix of cultures and considered one of the livable cities of the world. Having half of the population representing different ethnicities lends it an air of a multicultural city. It is one of the most tourist-frequented cities of the world. What makes it more interesting is the fact that it has all the ingredients to fascinate any visitor. Plush beaches, diverse wildlife, beautiful sceneries and ideal landmarks make it all worth it.

Sydney is undoubtedly one the oldest and most cosmopolitan harbor cities in the world.

Sydney in a Short Glimpse:    

Researching about a city in the world would not make you feel as wonderful as Sydney. There are not too many places in the world with much peace and harmony, beautiful and sensuous sceneries, plush gardens, scrumptious food and fascinating art.

Historically most visitors to Sydney find the city an ideal place for permanent settlement. The city is thriving with life and offer great job opportunities, the food is appealing and you can indulge in a variety of cuisines from all over the world.

One of the plus points is the climate of Sydney. Sydney is a superb sunshine city with moderately warm to hot temperate during summers and mild winters. All in all the weather is year round suitable for people flocking to Sydney.

Travelling to Sydney

The most preferable mode of travelling to Sydney is by air if you happen to be arriving from overseas. You can find deals on flights and accommodation on such sites as Expedia, Sydney Flights Accommodation and Webjet. Sydney is served by Kingsford Smith International airport. It is the only major airport serving Sydney with annual passenger traffic of over 36 million, making it one of the busiest airports in the world. You can reach Sydney by sea if you love a voyage.

Living in Sydney:

Travelling to Sydney by any means may be pleasure. The next question in your quest is where to live in Sydney? Considering the fact that Sydney is a combination of five mini-cities, it can be a tricky yet an interesting task. Here are the five mini-cities called Sydney:

  • North Sydney
  • Western Sydney
  • Inner west Sydney
  • East Sydney
  • South Sydney

Having an advanced market economy and iconic opera house, Harbor Bridge and the iconic status of being the most internationally recognized city, Sydney is a pleasure to stay anywhere you choose.

North Sydney offers you the pleasures to enjoy the north shore, northern suburbs, northern beaches and hills district. You can enjoy the rewards of living in the centre of the city if you opt for inner west Sydney and let us not forget about Canterbury banks town, Sutherland shire district, Macarthur and eastern suburbs.

Sightseeing and Things to do while in Sydney:

Sydney is one of the most diverse cities when it comes to site seeing and ways of having fun. The well-organized tour operators offer a variety of day trips, water sport activities, shore excursions and much more to choose from. The iconic opera house and the impressive Sydney harbor are breath-taking views from top of the Sydney harbor bridge. The spectacular skyline of darling harbor is one of the tourist attractions.

If you are travelling with the kids then there is no place like Taranga zoo. The grand city zoo of Sydney exhibits some of the most exotic 4000 animals on the planet. If you are sucker for beach life then Sydney holds some of the most amazing beaches in the world. You can bask on the beautiful beaches of Bondi, Watsons bay, Manly and Coogee.

You can discover stunning landscapes and beautiful sceneries throughout the region. The valleys of Blue Mountains are a magical place any time of the year. Sydney is just colorful all around, glowing in autumn, cool in winter, colorful in spring, and refreshing in summer.

What to Eat – while in Sydney?

Sydney is a city of many cultures, an amazing place for tourism that offers an even more amazing deal when it comes to exotic food.

A place where you can have the ravishing guava snow egg dessert of Quay’s, bear- battered flathead and chips at the boathouse Palm beach, Paul’s famous hamburgers, petuna ocean trout, Quay’s eight texture chocolate cake. You can even enjoy the best Pakistani food at Faheem’s fast food providing the best tandoori chicken, Pakistani curries, pickles and naan breads and when comes to the best cheese burgers in Sydney, there comes the name of mary’s.

If you happen to have a Thai taste bud then you ought to visit spice I am, a street style Thai food outlet or you can find cheap, spicy, authentic and up- market Thai food at chat Thai.

Fratteli paradiso is the place for Italian food lovers with great food, good service and always busy. A tavola, an intimate Italian restaurant provides handmade pastas. The bathers pavilion is a must visit bar at Balmoral beach. Katsu yachiyo, the boat for lunch, is floating restaurant. Lucio’s is an amazing Australian art restaurant. Longrain, an Asian inspired restaurant, serves excellent Asian food.

If you love the concept of street food, from the roadside food trucks serve you Sashimi kingfish with crispy tortilla chips, sliced kingfish spiked with chilli and lime and much more in fast food. With a variety of roadside pizza’s, tacos and burgers, there is an extensive range of fast food you can find in Sydney.

HotelHut is the new accommodation booking site that is making a huge impression on the travel industry and consumers alike.  The site is one that price modeling, structure and technology is unique for standard booking sites and travel agencies and one that guarantees the lowest prices available.  Their price model beats the leading OTAs as you won’t find the same typical rate offered by the leaders like,, Trivago, Orbits or, but instead, a rate that is much less!

HotelHut-BEST Hotel Rates On The Planet

HotelHut is a membership site, which immediately allows the company to offer their members “unpublished” hotel rates which are always lower than the other travel agencies rates.  The design and price structure of is one that is new in the hotel booking industry and for consumers booking leisure or travel accommodations they can do so at a fraction of the typical price offered through the BIG booking sites mentioned above. has contracted with over 150,000 properties worldwide to offer the best room accommodations at the most affordable rates.  The site and apps provide information on the hotels, including their ratings and pictures, so consumers know what to expect prior to their booking.  Consumers can expect photos of the rooms, lobbies, and hotels that include many special features like casinos or pools, as well as many listed features like WiFi, onsite restaurants, laundry, childcare, etc.  Sorting features help consumers to find their ideal room accommodations in their ideal location.  Hotel policies are also listed which offers consumers the peace of mind that they are booking at a comfort level.

Reservation Process

Like other leading OTAs, booking is done through HotelHut or their apps.  Apps are available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and a Windows platform.  The site offers consumers the option to sort through features like the different amenities they may require a stay such as childcare or swimming pools.  This ensures that consumers will find the best accommodations for their stay in their chosen location.

Stats show that direct bookings through hotel websites are high.  Stats also show that OTAs like have the advantage of offering the same accommodations at a cheaper rate.  Most business and leisure travelers access the net to find the best deals on their nightly reservations.  When accessing HotelHut, they are guaranteed the lowest possible rate.

The Difference of HotelHut

The difference of HotelHut is a site that offers consumers plenty of information on accommodations that are priced at the lowest possible rates.  You won’t find a savings of a few dollars here and there but the savings that can result up to thousands of dollars.  HotelHut has made a commitment to their customers to offer the cheapest rates for travel worldwide.  The site is one that is designed using advanced Real Time engines so that there is never the question that the price that is displayed is the cheapest price available.

HotelHut is interested in offering the best savings in travel to consumers, you won’t find membership fees (which allows the site to surpass rate parity) and lower the prices on room accommodations around the world.

User Friendly

The site is designed with the intention of consumers finding their exact needs in room reservations without complexity.  Visitors to the site can search location and features like amenities, such as room service, child care, swimming pool, etc.  The site does not leave the consumer questioning the quality of the hotel or accommodations.  Photos are offered of the rooms, lobbies, onsite areas, etc.  With a few clicks of the mouse, you can have the best list of the best-priced hotels that meet your travel needs.

Secure Booking

Booking is secure with advanced encryption to protect all credit card and personal information.  Clarke’s standards are of the highest to ensure the privacy of his customers.

HotelHut Commitment

HotelHut’s commitment is to bring consumers the best possible room accommodations at the best possible prices.


A place that is known for diversity, Thekkady is both wild and charming. From intriguing vastness of greenery to old traditions, Thekkady is jam-stuffed with social attractions and excellent sights to find. Expect a ton of sudden undertakings, a surge of feelings and a mess of at no other time encounters on the grounds that this is not at all like any occasion you have gone through in some time recently. Are you longing for an great holiday trip? Check out Thekkady tour packages for some nice time in Kerala. From adventurers to comfort seekers, the quintessential encounters in Thekkady are suited to distinctive sort of explorers.

Go On An Awesome Adventure Trip To Thekkady This Holiday

The best part of Thekkady is its natural life. In the Periyar timberland of Thekkady is one of the finest natural sanctuary in India. Noted for its differences of natural life and picturesque magnificence, the reserve pulls in guests from everywhere. The breathtaking lake shaped by the Mullaperiyar Dam over the Periyar adds to the appeal of the recreation center. This is the one of the handful of places in India where you can have the extraordinary experience of surveying wildlife, that too on a waterboat. The best fascination of Periyar, however, is the group of wild creatures which has elephants, deers, buffaloes and wild hogs that come down to play in the lake. As your boat moves around the lake, you would have a great time. Minutes into it and the ride starts to cast its spell, distracting you from the world. Aside from all the untamed life, one additionally gets an opportunity to see avian species in great variety roosted upon the tree stumps somewhat submerged inside of the lake. Despite the fact that one may contend that a brush with the wild is quite exciting, Thekkady accompanies an ordeal which will get your heart dashing.

Kalaripayattu is the most established of Martial Arts and it is a blessing to the advanced world. It is known as the mother of every single military craftsmanship. Legend follows the 3000 years old art to Sage Parasurama who was an expert of all military works and is credited to be the re-claimer of Kerala from the Arabian Sea. Kalaripayattu began in antiquated South India. At Kadathanadan Kalari Center this Martial Art is performed in kuzhi kalari.

Kathakali, which actually signifies story-play, is a dramatization in the dance form started in the seventeenth century in Kerala. At Mudra, you can witness the work of art in full sprout directly in front of you, by the expert craftsmen from Kalamandalam which is the world popular craftsmanship school of Kerala. You can book your seats before your visit.

One more thing to explore in Thekkady is the cuisine. Various dishes of Kerala are not to be missed at all. Your travel experience in Thekkady is going to be awesome. So, plan a trip today and book from many Thekkady tour packages available online.

Vietnam holds an extraordinary place in my heart, every time I visit, I comprehensively enjoy the culture and populace that make Vietnam whatever it is. Traveling to Northern Vietnam and explore the countryside whilst staying with local in their home is a particular preferred of mine. If you haven’t tried a home stay before, I would suggest finding a superior Vietnam tour company like Viet Bamboo Travel to help you. These company work with the local villages and aid bring them tourists which aid improve the local standard of living and give an income source for their family. When you’re in search of a Vietnam Tour company, be certain to see how they aid the community you travel to.

How To Plan Your Next Vietnam Travel Tour

Finding a travel company that give back to their community is very significant. Some of the bigger tour companies send bus loads of populace to the major attractions and shuttle them out previous to they can actually get to recognize the people. Traveling in Vietnam with a travel company that would  provide small custom tour, is a much more private experience and typically with a little research, these company give a lot back to the community they help serve.

  1. Ha Long Bay Cruise

Taking a journey on Ha Long Bay is a must do action if you are wandering to Vietnam, This UNESCO World Heritage place is an unbelievable place to see and experience. Taking a 2 – 3 day journey on Ha Long Bay is a grand way to get to see all that it has to present.

How To Plan Your Next Vietnam Travel Tour

  1. Hanoi City Tour

Visiting Hanoi is an outstanding way to experience the hectic city life of Northern Vietnam. There are numerous wonderful attractions plus places to visit and shopping in Hanoi’s old quarter is an extremely exclusive experience, you just have to try.

  1. Hue, Vietnam

Hue, Vietnam is an extraordinary city with a lot of history in mid Vietnam, there are lots of magnificent cultural events in this region and lots of great history. Visiting the Hue Citadel is a must do action if you’re in Hue, as well having lunch at a monastery is a grand way to experience the culture and enjoy na exclusive tasty meal.

  1. Hoi An, Vietnam

This particular beach city is a great way to take pleasure in the beaches of Vietnam and pamper yourself. Several of the premium resorts in the world are situated in Hoi An, including the Nam Hai an unbelievable 6 star hotel which provide a luxurious experience you will be hard pressed to discover anywhere else in the globe

How To Plan Your Next Vietnam Travel Tour

Well, there are lots more incredible places to see while you travel to Vietnam. To learn more about Vietnam Travel as well as all that there is to see and do in this magnificent country, check out our website at North Vietnam Travel Destination. We offer tips and tricks while traveling to Vietnam in addition to destination reviews and travel companies to consider while visiting Vietnam.

you are planning to travel to a popular destination for New Year’s, you probably are expecting to pay a premium for your hotel. That’s because hotels located in the hottest New Year’s areas will either package their rooms with other costly features – such as tickets to a New Year’s Gala or a show with top-name entertainment – or simply increase the rates.

How To Land The Best Hotel Deal This New Year

Hotels work on the principal of supply and demand. When demand is at its peak – such as on New Year’s, when practically everyone is looking for a close, convenient place to stay so they can celebrate the big night fully – prices are naturally going to be at their highest. In some cases, hotel room rates can be double, triple, and even quadruple their normal levels – and that’s if you can even get a room in the first place!

110% Occupancy on New Year’s Eve

Occupancy in hotels in the hottest locations is usually at 110% weeks or even months in advance of the big night. How can a hotel book more rooms than it has? It’s actually a standard industry practice that takes into account the inevitable cancellations. A hotel with 200 rooms, for example, typically will try to pre-sell at least 220 rooms with the expectation that at least 10 guests will cancel.

If all  220 guests show up, the hotel has a problem. They may have to “walk” guests to another hotel. But historically, this isn’t the case. People’s plans change due to unforeseen circumstances, so hotels plan on overbooking in the expectation that they will be completely full even when some guests cancel.

Expand Your Qualified Area

When planning a trip to a popular New Year’s Eve destination – such as Times Square in New York or the Las Vegas Strip – most people want to be as close to “ground zero” as possible. Why? For one thing, that’s where the action is. Most of the festivities are going to be limited to a specific geographic area. Being as close as possible is more fun and exciting.

For another, many people plan on over-indulging on New Year’s Eve. When you’ve been partying hard, you don’t want to have to travel to far in order to make it to your bed for the night. The closer, the better.

But as we have seen, this is in direct conflict with most hotel’s business strategy of charging the  highest prices when people are most desperate to stay in their hotels. So what’s the solution?

Hotels Outside ‘Ground  Zero’

Look at hotels that are slightly farther away from your ideal location and you often can find a much better deal. For example, there are many top-quality hotels in Brooklyn, upper Manhattan, and even New Jersey where you can stay for New Year’s Eve at a fraction of the cost of what you can expect to pay in the heart of Times Square.

Similarly, if you are planning to celebrate New Year’s in Las Vegas, consider staying in one of the many hotels off the main Las Vegas Strip.

In both instances, you can still celebrate in the center of the action and be able to get back to your hotel when the night’s through in just a few minutes via either cab, Uber or public transportation. For a minimal inconvenience at the end of the night, you can save a fortune on your hotel room.

Look for Package Deals

Sometimes it’s not where you celebrate New Year’s as much as how you ring in the New Year. Look for hotel deals that include entire weekend packages, including meals, shows, parties, and even drinks. While you may pay a little more for your hotel room than you would on another non-holiday night, you can often save a lot of money on many of the other expenses you would otherwise pay top dollar for on New Year’s Eve.

Another benefit of a New Year’s Eve hotel package is that you usually don’t have to leave the building to have a good time. Not only is it more convenient, but it’s also safer. Driving on New Year’s Eve – or even walking on busy city streets – isn’t a great idea. There are a lot of other people celebrating and it’s usually one of the biggest nights for car accidents and drunk driving arrests.

Choosing an all-inclusive package lets you have a great time without having to worry about the dangers that lurk just outside the hotel’s doors.

New Year’s Eve is definitely a big night. Make the most of it by following these helpful tips to landing the best hotel deal this New Year’s. Just make sure to book your trip as early as possible so you don’t get left out of the fun.

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Author Bio – This guest post has been written by Leona Michaelson in support of If you’re looking for cheap and affordable Las Vegas flights this New Year, don’t forget to check out the above portal today.

North Vietnam Adventure Tours by Viet Bamboo Travel

Within 4 Day travel around North Vietnam through several of the north’s most unbelievable scenery. Sapa as well as Ha Giang is one instance of North Vietnam Adventure Travel. The ride offer bright minority people, the stunning places for example Dong Van Plateau, Lung Cu plateau, Meo Vac, stone plateau in Ha Giang – the UNESCO earth natural heritage as well as charming Sapa with French architecture, astonishing rice paddy fields as well as stunning valley…All await.

North Vietnam Adventure Tours by Viet Bamboo Travel

Day 1 Hanoi – Phu Yen-North Vietnam Adventure Travel

After breakfast, our North Vietnam Adventure Travel will depart at about 8 Am. Meet your Vietnam Ride travelguide at your hotel lobby then transport by taxi around 20 mins to our starting point in the west of Hanoi, wherever all the bikes are standing by here for the tour.

North Vietnam Adventure Tours by Viet Bamboo Travel

Today we have extremely relaxing Vietnam Tours from Hanoi, Phu Yen Tour would pass through continuous limestone karts landscape as we ride up to little mountain town Phu Yen in north west Vietnam, the ride offer a great views of farming lands comprise a sea of paddy field split by tree-lined transportation. Today is simple and wonderful Ride North Vietnam. We appear Phu Yen about 4 pm as well as take a short walk about this lovely mountain area. Back to hotel for dinner. Come to an end the first day Hanoi Tour To Phu Yen.

Day 2. Phu Yen – Than Uyen (220 km)- North Vietnam Tours

Today Northern Vietnam Ride up in to a forested as well as high mountain area populated by H’mong persons, We will hike up a extremely high mountain pass previous to descending into a hilly green tea plantation. After that we ride along the valley floor enclosed in a sea of stunning rice paddy fields enclosed by Hmong and Thai’s villages all the means to Than Uyen. The ride might be one of highlight Tour. Stay overnight as well as dinner in local hotel. End the 2nd day North Vietnam Tours.

Day 3. Than Uyen – Sapa (120 km)- North Vietnam Trekking

Another enormous Vietnam Tour up to astonishing Fansipan mountain variety. The massive mountain range dominate the road till Sapa town. A small North Vietnam Tours to Binh Lu pass. The 32 km  travel on Binh Lu pass might be the greatest Tour Vietnam. The ride crossing into Lao Cai Province at over 2000m over sea level where offer the unbelievable views looks out above the main range for miles and miles. Arrive in Sapa at noon in addition to have lunch in this beautiful mountain town. Check in the hotel plus have a short rest.

Day 4. Sapa Ride to Ha Giang (240km)

Today we have one more great North Vietnam Tour from Sapa downward to Lao Cai city. Take a small stop to visit the Chinese border. Lao Cai global border gate is one of the main border global border gate in Vietnam.

Finish another amusing Vietnam Trip in Ha Giang, stay over night in Ha Giang. It is very diverse atmostphere from the other Vietnam Rides in the preceding days.

North Vietnam Travel Guide, Places To Visit, Things To Do

Vietnam is a country wealthy with wondrous and varied natural splendor. It is dotted with superior peaks, riverine valley and dense wood. Vietnam’s war torn past is a reason of many of its natural splendor still being untouched and unexplored. There is no dearth of stuff to see or to relish in Vietnam. The warmness of the persons and the wealth of its culture truthfully makes a magnificent trip to this striking place an exhilarating as well as charming experience for any traveler.

North Vietnam Travel Guide, Places To Visit, Things To Do

Hanoi, is named as the ‘the town with the river’s bend’ and it has a wealthy cultural inheritance which blend in harmony with the emergent modernization. The Old quarter has a significant charm and the tourists could find hundreds of shop and restaurant lining the slim alleys. Ho Hoan Kiem Lake is a pleasant body of water located in the heart of Hanoi furthermore is the delight of the Vietnamese. For tourist interested in art and architecture, there is the Thang Long Water Puppet theatre as well as the Van Mieu or else the Temple of Literature.You can get more info on North Vietnam travel guide

North Vietnam Travel Guide, Places To Visit, Things To Do

Ha Long Bay is a ‘dream come true’ for all beach lover as it has the two main islands Cat Ba and Tuan Chau with superior beaches and resort. The tourist are spellbound and enthralled by seeing the superb stone curtain and the hundred of giant stalagmites as well as stalactites. Mother Nature has certainly blessed this place with many islands, isles and striking caves like Thien Cung, Sung Sot, Dau Go, to name a few.

Nha Trang means ‘white sand’ as well as this is a gorgeous bay, flanked by miles of pristine white sand beach and confined by a ring of mountain. This Vietnam shoreline is a stunning spot enjoyed by numerous tourists. Nha Trang Cathedral is a stylish construction in French Gothic fashion and decorated with stained glass window. A day on the boat is an additional added magnetism as the tourist could gorge on luxurious seafood, enjoy the sight of the fishing villages as well as snorkel and swim in crystal clear water.

In 1975, Saigon was called as Ho Chi Minh City and it is the biggest city in Vietnam. Some of the famed historical sites are found in this town for instance, War Remnants Museum, the Reunification Palace, Ho Chin Minh museum, et cetera. Notre Dame Cathedral, a French build Catholic cathedral is a pride of this town and there are also numerous Chinese temples in this town. Ben Thanh marketplace is a great appeal for the tourist and there is as well the Night Market wherever all the local cuisine, arts and souvenirs could be bought by the tourist. By North Vietnam travel guide you will get lot of info.

In short, Vietnam has myriad attractions to present its tourists and the stunning beaches and historical places are a treat for each tourist. These gorgeous cities has ingredient to tickle the fancy of any skilled and seasoned traveler.

North Vietnam Adventure Tours & Small Group Travel

Traveling to a foreign country is such a thrilling experience and Vietnam is rising in popularity, welcoming thousands of tourist on a yearly basis looking to soak up several history and culture and enjoy the superb natural beauty this country has to present.

North Vietnam Adventure Tours & Small Group Travel

There are several significant factors which you would want to take into thought before you fly off to Vietnam. There are so several great opportunity once you arrive, however it’s significant you are conscious that most countries do need a Vietnam visa so as to travel to this stunning country.

North Vietnam Adventure Tours & Small Group Travel

One good thing is that because of the internet, you could now get your Vietnam visa on arrival, it is a simple procedure that enable you to take pleasure in a travel visa stamped in to your passport while you arrive at one of the three global airports about the country. The drawback to this is that you have no idea until you appear whether you will be accepted or not, which is why it’s sensible to obtain a Vietnam visa endorsement letter online.

North Vietnam Adventure Tours & Small Group Travel

This service enable you to arrive in the country with your recognition letter and get your stamp moreover pay your stamp fee once you reach your destination. This is a fast service, which could offer you with your letter inside forty eight hours, put your mind at ease and ensure you gain access to the country while you appear at the airport.

Ideally you would want to book your housing as soon as you book your air ticket, most hotels plus resorts will offer you with a low-cost rate if you book in advance. Once your flight and lodging is booked, get your Vietnam visa online, then you are prepared.

Another significant consideration while visiting this spectacular country is to get superior North Vietnam Travel insurance. While it is a comparatively safe country and you have not anything to fear in terms of robbery and hijackings, accidents do occur and should you get sick or else insure yourself, medical cost can be severe. Having the related insurance in place could ensure you get the most excellent treatment and help you obtain well enough to fly back to your house without breaking the bank.

When trying road food, which you will find all over the place all through the country, make sure you only eat from vendor that are remarkably busy. See what vendor draws the locals and that is wherever you want to try. Don’t risk trying food from those that do not have queues. On that note, make sure you don’t drink the tap water, rather stick to bottled water to decrease the risk of getting ill.

Ensure when you buy anything that you check your change methodically before you leave and the final tip while North Vietnam Travel is to lock all your valuable away in a hotel safe before you head to one of the superb beaches or out for a night on the city.

San Diego is one of the big cities in the state of California and a highly popular tourist destination. The city is home to some popular attractions from the downtown area to the wild but relaxing natural reserves. Tourists looking to have fun as well as experience all that the city has to offer can look up the city’s attractions and fit them within their itinerary. However, tourists looking to visit top attractions as well as engage in the best things to do in San Diego can add the following attractions to their schedule.

Things To Do In San Diego

Read on to find out what to do in San Diego as a tourist.

Visit the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park

Tourists looking to have the closest experience to a safari in Africa, right in the heart of the city are encouraged to visit the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. As one of the best things to do in San Diego, tourists will be wowed by the variety of animals located in the 100-acre piece of land. This is one of the most popular zoos in the entire country and its expansive nature calls for map or guide to ensure that you get to see the main sights and scenes.

Enjoy the Sun at Coronado Beach

In the summer, Coronado beach is the best place to relax and enjoy the amazing sunny weather and cool breeze away from the city environment. During winter, it turns into a great spot where you can walk the mile and a half long shoreline, looking out for migrating whales. The calm and cool nature of the beach makes visiting it one of the top things to do in San Diego especially when it comes to relaxing, sunbathing, surfing or swimming. Tourists also have the opportunity to explore the 120-year-old Hotel Del Coronado, a popular landmark just by the beach.

Tour the Maritime Museum

San Diego was once a shipping capital, and this fact is perfectly demonstrated by the huge variety of old vessels on show at the Maritime Museum. Tourists can tour different retired sea vessels including ships and submarines as well. As part of the most popular San Diego attractions, the vessel tours have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. You can also set sail on the Californian, a former patrol boat offering half-day cruises to tourists today.

Explore Balboa Park

Home to the above mentioned and San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, Balboa Park is definitely one of the most popular San Diego attractions. The area is littered with a variety of attractions including picnic spots, hiking and mountain biking paths among others. This is also a great place for tourists looking for a people watching spot.

Must Visit Sites During Your Trip To Delhi

Delhi is a mix of the old and the new with some areas with the most modern amenities and infrastructure at par with some of the finest cities in the world and it also has some of the oldest historical sites as it is one of the oldest cities know. It is hard to filter out a handful of places to visit in Delhi as this city has so much to offer to everyone. This list is an attempt to highlight some of places you definitely need to check out no matter what you purpose of visit to the city is. For this list far off places has been omitted and confined only to areas in and around new Delhi.

Must Visit Sites During Your Trip To Delhi

Humayun’s Tomb

One of the best structures built during the Mughal Empire, this tomb showcases the knack Mughal Emperors had for architecture. This monument is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is a sight every visitor needs to witness.

Dilli Haat

This open air food plaza/court is a busy bazaar selling food and crafts from every corner of the country. Each stall represents a state in the country selling their own handicrafts and cuisines. The ambience of the whole bazaar is electrifying and the scent from the passing food stalls makes you immediately grab a bite from the nearest stall.

Khan Market

Situated at a short distance from Connaught Palace, a popular hangout and shopping destination, Khan market boasts of some fo the best restaurants serving both Indian and international cuisines. You will also find a few pubs and bars and a good line of shopping complexes.

India Gate

The India Gate is probably the most visited area of Delhi. The evening see people hoarding around the entrance of the gate. Car parkings are heard to get by and you will have to park very far. The evenings see unending stretches of vendors in carts selling street food. The majestic view of this war memorial is a sight you will never forget.

Lodi Garden

The most popular garden in Delhi, this place is a perfect hangout spot to just relax or have a small picnic with friends. The tomb of Muhammad Shah and Sikandar Lodi are the prime attractions to the park.

Hauz Khas Village

This urban village in South Delhi is one of the newer happening places in Delhi. Hauz Khas village is a mini concrete jungle filled with pubs, bars and cafes. It opens by evening and by night the place is bustling with youngsters and working professionals.

Delhi is often compared with Bangalore and the argument is always biased on both sides. But the fact of the matter is, both cities have their own charm and it is not fair to judge the other based on specific matters. To see for yourself, take a trip to Bangalore after your experience in Delhi. Delhi to Bangalore flights are easily available and it will take you less than three hours to reach.