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Oman is one of the best places to visit on holiday and one of the most underrated. Citizens of the United Arab Emirates have known about how great Oman is for several years, but the rest of the world is just now starting to catch on. The city of Khasab in the eastern corner of Oman was largely inaccessible to outsiders until a coastal road was built, connecting it to the UAE. Now, it is a very popular tourist destination for many different people. Oman is located very close to several other countries, which makes it the perfect place for several cultures to collide. That collision of cultures over hundreds of years has created a very thrilling and exciting tourist destination.

You Really Should Be Visiting Oman


Omani food reflects the influence many different cultures have had on the country. The meals are spaced out slightly differently than the Western World; the main meal of the day is usually eaten at midday. The evening meal is a lighter one. Rukhal is one of the staples of the diet; it is a thin bread baked over an open fire. It is eaten at any and every meal. Meats are at the heart of many of the dishes. Lamb, fish, and chicken are some of the most popular meats. Due to the prevalence of Islam, pork is generally not offered, but you won’t miss it. The mashuai, a spit-roasted kingfish, is one of the most popular main dishes. Many tourists find that they are completely enamoured with the various seafood dishes. As with many countries in the Middle East, alcohol is not available to Muslims. It is often sold at hotel bars and restaurants that cater to non-Muslim tourists, but it might not be available when you go out.

Sports in Oman

Sports fans should be sure to book their holiday with msaoman to coincide with some of the incredible sporting events that go on year-round. The nation, like much of the Middle East, has a very strong love for association football. The country often hosts the Gulf Cup of Nations, which is the international tournament of Gulf States. In addition to football, Oman is known for its thriving tennis scene. Every year, various tennis tournaments for all age groups take place.

The country also features a Tour of Oman cycling race, international tennis tournaments, beach soccer, and handball. In fact, the 2011 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup qualifiers for Asian nations took place in Oman. The very next year, Oman hosted the Beach Handball World Championship.

Oman is known for its thriving culture that combines the best of many different cultures. Due to its location between so many other culture rich nations, it has become a focal point for international sports competitions ranging from handball to association football. If you are planning to visit Oman, you should definitely consider visiting while one of the sporting events are taking place. If you book your Oman tour with a reputable dealer, they should be able to help you figure out which time of the year would be right for you.

Flying in the business class is not affordable for many of the people but everyone do wish that they get a chance to fly in business class without having to pay more. With prices that range between thousands dollars, they are usually suited for corporate travellers and well-off passengers. But there are some tips that would help people to join the elite class by finding best discounted deals.

Tips To Fly In Premium Class Cabin Without Having To Pay Thousands Of Dollars

Airfare Sales

Many international airlines often sell out their premium seats at quite affordable rates during sale season. Airfare sales are offered to compete rival companies or to simply fill up the empty seats in the business class cabin. Keep a look on all popular airlines companies and check out any offers for cheap international business class tickets.

Premium Class Consolidators

Another good idea is to get a quote from a reliable premium class consolidator who has access to discounted flights that are not published or posted at travel sites. There are many specialists who offer these services and people who wish to travel cheap in business class cabins can contact these consolidators to get low priced tickets.

Utilize Airfare Geo-arbitrage

The rate of premium cabins and first class seats vary depending on the country. One can use this to get some amazing flight deals by choosing to start the trip from any of the cheapest airfare state.

Splitting Tickets

The airfare geo-arbitrage takes us to splitting tickets. One can split the journey and purchase different tickets as it would help in reducing the business class fare price to a great extent.

Check at Earliest

One day before the departure of the flight, the rates are usually lowered down. Check in online and see for any downgraded rates for your flight. If any cheaper priced tickets for business class are available, take advantage of it and upgrade to first class as soon as possible as these are short time offers and expire quickly.

Watch Out for Agents at Airport

Many times, travel agents sell discount international business class flights tickets minutes before the flight departure. These tickets are cheaper and offer great discounts for those who wish to travel in business class cabin without having to pay more money. If you do see any agent selling first class cabin tickets at cheaper rates, grab the offer as someone else might be spying to snatch the deal.

Final Word:

Flying in business class is a luxury that everyone cannot afford. But you can do your homework and search for travel agents, airfare consolidators, and airlines’ cheaper deals for the last minute to avail the opportunity to travel in premium class without having to pay thousands of dollars.

Pondicherry - The Beach Destination Withstanding The Sands Of Time

If you ever heard any stories about Pondicherry you would know know that it is one place always compared to Goa and considered inferior and second best to. But that does not stop people from visiting this place. The charm of this place draws thousands of people each year and each have a good time in half the price they would having as much fun anywhere in India.

In the course of choosing a holiday destination, it is highly crucial you decide the right time and season you fix your date upon. This is essential in places where the climate has a role to play in the way your holiday plays out or places where you should visit during festive seasons. In beach destination like Pondicherry, the time of travel makes all the difference between having a good time or a dry vacation.

Pondicherry - The Beach Destination Withstanding The Sands Of Time

Although there are a few number from the mass who visit Pondicherry just to experience the rich French influenced culture and tradition, they are just a handful. The mass majority come there for the beach parties and a carefree vacation. Stay in some of the cheap hotels in Pondicherry or beach shacks and have the time of their lives. Promenade beach, Auroville beach, Paradise beach and Serenity beach are some of the notable beaches. Pondicherry beaches are not as crowded as the beaches in Goa which some people prefer. The options of drinking is available in abundance and you will find the cheapest alcohol, be it in the form of spirits or beers in this part of the country. Being a Union territory of India, this place is exempted from sales tax thus making cost of living very low. Enjoy there as much as you can because according to the law there, you are not allowed to carry liquor outside the state territory and every passenger is thoroughly checked before leaving the borders of the state.

There is nothing more soothing on a hot summer’s day than taking a dip in the ocean which is why you will see a huge crowd during summers although the most visited season is during the end of the year during December and January when Christmas and New Year’s are around the corner. It is during this season that the hotels in Pondicherry are all packed and full and chances are you will be overcharged if you don’t have an advance booking because a surge a price is normal in such locations when the demand is high.

Pondicherry - The Beach Destination Withstanding The Sands Of Time

For the people looking for a quiet and serene holiday in Pondicherry, if you choose to go during the peak seasons, the beach is the time you want to go during the afternoons and not late evenings when the crowds start to gather. Spend a quiet afternoon sipping on some beer from the shacks and talk a walk along the beach and grab a few bites of the freshly cooked vegetables and sea fish outside the shacks. Later on, you could take a walk along the quiet streets of Pondicherry where you could see small cottages and private homes built during the colonial rule built in French architecture with cottages and walls painted in bright vibrant colour and deep red bougainvilleas hanging over the walls and gates.

Pondicherry is mostly a weekend getaway for people living in near-by cities like Chennai, Coimbatore or Bangalore. Most tourists also approach it via these cities although there is an airport where Jet airways and Air India airline operate, train is still the major mode of transport the travellers use.

The biggest festival of the Christians, Christmas is a festival which excites each and everyone around the globe, for the kids impatiently wait for their beloved Santa to shower them with Christmas goodies, and adults seek blessings from their dear Jesus. The churches, markets, houses, streets; all are decked up and make for a jaw dropping spectacle during this time.

With Christmas comes parties, holidays, and grand feasts all around the world. Take a look here at how India celebrates this festival of joy.


If the word party and celebrations is mentioned, then Goa would be the first place to strike the mind of the all the party animals. Also, since Goa is majorly inhabited by Christians and has a deeply rooted Portuguese culture, this state celebrates Christmas like no other. The most happening parties are hosted here and the churches light up to their glorious best.



Park Street, the name that is synonymous with pomp and show is the spirit of Kolkata, especially during Christmas, when the whole street is adorned with twinkling lights, foot tapping music, and a delectable aroma of fruit and plum cakes that fills the air. Not just Christians, but people from all communities, indulge in this joyous event. To experience the best Christmas party in Kolkata, Park Street is the very place to be at.


For those who wish to experience a white christmas, Manali is the perfect destination. The snow covered streets and mountains, and the chill of the winter, along with the glittering show of lights and music, make Manali a perfect setup for that perfect Christmas celebration. Moreover, the naturally available fern trees, make up for those ideal Christmas trees. The whole atmosphere in Manali during Christmas makes Manali an ideal winter holidays’ destination spot.


The iconic White Town or French Quarters is at its best during the Christmas season. With its chic french bakeries emanating a delectable aroma of cakes and breads, and the whole street adorned with sparkling fairy lights, this side of Pondicherry attracts a lot of tourists during Christmas season. The other striking celebration hub is the Seafront which becomes even more alive during the festivities. Pondicherry’s pleasant weather in winters makes it one of the best places to visit in December in India.


With a major Christian population in the city, the mega city of India takes up the whole celebration fervour up a few notches. The city has a host of luxurious hotels, cafes, and street markets that seem like as if they have been fed with a magical potion to get that boost of energy. Christmas is celebrated in Mumbai with full zeal and vigour.

A Virtual Tour Of Leh Ladakh Tour Packages

India; a treasure trove for the tourists, is better known for its range of scenic places! Among all the tourist attractions in the country, Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) or the ‘Crown of India’, proves to be one of the most enticing destinations in the entire country!

The northern most tip of the country, J&K is also adorned with a myriad list of places that also cannot be missed while planning for a tour to this gorgeous state. And among all the places in this state, Leh and Ladakh are known to be the most promising destinations. The untouched beauty, the amazing offerings of the Leh-Ladakh tour packages, the warm locals, and the history of these two places make them must visit destinations among all the visitors to J&K.

A Virtual Tour Of Leh Ladakh Tour Packages

Located at a towering height of 12,000 ft., Ladakh; the ‘Land of High Passes’, sits graciously on the Karakoram Range of the greater Himalayas. Its charm and appeal are further enhanced by the gurgling Indus River and the pictorial valleys. On the other hand, Leh; the once a capital of the ‘Himalayan Kingdom of Ladakh’, sits at around 11,562 ft. above the sea level and can be called as the ultimate heaven for almost all the types and classes of travellers.

Though these two regions can be visited throughout the year, June to September is considered as the most promising time to enjoy all the Leh Ladakh tour packages! Post this, the regions receives heavy snowfall that results in distortion of communication to several parts of Leh and Ladakh. On the other hand, as the snow begins to melt during the summers, commuting over them becomes a tough task for the visitors!

Talking about the offerings of the Leh Ladakh tour packages, they have something for everyone! Whether you are a nature lover, adrenaline junky, planning for your honeymoon, want to revisit history or explore the fascinating range of wildlife, Leh-Ladakh is the perfect match for you. Also, irrespective of with whom you are visiting, your holidays will always get enchanted by the untouched beauty and the myriad list of offerings of these two regions!

For the fun and thrill seekers, they should never miss any of the opportunities to visit these two paradises in Jammu and Kashmir! While in here, they can indulge in enthralling activities like white water rafting in the Zanskar River and challenge the strenuous rapids that are considered among the most challenging rapids in the entire country. One can also trek, cycle, hike or ride to the towering Khardung La Pass. Located at an astounding height of 17,582 ft. above the sea level, this pass boasts of being the highest motorable pass in the world!

For the ardent fans of thrill and adventure, they must visit Leh-Ladakh during the months of January and February. It is during this time of the year, the extreme winter freezes down the Zanskar River and results into the ‘Chadar Trek’; known to be one of the most challenging treks in the world! For backpackers and campers, they can also avail the Leh Ladakh tour packages and enjoy the bountiful nature of region at its best.

If you are among those, who seek mental peace, you should visit the sacred monasteries that fringes almost the entire of Leh-Ladakh region. Hemis, Lamayuru, Spituk Gompa, and Namgyal monasteries are some of the most visited and pious sites in this locale. The Leh Ladakh tour packages also takes you to museums like the Hall of Fame and Kargil War Memorial where you can pay your homage to the brave warriors who fought and laid down their lives while protecting their motherland!

Often people forget about looking into their inner self for peace and ultimate nirvana, and go about spending or splurging on materialistic things, and since India is a land of distinct cultures, traditions, and religions here is a minute list of some of the must-visit ashrams in India. A session at one of these ashrams and one never knows that they might find what they had been looking for since forever.

Art of Living International Centre, Bangalore

Founded in 1986 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the Art of Living International Centre is famous for its stress relieving, personal development, Yoga, and Happiness programs. People from near and far pour in at the AOL Ashram to get more acquainted with their inner self, to meditate and find their way to nirvana. The ashram is ideally located atop the beautiful Panchagiri Hills near the Udipalya Village in Bangalore, and is a must visit centre to rediscover happiness within oneself.

Finding Inner Peace At India's Favorite Ashrams

Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry

This isn’t a centre for retreat. Rather, the devotees here work in one or the other 80 departments of this ashram. Founded by Sri Aurobindo, and a French Woman, commonly known as “The Mother,” the main focus of this ashram is to work towards the progress of humanity. It is India’s top yoga centre. One can stay in the ashram guest house to attend the yoga sessions in the evening,. If simply visiting the ashram is the intention, then one can even opt for the Oyo rooms in Pondicherry, for these are convenient, comfortable, and solve the purpose nicely.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba Ashram, Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh

The main motive of Sri Sathya Sai Baba is to spread love, brotherhood, and peace for the sake of humanity. People of diverse religions, culture, and social strata pour into this ashram to seek Sathya Sai Baba’s love and blessings. He even encourages his devotees to follow the religion of their choice, or upbringing, but there are some strict rules that are to be followed here. So be prepared.

Swami Dayananda Ashram, Rishikesh

The most gorgeous ashram in North India, Swami Dayananda Ashram is a holistic centre for Yoga, and to seek peace and harmony. Ideally located in the lap of nature, overlooking the breathtaking Himalayas, and the holy River Ganga, the ashram is a retreat for solace, and self-retrospection, away from the chaotic life.

Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune

One of the Top 5 Ashrams in India, the Osho International Meditation Resort encourages devotees to practice meditation and yoga to attain a harmonious relaxation of the mind and soul. The environment at the ashram is more of a luxurious one, and therefore, this ashram is more of a resort where devotees can be at ease with themselves. One can avail from Mumbai to Pune cab facilities, to reach the ashram. Otherwise also, Pune is well connected to major Indian cities, so reaching here won’t be much of an issue.

Author Bio: Sandeep is an experienced travel consultant, who enjoys travelling and loves to write about the destinations he has been to and shares his experience. He also writes about travel tips, world’s best holiday destinations, best hotels in a destination, travel packages, and flight information.

The Destination:

            Destination tourism is one of the kinds of touristic delights which people would like to go to at least once in their lifetime. They include those with a historical character or those spots where the uniqueness of the place is the inviting factor. But there are destinations which are quite well sought after even in the modern places and one such city is the London city, this is very well balanced in terms of history, culture, art, learning and what not. The city is so inviting to people all around the world, many people want to visit the city for some reason or other. The city is well known for its educational importance that is unrivalled today as the city of Baghdad was in the earlier centuries. The contribution done to the architecture and art is quite spectacular and it is every ones’ dream to tour around the London city and the other areas nearby that still the rural splendor around the English countryside.


Attractions Many!

            The London city offers several functions that are valuable for life. The city is a milieu of the ancient which includes the art, architecture, economical aspects, political influence and taking in the modern aspects of the city, it is still emerging in many ways which includes contribution to modern education, business, medicine, and since this is a cosmopolitan city, you can have a wide range of people coming here from all over the world. Here, the touristic attraction so many and varied that it catches the person for all of life. There are attractions such as shopping complexes, malls, where you can buy the latest trend in fashion and other goods. It has some of the best entertainment centers that are unparalleled in the entire world. For more updates on the city and what it has to offer, the vlondons travel brand is the right place to approach. This travel guide can educate you about all the different places or tourist spots to go to while you stay here.

Shopping Tourism!

            One can very easily say that you get some of the best clothing, apparel and other accessories in the various shopping attractions in the city. They have some of the best brands that are of superior quality and functionality. The trend here is not to be seen anywhere else in the world. Apart from shopping for clothes, and fashion clothing, you have the best hotels and restaurants where you can stay and enjoy your stay in the city, the gift shops, and departmental stores, the florists where you get fresh cut flowers from all around the country and beyond.


            The entertainment centers in the city are no doubt one of a kind and there are a variety of these for movies, theatres, clubs, sports goods stores and others. The tour to the city is never complete without visiting the palaces and other buildings of historical importance. There are some of the very sophisticated movie theatres which show the latest and the best movies that are made in Hollywood.


            While you are tourist or the one who goes there for some business, it is helpful to make a note of the best business meeting centers from which you can make contacts with other businessmen and women, the website gives all the details and tips that you might find useful during your stay in the city. You can have all your queries answered from the frequently asked questions and note down all the places to visit in the city.

Questions To Ask A Kimberly Walking Tour Company

A walking tour is the perfect way to explore the desolate area of Kimberley in Western Australia, which is why a growing number of tour companies are beginning to offer these tours to visitors. Because you do have your selection of companies to choose from, it is important to ask the right questions so that you can be sure that you are about to embark on a memorable journey that is also appropriate for you. The first and most important question is:

How Long Are the Walks?

Kimberley walking tours are usually around 2 weeks in duration, though this may vary depending on how long daily walks are. Depending on the day, travellers may walk anywhere from one to ten kilometres with stops in between. Many tours in Kimberley include stops at reclusive swimming locations which include waterfalls, rapids and hot springs.

Keep in mind that many of these tours are not strictly walking tours. For example, many tour companies will take guests on a 4-wheel-drive bus tour between Broom and Kununurra or will provide transportation to other more distant areas where the terrain is not safe enough for visitors to walk on.

Questions To Ask A Kimberly Walking Tour Company

Are the Walks Difficult?

The majority of walking tours throughout the Kimberley area are anywhere from easy to moderate. For extreme hikers, however, there are difficult to extremely difficult excursions available.

What Will We See While on Our Tour?

The tour you take will dictate what you can expect to see. But some spots in Kimberley are “must-sees,” including:

  • The Bungle Bungle Range;
  • Windjana Gorge;
  • The Manning Gorge; and
  • Zebedee Hot Springs.

During your walking tour you will be provided with a number of opportunities to take a dip in natural waterholes (such as the Bell Creek Gorge), indulge in glorious sunsets each evening, and unwind in unspoilt tropical oases.

What Kind of Accommodations Do You Provide?

Most of the tours will take guests to comfortable, designated camping spots every night, where guests will be provided with meals, spacious private tents, comfortable camp beds and mattresses. These campsites also have toilets with running water and will have hot showers.

For those who are looking for a more “wild” experience, you may find yourself backpacking in the bush. For those who are into luxury, you may take off on a “glamping” excursion around Kimberley. Ask the tour company if you will be responsible for providing your own materials for either, and if you will be required to carry them yourself during the tour.

How Large Is the Tour Group?

The smaller the group, the more personalised the attention you will receive. Most walking tours will have anywhere from six to fourteen people. Try to avoid going on a tour where there will be more than fourteen people, unless there are going to be several guides present throughout the tour.

How Many Guides Will Be with Us?

Most walking tours will have a minimum of 2 professional guides who know about Kimberley’s unique geography and landscapes.

If you want to feel the pleasure from awesome tour packages, then delta fishing company is the best choice. They offer the brilliant tour packages at affordable price. On this tour you can enjoy the delta fishing. You can also eat the meat of fish which is very tasty and healthy. They take proper care of the customer’s requirement during the travel period. Before going on an extensive Delta fishing report tour package, you should consider that all the arrangements are with you so that you face no trouble during your visit. Tours and travels services are increasing speedily. People love to go on a most outstanding place. You will feel wonderful surroundings and enjoy your visit contentedly.

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Feel The Pleasure With Awesome Tour Packages

Delta Fishing Tour Available at Realistic Price

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They work with the opposite plan and trained workers. They are certified from official organization. They have a solid status all over the globe. They are working since a long time. They have great understanding of Delta fishing report. They always look to satisfy their customers. People all over the world love to visit this place for hunting the fish and enjoy the meat of fish.

Are you looking for Delta Fishing?

If you are looking for the delta fishing, then here you will get the special tour package in which you can enjoy your trip as well as the hunting of the fish. They provide you the best opportunities. You will feel pleasure after having such type of delicious fish meat. Everyone loves to eat fish. They offer the quality services to their customers. They never compromise with the value of the services.

You can book your tour package for fishing through the best travel agencies. They understand the value of your money. In these holiday packages you need not to waste all the time alone. You will find all the momentous information on the back of the booklet provided by the delta fishing company. Hence if you want to avail the benefit of delta fishing tour packages, then quickly get in touch with them.


Delta fishing tour package is the best choice of the people from all over the world. They love to go there. They offer these services at a very low rate. They have a huge team of qualified workers.