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Many church and school groups have to schedule trips for various reasons, but dread the hassle of driving themselves. After all, no one wants the stress of driving a personal vehicle, dealing with parking, and worrying about the safety of his or herpassengers. If this is the case, groups do have another alternative: hire a coach to do the work. Whether the trip is personal or business-relatedin nature, hiring a coach can make the trip stress-free and comfortable.

A Sydney coach hire offers the ultimate in comfort. Coaches include air conditioning and heating units that are reliable and efficient, large and luxurious reclining chairs, clean toilet facilities, and large luggage bins. Many also offer television sets and CD/DVD players in each of the chairs. Whether the trip involves a seminar or conference, a sporting event or a wedding, a group can choose to enjoy the ride and avoid the hassle associated with driving by hiring a coach service.

Looking For A Coach Hire In Sydney Here’s What To Look For

Group Charters

Groups do not want the hassle associated with parking in Sydney. It can be complicated and expensive. With group charters, everyone from sports teams to school groups to wedding parties can relax in comfort and enjoy the ride to their final destination. Charters are very reasonably priced, and many of the coaches are built by high-quality companies such as Mercedes Benz.

Coach hires are not only for business trips, either. From girls’ weekends to local touring groups to ski trips, coach hires offer something for everyone. Instead of worrying about parking, the possibility of a breakdown, a less than experienced driver, or the passengers’ safety, the group can enjoy the comfort of a coach excursion and ride in style. The ride will be comfortable, quiet, and safe.

Regardless of the type of group involved – school group, local club, senior club, or social club – coach hires offer top-of-the-line coaches that adhere to the strictest hygiene protocols and are extremely well-maintained.


Another advantage of a coach service is safety. Especially when families or children are involved, passengers need to be safe. When there are many people travelling in one car, the safety of the passengers may be compromised. With a coach service, the drivers are competent, experienced and professional. Strict requirements ensure the drivers well-trained and knowledgeable, and will eliminate the stress associated with driving a personal vehicle.

By choosing a coach service, the passengers will be safe from the beginning of the trip to the end. Passengers can relax during the entire trip.


There is a variety of coaches on offer through these types of services. Most companies have more than one type of coach available, and buses usually can seat up to 50 passengers. Coaches are luxurious and have top-notch amenities. In short, coach hires eliminate the stressful components of getting from Point A to Point B, and allow the riders to enjoy the trip from beginning to end. For many reasons, a coach hire is an excellent idea.

5 Things To Do In Chiang Mai

I don’t think there is a travel fan who hasn’t heard about Chiang Mai, one of the most popular attractions not only in Thailand, but in the whole Asia in general.

5 Things To Do In Chiang Mai

With amazing views, ethnic tribes, temples, mountains and a wide variety of activities makes this place even more breathtaking than it already is.  However, if you still have doubts whether you should visit Chiang Mai or not, here are 5 reasons that will definitely make your decision to travel Chiang Mai easier:

  1. Rafting in Chiang Mai

Rafting is popular in Chiang Mai because it is fun and exciting and easily accessible from the city.  When it comes to choosing the best rafting company in the region, 8Adventures is the safest and most professional option.
8Adventures offers you two options:
-10km rafting trip on Mae Taeng river which includes Class III-IV rapids on this river.
From the river camp the guests spend 15 minutes long rafting to the village of Sop Kai and right after that the main class IV section begins which is a non- stop action, super exciting for every adventurer.
-The other option- 5 km trip is a more subtle rafting experience with combination of rapids from class II and class III. During the trip, the guests will be able to see elephant camps and a good view of the jungle.  To make the whole experience even better, in the trip is also included lunch and refreshments!

  1. Chiang Mai is a Great Place for Shopping

Yes, as you read it – Chiang Mai is a great place for shopping. Its markets are very unique and they offer you bunch of authentic Thai products that you literally couldn’t resist. The best thing is that the prices are super affordable, so you wouldn’t have to worry about that at all!

  1. Wat Chedi Luang

Wat Chedi Luang is the number one attraction in Chiang Mai. The building is super unique and special because it has a contrast of old unused temple located right behind the new temple which gives a remarkable view that you will never regret.

  1. Elephant Camps

Chiang Mai has many elephant camps, some are good for riding, whilst others allow guests to simply view and admire these amazing animals. Often elephants were rescued from doing illegal activities or unsuitable living conditions. These camps will give you a first-hand experience of being very close to these beautiful animals where you can bath them, feed them and get close to them.

  1. Amazing Jungle and Rainforest

Chiang Mai also offers you an opportunity to explore its amazing jungles and rainforest which would be a super impressive experience for all the lovers of the nature.  You could explore the province in many ways: rafting (mentioned above), trekking, canoeing, and staying in homestays!

All in all, Chiang Mai is a magical place which would definitely steal your soul for good so just check it out!

Heavily forested and hosting an entertaining tribal culture, Central India is a treasure trove of unusual tourist attractions. The region consists of the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh that boast of sprawling wildlife reserves, historical fort cities, architectural marvels and some stupendous natural vistas. Here’s a list of handpicked and the best places to visit in Central India that you must explore at least once.

  1. Gwalior

Several dynasties ruled from the colossal Gwalior Fort which dominates the entire canvas of this historical city in Madhya Pradesh. Consequently, Gwalior’s profile is rich in stupendous structures like palaces, temples, rock-cut sculptures, tombs and cenotaphs, brilliantly representing the splendor of different eras.

5 Must Visit Places In Central India That Would Blow Your Mind

Top Sites: Gwalior Fort, Jal Vilas Palace, Ghaus’s Tomb, Jain temples, Koteshwar Temple, Sun Temple

How to Reach: The city has excellent connectivity by air (Gwalior Airport), rail and road (NH 3, 75 and 92).

Best Time: October-March

Similar Destinations: Orchha, Mandu and Bhopal

  1. Bandhavgarh National Park

Featured in acclaimed wildlife documentaries, thanks to its celebrity Bengal tigers, the national park is named after the historical hill fort which rests on park’s highest peak. Counted among the 5 top national parks in Central India, it has thrilling safari trails revealing huge biodiversity as well as historical structures and caves.

5 Must Visit Places In Central India That Would Blow Your Mind

Top Sites: Tala Zone, Badi Gufa, Bandhavgarh Fort, Shesh-Shaiya, Three Cave Pint, Cheshpur Waterfalls

How to Reach: NH 7 connects the park to Jabalpur which also has the closest airport, while the closest railway station is at Umaria. Nagpur to Jabalpur taxi services can be used to enjoy the road trip before getting into wild trip.

Best Time: November-February (pleasant weather), March-May (frequent wildlife spotting).

Similar Destinations: National Parks of Kanha, Pench and Satpura

  1. Khajuraho

Probably the most amazing destination of Central India tourism is the Group of Monuments at Khajuraho, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is an assemblage of Hindu and Jain Temples with marvelous sculptures depicting eroticism aesthetically. The place is no less than an open-air gallery standing peacefully amidst lavish greenery.

5 Must Visit Places In Central India That Would Blow Your Mind

Top Sites: Temples of Chausath Yogini, Lakshmana, Parshvanath, Kandariya Mahadev, Devi Jagadambi and Duladeo. Khajuraho Dance Festival (usually in February)

How to Reach: Khajuraho has its own airport and railway station as well as impressive road connectivity in all directions.

Best Time: October-March

Similar Destinations: Bhoramdeo Temple and Bhimbetka Rock Shelters

  1. Sanchi

In search of heart-warming peace and mysticism, you must visit the holy town of Sanchi. Blessed with Buddhist Monuments, another World Heritage Site in the region, the place is like a refuge for those seeking respite and revival. It is also the opportunity to witness the wealth of rich carvings.

5 Must Visit Places In Central India That Would Blow Your Mind

Top Sites: Sanchi Stupa, a number of other stupas, monasteries and temples, Ashoka Pillar and Sanchi Museum

How to Reach: Due to its close proximity with Madhya Pradesh capital Bhopal, the place is conveniently accessible by road, rail and air.

Best Time: October-March

Similar Destinations: Ujjain, Omkareshwar and Raipur

  1. Chitrakoot Waterfalls

Aptly called the Niagra Falls of India, this majestic vista falls from a height of about 29 m. to create a grand spectacle. It is acclaimed as India’s widest waterfall and is surrounded by natural grandeur. Formed by River Indravati, the entire gorge resembles a horseshoe and presents great visual delight to the eyes.

5 Must Visit Places In Central India That Would Blow Your Mind

Top Sites: Sunset views, swimming and boating, numerous Shiva Lingams

How to Reach: Buses, autos and cabs are available from the nearest city called Jagdalpur.

Best Time: Throughout the year (prefer during monsoons from July to September)

Similar Destinations: Waterfalls of Raipuri and Tirathgarh and hill station of Panchmarhi which can be reached easily using the best Bhopal to Pachmarhi taxi services.

Top tourist places in Central India cater to diverse holiday moods. Choose the one that meet your preferences and get set for a fulfilling holiday.    

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The Best Banquet In Ranchi

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Joseph B. Wirthlin

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When traveling, the constant concern is how to have the most enjoyable and well planned vacation possible. Pattaya has a wide variety of activities and attractions, from family friendly activities to an amazing nightlife. There will never be a dull moment during a vacation to this wonderful beach resort town.

Tips To Having The Best Vacation In Pattaya

Plan Ahead

The key to any great vacation is planning everything ahead of time. Research what is best to see and do when staying in Pattaya, and formulate a schedule and plan for the duration of the visit. Be sure to leave a few ‘rest’ days for relaxation and/or spur of the moment activities or events. Another reason to plan ahead for a vacation is the cost of accommodations and activities will often be discounted in comparison to organizing all activities and rooms when arriving in Pattaya. Finally, planning ahead helps to organize travel times to and from activities so that there is little to no guess work.

Have Back Up Plan

When traveling, it is also important to have a backup plan. For example, travelers should always devise a plan and backup plan to have a more of a stress-free vacation in case of problems. Weather, jetlag, and unexpected emergencies can occur during a vacation; therefore, having a variable option for these types of unplanned situations can prevent any unnecessary stress while on vacation.


Pattaya has many wonderful activities and sight-seeing areas that range from affordable to high budget. Budgeting goes hand-in-hand with planning ahead for a vacation and is a must so that tourists don’t overspend. It is to be expected that foreigners will pay a slightly higher price than locals at many attractions, but discounts are available for some venues if booked in advance. Also, if foreigners possess a Thai driver’s license, they can save money on some entrance fees by presenting their valid Thai driver’s licence when purchasing the ticket.

Where to Stay

Pattaya, as mentioned previously, is a beautiful resort town which invites guests from around the world to visit its shores. With a city booming with tourists, Pattaya features many comfortable and affordable accommodations for both couples and families, one of which is the Holiday Inn Pattaya hotel. The hotel is a family-friendly hotel, part of the Inter-Continental Hotels Group, catered to providing comfortable accommodations during their stay.

Top Five Things To Do In Pattaya

Although there are numerous remarkable places to see, and activities to do, in Pattaya, five attractions and places should be visited when vacationing in this charming resort town. The first place to visit is best seen at night. For kid’s attractions, there’s the Underwater World, a fantastic marine facility designed to educate children about animals, the marine ecosystem, and allow guests to dive with the animals. The second attraction to see is the Sanctuary of Truth. The Sanctuary of Truth is a unique and exquisitely crafted wooden structure which stands 105 meters tall. The building is an exceptional combination of religion, philosophy, and art and a brilliant tribute to cultural architecture. Although more touristy than historically accurate, the third place to visit, the Pattaya Floating Market, is an interesting place to visit while in Pattaya. The fourth place on the list of must see attraction is Art in Paradise. This is one of the most amazing collections of 3D art, and makes for great memories and fun photo’s to show family and friends. The final must see attraction is the NongNooch Botanical Gardens. The gardens are open daily from 8am-6pm and are located approximately 15.5 kilometers outside of the main city center. This is an entertaining attraction for both individuals and families and makes a great full day excursion.

Tips for having a great vacation in Pattaya are quite straight forward. Be prepared, plan ahead, keep to a budget that is comfortable, and have fun exploring the wonderful city of Pattaya.