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Experience The Mystic Himalaya

Himachal is a north western state of India and has natural beauty in abundance. Its name means “Abode of Snow”. It has a lot to offer to those who wish to have an experience of The Himalayas. Though it does not boast of the highest mountain peaks it has lots to offer besides mountaineering.

Experience The Mystic Himalaya

Important Cities In The Himalayas

  • Shimla: It is the capital of Himachal Pradesh and is magnificent outpost of Himalaya. It’s important places of attraction are The Didge, Mall road, Potter’s Hill, Tara Devi, buildings of British era and Jakhoo Hills. It is largest city of Himachal Pradesh and is connected by plane, train and bus and many Cleartrip discount are available for the same.
  • Manali: A popular hill station with tourists and remains hub for travelling around this portion of the Himalaya.
  • Kullu: It is located south of Manali and is District HQ of district Kullu and is one of the tehsils of Kullu district.
  • Jogindernagar: It has a number of hill resorts and places of tourists attraction close by.
  • Bilaspur: It is District HQ of district Bilaspur which remains hot in summers and cold in winters. This is first city on way to Manali in Himachal Pradesh.
  • Dharamsala: It is Major Buddhist center and is home of largest Tibetan community in India and of Dalai Lama. Make full use of Makemytrip discount coupons for getting maximum discount.
  • Mandi: This is a big town and is District HQ of district Mandi. Its major attraction is Revalsar lake.
  • Bir: This little town has big Tibetan community and many Buddhist monasteries.
  • Dalhousie: This sleepy little town has retained its Victorian charm.
  • Keylong: It is situated on the way from Manali to Leh and is a small town and is HQ of Spiti & Lahul district. It has last gas station of Manali-Leh.
  • Sundernagar: This is first town of District Mandi on way to Manali. Sundernagar Lake is main attraction here.
  • Rhkri Bushahr: It has 1500MW nathpa jahkri hydro power station.

Other Famous Destinations:

  • Rewalsar (Tibetan: Tsopema): This lake is sacred to Hindus and Buddhists
  • Kunjum Pass: It is on way to Kaza from Keylong and remains closed for about nine months because of snowfall.
  • Kullu Valley:  This is situated on banks of Beas River in lower reaches of the Himalayas. It is famous for apple orchards, ancient temples and festivals. It is also well known for woolen work, shawls, caps and namdas. Dushehra time in October is the best time to visit Kullu. You can get the best offers at CouponDekho.
  • Dalhousie: It is located in the western portion of Himachal Pradesh and is a world famous hill station. It has been built on five hills called Tehra, Balun, Patreyn, Kathlog and Bakrota covering an area of about 14 sq Km area. It has charming colonial architecture and beautiful churches.
  •  Spiti Valley: Because of a lot of vegetation, terrain and the climate similar to Tibet, this is also called Little Tibet.
  • Lahul Valley: It is greener compared to Spiti Valley and is covered with snow for most of the time.
Spend A Few Days In Marmaris and Get A Fresh Lease Of Life

Who doesn’t like to get away from the humdrum of city life? Imagine going to a quiet place and resting your tired body and mind for a few days. And if the place is Marmaris you can rest assured that your soul would also feel relaxed. Yes, the charm of Marmaris is infectious and it makes everyone get back into life with a fresh lease of energy.

Marmaris – the place to be

It is the place to be. Close to the end of the previous century the sleepy fishing port of Turkey got into headlines due to its dazzling beaches and exquisite landscapes. Ever since it became one of the hotspots of global tourism it has attracted thousands of travelers from all corners of the world. People love Marmaris for its beaches, foods, bazaars and excursions. It provides a complete package to tourists who look for a few days of bliss.

Spend A Few Days In Marmaris and Get A Fresh Lease Of Life

Marmaris – things to do

Well, there are plenty of things to do in Marmaris. You would not like to miss on the major attractions and hence should create a list of the things you want to do once you are there. Excursions to Rhodes and Cleopatra Island should find a place in your list. Both these spots are covered in day excursions and you would love the cruise as well as the scenic beauty of the places. In fact there are plenty of such exciting and adventurous excursions that you can participate in Marmaris.

Apart from these, do take a walk to the Iclemer beach. The beach is long, clean and sandy, just perfect for a stroll.

Do you have children traveling with you? Go for a one day excursion to Dalyan. The kids would love the mud bath.

You cannot go back home without getting a Turkish carpet for yourself. The markets or the local bazaars in Marmaris are simply superb. They are colorful and always buzzing with life. They are the right place to find exquisite items like carpets, towels, leather goods and jewelry. You can shop for yourself and also get knick-knacks for your friends and relatives.

How about a Turkish bath? Yes, for centuries Turkey has been known for its hamams where people get a thorough message and bath that rejuvenates both the body and mind and at Marmaris you can experience that. Try it and you will always savor the experience of being scrubbed and polished and feeling so fresh afterwards.

What else do you have in your mind? Make your wishes and fulfill them in Marmaris. It’s not every day that you get a chance to visit as enchanting a place as Marmaris.

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As car rentals Dubai grow in popularity, many people are considering them as the best way to travel and connect with different destinations. Rental cars offer great convenience in addition to the fact that they are cost effective especially when compared with taxis. You can drive to any destination not covered by public transport using rental cars Dubai, and this makes travelling easier and enjoyable at all times. Whether you are travelling as a local or a foreigner, you will need to know to transform your car rental experience into a cost effective and enjoyable moment.

Essential Car Rental Tips

Here are some essential car rental tips to help you do that: –

First of all, it is always important to compare car rental prices in Dubai. With multiple dubai luxury car rental service providers advertising themselves, it is easy to fall for the marketing gimmicks and miss out on the best deals. You can however compare prices online, easily and fast using car rental platform such as This helps you narrow down on the right prices for rental cars cased on your needs and the availability of vehicles. By so doing, you will be able to save more and access the most suitable services.

It is also important to consider booking car rentals Dubai early and most preferably a few weeks prior to your travel. This helps you access amazing car rental discounts while at the same time helping avoid cases of frustration especially during peak seasons. You don’t want to experience delays or be inconvenienced trying to make last minute bookings only to find that there is no available car or that whatever is available does not suit your preferences. To avoid this, always have your Dubai luxury car rental reserved early online using sites that allow for free cancellation or booking amendments such as

You should also check to ensure that the car rental company does not have any hidden charges apart from those clearly portrayed online. Additionally, always get insurance coverage to take care of you and the vehicle throughout the trip. It is also important to avoid airport car rentals if possible since these could end up costing you more than you would expect. Airport rental cars Dubai are always costlier due to the airport taxes and parking fees levied by the authorities. If possible, book away from the airport and check for car rentals Dubai with an unlimited mileage.

With the low property prices and affordable mortgage lending rates available today, it’s an excellent time to consider buying a vacation property. Home prices all over the country are up to 30% below what they have been over the past two years. If you find a vacation home that you love, there’s a good chance that you’ll catch it at a great low if you act now.

 The question is, though, is buying another home really a good idea?

Consider A Second Home For Your Vacation This Summer. You Won't Regret It

How a Vacation Home can be a Sensible Idea

 If you live a busy life and frequently consider doing away with your vacation simply because you can’t find the time or the budget, a second home is a great idea. There’s ample scientific proof in existence to show how important vacations are to better mental health, job performance, family bonding and general creative thinking. When you have a second home, going there whenever you have the chance will become second nature. You won’t find yourself wondering as much about skipping it.

 If you’re looking for more tangible reasons, here are a couple of important ones.

 There’s Money to be Made Out of a Vacation Home

 Long-term profitability: Vacation homes are popular. If you pick one in an undiscovered location today and hold onto the property, it’s a safe bet that it will appreciate in value. If you decide to sell one day, or at least borrow against your home, you may have plenty of equity.

 There are tax deductions: Many second homes remain unused year-round when their owners aren’t vacationing. If you decide to let your property out to tenants, though, you will be able to claim tax deductions on your mortgage and property taxes. You’ll enjoy a lower tax bill.

 The rental income that you make can considerably lower your mortgage burden, as well.

 If you’ve decided that it’s the Right Time to Buy Now

 If you see that buying a vacation home makes sense, you need to follow the right process to land on the best choice of property.

 Think about your goals: Your vacation home could also double as your retirement home if you plan to hang up your hat in a few years. Alternatively, you may want your vacation home to be a place that you can use when you are away on business or visiting family. Before you decide on the location, you need to think of all the different kinds of use that you will put your home to.

 Think investment: It takes research to identify parts of the country where property prices are likely to appreciate. Before you actually buy, it’s always a good idea to also try the place out first. You can get a rental in the area to get a feel of the place.

 Research the rental possibilities: If you plan to make a rental income out of your property, you need to make sure that your plans will work out. If it’s a community that you’re buying in, you should ask about the rental rules in effect. Many communities have rules against rentals. If it is a regular house, you need to ask a local real estate agent about the prospects.

 In general, working with a good agent is an excellent idea if you will be far away most of the year. An agent can help you manage your rentals, maintain your property, and in general, make the most of your investment.

Why Budget Hostels Are More Convenient For You

Why Travellers Prefer Lodging in Affordable Hostels?

You will find it advantageous to book a budget hostel since it helps in saving money. Travellers who don’t have a flexible budget will find this mode of accommodation convenient. Sociable and cheap accommodation is available and guests can share bathrooms, lounge and also a kitchen with others. Some hostels also provide special dorms for female travellers along with private rooms. However, private rooms are rare since they are a little costly for the owner.

Hostels in Edinburgh:

These hostels are at times run by charities and housing associations as well. The rest are set up by their owners, often more than one owner. The hostels are popular in and around Edinburgh, since a lot of tourists flock to the city to see its palatial buildings and other historical sites. Edinburgh is both a cosmopolitan with modern amenities and a capital speaking about the glorious history of Scotland. Thus, it has tourists from different cities and countries visiting it.

These hostels are favoured by tourists since they are affordable and are convenient for night’s stay or more than that. Stuffs are hospitable and often provide information about the city which makes it easier for the travellers.

Why Budget Hostels Are More Convenient For You

Why these are Popular?

Apart from Edinburgh, the concept of budget hostels is popular in different parts of UK and also in other continents. Thousands of young travellers set out to see different parts of Europe, Australia, Asia and America every year. Most of them don’t have a big budget to afford a luxurious hotel or resort. Moreover hotels and resorts aren’t frequently available if one is looking for lodging (especially near cities). Hostels are the best option which they can avail, which is comfortable as well. Thus these are popular.

Facilities which you can get in the budget hostels in Edinburgh:

These hostels are considered to be ideal by couples, single travellers, backpackers and even families. The hostels have twin and single bedrooms as well. Some of these are located in the heart of the city and include facilities such as:

• Family apartment

• A clean lounge area

• A kitchen which is well equipped

• Twin private rooms

• Laundry

• Free WiFi

These are strategically placed in the city so that they are well connected to important roads. This is a major advantage for backpackers and travellers.

Other benefits for you…..

• Developing a New Perspective:

You are likely to meet new people from different cultures and lifestyles in a hostel. Some of them will have vast difference in opinions. This will help you to approach things in a new light and grow socially and personally.

• Learning Cultures of Certain Places:

No travel freak will ever say no to this! Staying in a hostel brings the opportunity to come across different cultures. You will learn about other cultures and also understand about the place more. Experiences such as these are priceless.

• You Become More Independent:

Going on a trip yourself makes you self-reliable. You meet new people and learn to adjust, which makes you more matured. Thus you become successfully matured.

Why Should You Encounter Overland Tours?

We all deserve a holiday now and again. With the stresses and strains of modern day life, it is important to get away and enjoy yourself. Everyone needs to relax and have fun. Not only this, but also most people would agree that there is nothing more magical than visiting a new location, having new experiences and making memories that will last for a lifetime. Keeping that in mind, let us now have a look at the reasons why one should encounter overland tours at least once in their lifetime.

Why Should You Encounter Overland Tours?

Why an Overland Tour is Fun?

Such tours will give you the opportunity to visit some of the most fascinating and breath-taking destinations. As there is a huge assortment of overland trips to choose from, you have the chance to visit countries from every end of the globe. This includes South America, Central Asia, Africa and much, much more. It is not every day that you can say you have been to Rio, Cape Town or Cairo, but overland tours make it possible!

Overland Tours are for All!

Not only will you get the opportunity to visit some of the best locations in the world, you will also be able to experience their culture and way of life. You will witness stunning natural scenery and also get the chance of trying out activities and go out on adventures. No matter what type of a person you are, you should go for an overland trip at some point in your life. You don’t have to be an extreme adrenaline seeker, as overland adventure travel has trips for people of all age groups. In fact, they offer family adventure holidays also, which is perfect for those travelling with small children. From safaris to white water rafting, there literally is something for everyone, including regional trips and such like for those who want something a little less fast paced.

Overland Tours are Value for Money!

In addition to this, you will benefit from exceptional value for money when you book one of these trips. Not only are they reasonably priced to begin with, considering everything that you will get to experience, but also there is a lot included in these packages. Of course, all holiday tours are different, but you can expect some meals to be included, as well as accommodation and transport. This makes the trip much more cost efficient and it also gives you the opportunity to budget more effectively, as you won’t need as much money once you get there.

When you take all of the points that have been mentioned above into account, it really is not difficult to see why so many people are turning towards overland tours to ensure a thrilling and exciting vacation. Why not take a look at the tours that are available today to see if you can find the ideal holiday for you and your dear ones?

Travel And Entertainment BlogMotivation and travelling are terms that seem to complement each other. When life constantly gives you a lot of stress, you think of ways of gaining some relief. Too much stress can also lead to demotivation and lack of concentration. But these are the things that must be present in your life for achieving a successful position. The only solution to it is travelling. By disconnecting with the daily life, you not only gain motivation but also discover several things about yourself. There are few people for whom travelling is like a drug. These individuals love exploring new destinations. Thus travelling includes a plethora of purposes.

Browsing the blogs

To know the true meaning and benefits of travelling, you can revert to several travel blogs as well. In these, you can learn about the experiences that the travellers. On the various websites, you can learn about the famous tourist hot spots. But when you go through the blogs, you can learn about the existence of several places that are still unexplored. Travel bloggers usually carry a bag pack with them and walk a lot. You must know that walking can make you explore places that you could never have imagined. Travelling always does not mean staying in posh hotels and riding in top notch cars for moving from one place to another.

Importance of gaining current information

When you travel to a particular destination, knowing about the way to reach the spot, the mode of transportation to the hotel, hotel rates and sightseeing spots is important. Some people go on holidays to know an unknown place other than their hometown and some travel for having fun with buddies. The second category of people is those who are looking for some entertainment. Browsing through the travel and entertainment blog is quite beneficial gaining correct information. You can gain some inspiration from these blogs. Also when you go travelling with friends, these blogs present you with ample ides to party and have fun.

Increasing love for sports

A sport is something that engages various young individuals these days. Young girls indulge in swimming for maintaining a fit body. Along with a healthy, obtaining a slim and slender figure is also quite easy with swimming. However, if you are new to this sport, then you can go through sport content that talk about the importance that swimming holds. Apart from this, almost every teenager boy these days is a huge fan of basketball. Not only motivation, but this specific sport can also enhance the metabolism in an individual.

Taking online help

Various people have varied interests. Some are enthusiastic about sports; some get excited by hearing the name of fashion and some others are simple travel lovers. Thus, you can see that the specialties and categories can be varied. With today’s technology, whenever you want to know about a particular subject or know about a specific fashion trend, you seem to take help of articles that are found on the Internet. The Internet features online portals like zero city that offer you with articles on numerous topics.


Hurghada Super Safari Adventure

Our family trip to Egypt was a blast! My wife and I, and our children (18-year-old boy, 17-year-old boy, and 16-year-old girl) all agreed that it was the best family trip that we ever had. We planned to go to Hurghada, and before we left, we researched travel agencies that offer Hurghada excursions. In the end, we decided to book the Hurghada Full-Day Deluxe Super Safari Adventure with

On the day of the excursion, our driver met us at the hotel lobby at around 9am. He was a young and pleasant gentleman. After listening to his brief overview of what we would be doing for the day, our two sons and I were absolutely ecstatic. We were ready for an action-packed day at the desert. The quad biking was so much fun. The quad bike trip around the desert was great and well supervised. We were given good instructions before we ventured out. My wife and daughter struggled with their quad bikes but the guides were fantastic and jumped on with them. My wife said that with the guide on board her quad bike, she had a much better experience. My boys and I absolutely enjoyed our ride. We also stopped at a desert mirage, which was amazing.

Hurghada Super Safari Adventure

The short camel ride was equally amusing. The only camels we’ve seen were those at the zoo. It was our first time actually touching a real camel. They were such mild and friendly animals. My 16-year-old daughter swore that the camel was smiling at her. It was fun, and we couldn’t stop giggling while we were riding them.

My wife was very impressed with the visit to the Bedouin Village. We had tea and watched them make bread. We got an insight into how these desert people live. Our kids was amazed at how these people live without modern day things, like a smartphone and a computer! My wife and I also tried the shesha pipe, which we thought was just ok.

The BBQ folklore show was a great experience. Since we live in the city back home, we can hardly see a starry sky. Here at the desert, we had a lovely meal under the stars and a bit of entertainment. The foods were delicious, and we had a good time watching the traditional dancers and belly dancers.

At the end of the day, our nice driver drove us back to the hotel. Just a note for anyone who plan to join one of these Hurghada excursions, the desert isn’t smooth sand so bring a pair of comfy shoes and a scarf!

Ask anyone who has traversed through Europe and he/she will tell you that your trip is incomplete unless you visit Italy. For many decades, Italy has remained in the top spot as a beautiful country with many exotic and wonderful holiday destinations. Whether you are interested in fashion or tradition, modern wonders or historical artifacts, Italy offers you everything. In this article we will talk about exploring Pisa, a city in central Italy. We will discuss the best way to explore this wonderful city.

Exploring Pisa

Don’t mistaken Pisa for a small country side town that you see in movies. Pisa is a large city and is the capital of the province of Pisa. It is nothing less than a metropolitan with a population of more than two hundred thousand residents. So now when you have an idea about the size of this city, it is only obvious that you will need a car to explore this city fully.

  • Exploring Pisa by Bike:

The weather in the city of Pisa is quite pleasant. On a nice sunny afternoon you can definitely enjoy exploring the city on a bike. However we won’t advice you to traverse through the entire city paddling on your bike. You should use the bike only for exploring nearby places. Anyplace that is not too far away from your hotel, you can take your bike with you. We have seen some bag packers who enjoy travelling through the city only on bike, but these travelers do not hesitate in changing hotels. So if you also don’t have any problems in changing hotels frequently, you can definitely try to explore Pisa solely on a bike.

  • Exploring Pisa on Foot:

Pisa is a beautiful city with ancient and medieval architecture. Obviously it won’t be possible to fully appreciate the historical heritage of the city when you are zooming past at high speeds in your car. The best way to appreciate Pisa and its beauty is to take a walk and see the places with a relaxed mind. You must have also heard that Italy is famous for its extraordinarily high class cuisine. Walking on foot will let you explore the rich Italian cuisine. You will have plenty of time to look around and try different exotic flavors that the Italian cuisine has to offer. And when you are tiered, there’s always the option of catching a cab back to your hotel.

Pisa is a large city and as a traveler you will not be able to enjoy its beauty to the fullest without a guide. You can try a map and visit the locations with its help but the best way to do it is to hire a guide so that you can visit all the popular tourist locations. Another benefit of having someone local by your side is that you won’t have any communication problems. It happens so many times that tourists do not speak the native language and find themselves lost with no one to help them to get back.

For nature lovers, visiting exotic locales to watch animals in their natural habitat is often a once in a lifetime experience. With wildlife areas dwindling, it is getting harder to find places to watch animals because many of them have had to look elsewhere to live. Fortunately, the seas cannot be ravished like the forests and other areas have been and there are many places around the world where whales and other sea creatures can be observed.

Where to Whale Watch

Whales migrate the world’s waters at different times of the year. When you go whale watching, you will be able to observe them gliding through the waters and, on occasion, they may show off by breaching and playing along the way. Here are some of the best places in the world to go whale watching.

4 Of The Best Places In The World To Go Whale Watching

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Off the Massachusetts coast is a great place to observe whales. Cape Cod is considered one of the top 10 best places in the world to go whale watching and the waters of the Atlantic Ocean are full of these majestic creatures. Pods of minke, fin back and humpback whales are regularly seen in the area. The best time to go is during the months April to October. Your chances of seeing whales during that time are over 90 percent.


Between the months of late November and March, the warm waters of this Caribbean nation are the home to sperm, pygmy and killer whales, both the orca and false killer types. There is a 90-percent chance you will get to see pods of whales mating, playing and socialising together off the shores of the island. Better known for its scuba diving, the area has recently been dubbed the “Whale Watching Capital of the Caribbean.”

Sydney, Australia

When you visit Sydney Harbour, there is a good chance you will get to see humpback whales during their migration times. They usually migrate through the area twice per year. During the months of May through August is when humpbacks migrate through the area going north to cooler waters. The southern migration period is from September through October. Whale watching in Sydney is a great way to see the Sydney Opera House and other landmarks near the harbor.

Monterey, California

The waters of the Pacific are teeming with whales from Alaska to Baja California. If you want to find orcas, the waters off the coast of Monterrey Bay are one of the best places in the world to find them. Like Sydney, you can observe whales at almost anytime of the year in this area. Grey whales migrate through the area in both winter and spring. In the summer and fall is when you can watch humpbacks and large blue whales and orcas can appear at anytime in the area as well. For dolphin lovers, they can be seen in the area at almost anytime of the year as well.

Taking a boat tour is a great way to see whales up close and get pictures of them as they migrate, mate and play.