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Concerts are the best way to watch your most favorite artists live. Getting the chance to be around screaming fans as you witness a music superstar right in front you is quite exciting. Witness these amazing artists coming down to London very soon.

Top Concerts Coming Up In London

– Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is a 23 year old who has skyrocketed to fame with his debut album “+”. Songs like “Lego House” and “The A Team” were a part of it, and this chart topping album brought him to a new level in music. He is one of the few musicians from the UK to hit it big in the US. Celebrities like Elton John, Taylor Swift, and Jamie Foxx are all big fans of his. Unlike most singers who disappear after a short while, he has maintained his success with multiple successful albums and sold out concerts. Join him on July 10 and 11 in London for an exciting chance to see him live.

– One Direction

Even though Zayn is gone, you’ll still be able to witness Louis, Nial, Harry, and Liam perform songs from their newest album. Obviously they’ll be singing their biggest hit songs like “What Makes You Beautiful”
, so be prepared to hear all of their best hits. Having sold millions of albums and maintaining cold out concerts night after night, it’s not wonder they’re always at the top of the charts. Having only been on the scene for just three years, they have revolutionized the world of boy bands with awards all across the music industry. Whether it’s “Best British Band” or “Best Song”, they have won almost every award out there. Catch them in September in London.

– Taylor Swift

Watch Taylor in London this June and witness her amazing voice and performance in person. Taylor has changed the world of music over the years. This Nashville based singer was once just a regular 14 year old who had dreams of being a musician. She has gone on to becoming an award winning vocalist and performer with tons of top selling album under her belt. She has achieved success with her songs like, “Back To December”, “Mean”, “Today Was A Fairytale”, among many others. While most label her as a country artist, she has ventured out into all genres. Watch her live, and get the chance to hear her sing some of her biggest hits.

Top Concerts Coming Up In London

Tips When Attending Concerts

– Arrive On Time

Always arrive on time. You don’t want to miss anything during the concert. Usually there is an opening act for these famous artists to help warm the crowd up. These performers are usually about to break in to the music industry, so keep an eye out for them. They may be the next big thing. It’s quite exciting to watch everything, so arrive early.

– Buy Tickets ASAP

The Internet has great deals, so buy them online if you get the chance to. Tickets on the web are always better to make sure you get the best seats that you can get. Buy the tickets as soon as possible. If there are still seats available online, grab them before somebody else does.

– Be Light

Try to bring only a few things with you to the entire concert. You want to pack lightly. You don’t want to be carrying too much because it might constrict you from dancing or moving at the concert.

Going to concerts is exciting. Watch the top most amazing artists perform in London live in person. It’s going to be an exciting opportunity, so buy your tickets while you can before they sell out.

Thane, from being a historic city to becoming a modern city, is one of the best places for holidaying in India. The city is replete of every aspects of modernization. Plus, it houses some significant monuments and other historical sites that are simply a delight when on Thane tour. Visit this interesting city in next vacation, and for accommodation choose from the best Thane hotels.

Thane, A Beautiful City Brimming With Old & Modern World Charms

Thane is amongst the cities in the country, where one will find an interesting amalgamation of cultures, people, present and past, and several others. It is a beautiful city located in the state of Maharashtra, towards the state’s north eastern part. Located at a height of about 7 meters above the sea level, the city receives similar weather as the state’s capital, Mumbai does. In the few decades post independence of India, Thane primarily served as the suburb of Mumbai. It housed multiple residencies which were home to the people who work in Mumbai but seek their home in a much quiet place. However, today Thane in itself is a major provider of work and rewarding opportunities to the enthusiasts. Now, the city is the site where run multiple industries and businesses, of which the significant ones include: engineering products, chemical factories, and textiles etc. Plus, real estate is yet another industry that is rapidly growing in the city. There is hardly any aspect of urbanization that the city lacks. The city is brimming with all pleasures and conveniences of modernity. Thus, making the city one of the most sought-after cities in the country to live.

On the historical front, Thane is blessed by a glorious history. The city finds mentions in the writings of several renowned people with eminence. Ptolemy, a popular Greek geographer called the city Chersonesus. His writings were the foremost evidences of the city’s past. Later between 1321 AD and 1324 AD, the city has been described as a beautiful place which was under the rule of a Muslim Governor. Form being ruled by the Muslims and Marathas to the Portuguese and the British, the city received multiple significant changes in administration. Every ruler of the city left some lasting impressions on the city, of which the magnificent monuments and the rich cultural heritage of the city are the two most prominent ones.

The British knew about the strategic location and pleasant weather of the city. During their rule the city was used as a resort/an escapade where one can spend time in tranquillity and solitude. They called the city Tana, which later settled at Thane. Meanwhile, the city still continues to be a destination to find quietude and solitude. The Mumbaikar and people from Pune find Thane as a perfect weekend getaway.

Thane is divided into two parts by the Thane creek. These two parts are connected by two road bridges and one train bridge. The creek in itself is one of the most popular attractions of the city. Flowing gently across the green laden regions, the water simply sparkles and makes one of the most scenic sites. Apart from the creek the other popular tourist spots include: Yeoor Hills, Titwala Ganesh Mandir , Masunda Talao, Essel World, Matheran, Sudhagad Fort, Jawhar Palace, and Essel World. The good thing is that all of these tourist attractions are easily accessible. Plus, there also exist some excellent Thane hotels in the vicinity to many popular tourist places.

Meanwhile, given the proximity to Mumbai, accessing Thane is a simple task. Mumbai houses both domestic airport as well as international airport, which are the nearest airports to Thane. There are flights from all major cities to the Mumbai airports. Plus, Thane also houses a train station of its own connecting it to all cities across India. Meanwhile, there exist some 3 star hotels in Thane best suiting budget traveller’s wallet, which are located in the vicinity to the railway station.

Author Bio – Sandeep is an experienced travel consultant, who enjoys travelling and loves to write about the destinations he has been to and shares his experience. He also writes about travel tips, world’s best holiday destinations, best hotels in a destination, travel packages, and flight information.

Thrissur is a city in Kerala that is famous for being the fourth largest city of the state. It was previously known as Trichur and it has played a very central role in history. It is located on a hillock, called as the Thekkinkadu Maidan, which is basically seating the Vadakkumnathan temple. It has been the capital of the Kingdom of Cochin as well. Check out the Thrissur hotels list to find a suitable hotel for yourself and your family.

Thrissur: The Perfect Hub For The Culture Vulture In You

Thrissur is popularly known as the Cultural Capital of Kerala due to multiple reasons. The main reason for this title to this city lie in the spiritual, religious and deep rooted cultural significance throughout the history. You should also be a part of the festivities of the Thrissur Pooram festival. It is a highly colorful and spectacular temple festival of the state of Kerala. It is celebrated during the months of April or May. It is widely celebrated in the months of April or May. This festival attracts a large number of visitors and tourists from the country. It is home to several renowned institutes such as Kerala Sahitya Academy, Kerala Lalithakala Academy, and Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Academy. Devotees and spiritually inclined visitors can head to the ancient and quite prominent temples of Thrissur. If you are a devotee or a spiritually inclined traveller, you can head to the beautiful and ancient temples in Thrissur. Some of the most prominent ones include Vadakkumnathan temple, Guruvayur temple, and Paramekkavu temple. Our Lady of Dolours Syro-Malabar catholic Basilica and Our Lady of Lourdes Syro-Malabar Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral are the two most popular churches of Thrissur. Thus it is a popular destination among Christian devotees as well as architecture lovers who come all the way to visit the beautiful churches and buildings here.

This city has also served as a hub to the hindu devotees due to the presence of the holiest of temples here, including Vadakkunnathan temple. The prestigious Guruvayur temple is also located here. You should visit the Cheraman Juma Masjid in Thrissur, which is famous for being the first mosque of the country. Thrissur has been playing a major role in the economy. Thus it is a major commercial centre. it also serves as the headquarters for South Indian Bank Ltd., Catholic Syrian Bank, and Dhanalakshmi Bank. There are also several 3 star hotels in Thrissur that offer comfortable accommodation to their guests. So plan a visit soon to this beautiful town of rich cultural heritage.

Thrissur is popularly known as the Cultural Capital of Kerala due to multiple reasons. The main reason for this title to this city lie in the spiritual, religious and deep rooted cultural significance throughout the history. You should also be a part of the festivities of the Thrissur Pooram festival. It is a highly colorful and spectacular temple festival of the state of Kerala. It is celebrated during the months of April or May. So plan a visit soon to this gorgeous little town for the memories of a lifetime.

Thrissur is a quite famous destination among hindu devotees as well. The city is also home to the holiest Hindu Vaishnava temples, including the Guruvayur temple. The city has several culturally significant temples of Hinduism, most important of which is the Vadakkunnathan temple. Historians widely believe that Christianity, Judaism and Islam entered the Indian subcontinent through Thrissur district itself. Thrissur is also famous for being home to the first mosque of the country, namely the Cheraman Juma Masjid. Thrissur has been a pivotal commercial centre of Kerala in the old times and is still playing the role. It is the headquarters to three major banks, namely
It is said that around 3000 years ago, Eastern Christian writings and scholarly works say that Thomas the Apostle came to Muziris, which lies quite close to Thrissur. Apart from this, Thrissur is an important educational and cultural centre of the region. It is also a major academic hub and it attracts large number of students across the country. These include Kerala Police Academy, Kerala Kalamandalam, Jawahar Bal Bhavan Thrissur, Kerala Agricultural University and a lot more.

Dimpy Roy
Dimpy Roy is a travel writer working with an Online Travel Guide. She guides travelers to various resources where they can find best 3 star hotels in Thrissur and choose the suitable one.

Are you planning a holiday tour? Do you have a plan to take a break from your busy life schedule and relax? If the answers to the above questions is a yes, then you should consider heading to Rimini. People who aren’t aware about Rimini they should know that Rimini is a beautiful city in Italy which has a beach of 15 kilometers. If you are a beach lover then this place is not less then a paradise for you and for enjoying some me time in this Paradise you will have to visit Rimini.

Spend A Relaxing Holiday In Rimini

Rimini was discovered around 2000 years ago. The 15 kilometers long beach of Rimini is the main feature because of which tourists from all over the world visit this one of the Italy’s most hot tourist spot. The number of tourists visiting Rimini increases every year. You can blame the increasing curiosity of people to explore beautiful places. You too can spend one of the most memorable times of your life in Rimini. This place is full of hotels (, restaurants, discos and bathing arrangements. There is no doubt in the fact that it is the fun capital of Italy and if you ever plan to visit Italy then you should consider exploring Rimini.

A Great Place for Everyone

Rimini is one of the best tourist spot for the newly married couples and the people with family as this place has a lot to offer. If you have kids in your family then they too can spend a great time at Rimini. This very option has everything for making your holiday a memorable one. The best thing about Rimini is that you can easily get accommodation at an affordable rate. If you are looking for the best accommodation for making your trip more comfortable and luxurious then you should visit From this very site, you can gather a lot of information about some of the top hotels. This will give you an idea about various hotels and the price for booking room in them. With the help of you will be able to select the right hotel according to your needs and budget.

There is no doubt in the fact that organizing the whole trip on your own can be a daunting and stressful thing to do. In order to save yourself from this daunting task, you should consider hiring the services of a tour and travel company.

A Traditional South Indian Feast

For those of us that adore the rich, varied and exotic tradition of Indian food, paying a visit to one of London’s best Indian fine dining restaurants might present us with something of a challenge. The mouth-watering menus contain a list of exquisite and inventive dishes – how is it possible to choose just one meal?

Of course, the more savvy diners among us might decide to order the Indian way and share food, choosing a selection of dishes to dip in and out of and a few tasty flat breads or pots of rice to pass around. Problem solved!

A Traditional South Indian Feast

Another solution is practiced in the South Indian state of Kerala, where a traditional feast follows a pattern steeped in history and culture, serving up course upon course – enough to satiate even the hungriest members of the party. The word for banquet is sadhya and this spread tends to signify a celebratory occasion, marking it with some serious eating.

Setting up for a Sadhya

A traditional Sadhya would be expected to take place on a special occasion such as a wedding, a birthday or to celebrate a festival or holiday. As it is a South Indian tradition, a region where many people adhere to religious beliefs prohibiting them from eating animal flesh, the feast consists of vegetarian specialities – in this inclusive manner, anyone can partake in a Sadhya.

A Sadhya would usually take place at lunchtime and although nowadays many people prefer to eat at tables, traditionally diners would seat themselves cross-legged on the floor. A large, flat banana leaf serves as a plate and each dish is presented in a certain order, placed on specific parts of the leaf.

Once you are fully satisfied and after all your courses have come and gone, you can demonstrate you are finished by folding your leaf. Just be sure to close it away from you to show enjoyment, as towards you indicates a need for improvement!

Traditional Foods of a Sadhya

A Sadhya consists of many small dishes that come together to form a course and the dishes vary according to the religion of the people attending, the occasion that is being celebrated and the area of Kerala. It has been known, for example, in the north of the state, to include the occasional non-vegetarian dish.

However, there are commonalities. The main bulk of the meal is always rice served with a selection of dishes known as kootan. This collection includes curries and spicy, lentil preparations such as sambar, rasam and parippu. An assortment of flavoursome pickles and chutneys would also form an integral part of the kootan. At the end of a Sadhya, the traditional dessert served is known as payasam and usually consists of several dishes as well.

The incorporation of different dishes at different courses contributes to the inclusive atmosphere – it is likely there will be a dish to suit everyone’s personal preferences at a Sadyha.

Often the meal will end with an unusual routine of chewing betel lead with spices and lime. This is believed to help begin the digestive processes as well as cleansing the palate.If you want to have the mouth watering experience of traditional south indian feast then you can visit:

Bhelpuri: India’s Favourite Savoury Snack

India’s bustling food markets are a true spectaclefor the everyday traveller. They are an assault on the senses, with endless stalls awash with varying colours and aromas. Tables are stacked high with exotic fruit and vegetables, while on the floor lay sacks filled to the brim with spices.

An Indian food market is where you can sample some of the country’s finest street snacks, sweets and drinks. And, one delectable dish you are bound to come across is bhelpuri; a savoury snack that is said to have originated in Mumbai’s street food stalls, but is now popular in many regions across India.

Bhelpuri: India’s Favourite Savoury Snack

Essentially, bhelpuri is made from puffed rice and vegetables which are mixed in a tangy tamarind sauce and served with either a sweet or spicy chutney. The typical bhelpuri contains bhel (rice puffs, potatoes, onions and chat masala), puri (fried wheat dough) and sev (small pieces of fried, crunchy noodles).  Other regional varieties may include ingredients such as chillies, for that extra kick, as well as tomatoes.

The most popular sweet chutney is known as ‘saunth chutney’ and is made from dates and tamarind. The most popular spicy chutney, on the other hand, contains coriander leaves and lots of green chillies.

Preparing bhelpuri is easy; you simply combine all the ingredients together in a bowl. The snack is best eaten straight after it has been prepared, as sometimes the chutneys and tomatoes (if used) can make the mixture soggy after a while.

If you buy bhelpuri from a street vendor, there’s a good chance that it will be served to you in a paper cone. Papdi (deep-fried breads) are a typical accompaniment to bhelpuri as you can use them to scoop up the snack before eating it.

Bhelpuri is considered to be a ‘chaat,’ which is the name given to spicy and salty snacks sold throughout the country. But, why do Indian people love bhelpuri much? Well, mainly because it tastes so great. The snack has the perfect balance of sweet, spicy and salty flavours, and its texture is both crispy and crunchy.

If you were to ever travel around India, there’s no doubt you’ll come across many variations of the snack. Dahipuri is a combination of bhelpuri, chutney and papdi with lots of yoghurt. Another variation is churmuri, which is commonly made with tomatoes, onion and coriander leaves, as well as chilli powder and coconut oil.

Many regions dice raw, sweet mango and add it to the mixture, while others will prepare a dry bhelpuri mix (often referred to as ‘Bhadang’) and garnish it with coriander leaves, onions and a squeeze of lemon juice before serving. Whether you eat it as a mid-morning treat, for lunch, or as a starter to your evening meal, there’s no doubt that bhelpuri is the perfect Indian snack.

However, you don’t need to travel halfway around the world to sample mouth-watering Indian snacks. If you live in, or are visiting, London anytime soon, just book yourself a table at one of its fine dining Indian restaurants.

Chandigarh, a city whose formation was the result of the partition of India and Pakistan, is one of the most significant cities in Central India. It is the only city in the entire Indian territory that is the capital of two states in India, namely Haryana and Punjab. Following the partition, in year 1947 when Lahore, then capital of Punjab, was moved to Pakistan there was the need of a new capital for Punjab state, and hence formed Chandigarh. The city was the first planned city in India. It was the dream city of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. He was very specific about the design of the city. Le Corbusier, the architect who designed the city, put his best to design the city’s plan and made sure that his design meets the PM’s expectations.

Chandigarh City At A Glance

Chandigarh is one of the most beautiful cities in the country, not just in terms of natural beauty but also in terms of design and the actual renderation of that design in real world. It is for this fact that the city is also given the epithet of “the city beautiful”. Unlike most of the modern cities in India where the buildings and concrete structures are haphazardly built, Chandigarh features an excellent plan. Every part of the city has the right placement; it is not just the sleek buildings, but also the trees, plants, and gardens which are given the prime importance.

Meanwhile, according to the national survey, Chandigarh is also the most cleanest city in the nation, and a ideal city to live. Besides, the city also tops the list of cities and union territories in the domain of Human Development Index. The several open hand monument, which is the emblem of the city, is one of the major attributes of it. The monument is the brain-child of Le Corbusier, and is the representation of peace and harmony which gives the message of “open to give and receive”. One interesting fact to notice in the city is that there is not a single statue in the city parks, squares, and roundabouts. It is because of the fact that the architect laid the condition that there will be no statues in the city.

Chandigarh, located in the foothills of Shivalik mountain range in central India experiences three prime seasons: summer, monsoon, and winter. It usually gets from hot to hotter during peak summer, and cold to freezing cold in peak winter season. The best time for tour of the city is from mid-September to the end of March months. For a tourist the city is certainly destination to fall in love with. The prime places to visit include: Capitol Complex, Rock Garden, Tower of Shadows, International Doll Museum, Chandi Devi Temple, Sukhna Lake, Government Museum and Art Gallery, and the Garden and Parks of the city. These are the major landmarks of the city and are well-connected to every part of the city. Besides, there are hotels in Chandigarh with rates best suiting budget travellers, which are located in the vicinity and offering excellent accommodation.

Chandigarh is easily accessible. There is a large number of buses and trains travelling to the city and vice-verse. Plus, the Chandigarh domestic airport is a state-of-art airport replete of amenities and facilities. It is a convenient and the fastest way to reach the city. Meanwhile, there are some good hotels near Chandigarh airport that offer content accommodation along with the benefits of connectivity.

About The Author
Dimpy Roy is a travel writer working with an Online Travel Guide. She helps travelers to find best hotels near Chandigarh airport for your convenience.

Living in a college town like Nacogdoches can be exciting. The real estate of the city is cheaper with better utilities which makes it a favorite amongst many house hunters. If you are looking for cheap apartments in Nacogdoches, follow these simple steps to get the best catch.

Finding Cheap Apartments In Nacogdoches In 3 Steps

  • Step 1- Know what you want

You definitely don’t want to change your condo every now and then. Hence, finding a place where you can survive with ease is essential for you. Before you think about the budget or even start hunting, it is better to chalk down the facilities that you want in your new place. First of all, write all the facilities that you would like in your house. Don’t think too much at this moment. Just write down whatever you need. Some people want a dishwasher while some others want laundry services or pet friendliness of the property. Anything and everything should be included here. Now, create three sections:

  1. The bare essentials
  2. The comfort list
  3. I can live without these

Now, you should start brainstorming and include each of your desired features in one of the three sections. Think through your list and make sure that you think long term. Once you have completed the organization, move to step two. The Californian is perfect for step 2.

  • Step 2- Look for the budget constrains

The next step is to decide your budget. If you wish to rent a one bedroom, then you should first check the cost of utilities in the region. Depending on the locality and the number of facilities that you want, the average cost will stay close to $500-$700. You will easily be able to find a decent place for $600 in the city. The average rental price in the city is 74% lower than the rest of Texas. As a result of this, you will find cheap and affordable housing here. Some of the credit goes to the college town status of this city as well.

  • Step 3- Begin hunting

About 50% of all cheap condos are accorded the status of complexes while about 16% of them are small. Hence, finding the right place would not be difficult. You will have a lot of choices in this case. Find out your favorite neighborhood, check all the facilities that you want and you are good to go. All bills paid condos are also available here. So you can be carefree about your finances.

Indian Cooking: Kitchen Cupboard Essentials

So, you’ve just decided to cook-up a nice Indian meal for dinner. You unearth your recipe book and flick through the pages until you come across the perfect dish. You check out the first couple of ingredients on the list, only to look in your kitchen cupboard and realise that you’re out of stock. It’s a situation we can all relate to, right?

At this point, you’ve really got two choices: head to the shops to pick up a few bits, or ditch the Indian dinner and opt for something else instead. You’re not a fan of either option, so what can be done about it?

Well, this situation can be avoided altogether– all you need to do is ensure that your kitchen cupboards are stacked with Indian cooking essentials. Making sure you’ve got the basic ingredients found in Indian dishes will put an end to those last minute dashes to the shop, and you won’t need to sacrifice a nice curry for a takeaway ever again.

Indian Cooking: Kitchen Cupboard Essentials

What are those essential ingredients? We’ll tell you


Spices are the heart and soul of Indian cuisine, and there are a few essential ones that need to be in your kitchen cupboard. These include: cumin, cinnamon, garam masala, coriander, turmeric, cardamom and mustard seed. The list may seem somewhat extensive, but you will only use a small amount of spice in each dish, so they’ll last for a long time. Just make sure they are stored in a cool, dry place (AKA, your kitchen cupboard).

Fresh Ingredients

You will also need a few fresh ingredients, but all of them have a reasonably long shelf-life so can be bought in advance. The first of these ingredients is onion, which is used in abundance in Indian cooking. You’ll also need garlic and fresh ginger.

If you like spicy dishes, then make sure you’ve got a selection of red and green chillies. You can buy them in fresh, dried or in powder form, though fresh is believed to release the most flavour when used in cooking.

Atta Flour

Breads make the perfect accompaniment to all Indian meals – eaten as a starter, or used to soak up any leftover sauce. Atta flour is used to make a range of Indian flatbreads, including naan, puri, chapatti and roti. Make sure you’ve got some stored in your cupboard.


Dried pulses, called Dal, are also key ingredients in Indian cooking. They are often used to enhance the flavour of dishes and they help to thicken the consistency of sauces. If you don’t eat meat, there’s a good chance that your recipe will include some form of Dal, so make sure you’ve got some to hand.


At the risk of stating the obvious, mostly all Indian dishes are served with rice, so make sure you’ve got plenty of it in your kitchen cupboard! Basmati is the preferred rice of choice; known for its distinct nutty aroma, it can be served plain or mixed with meat and vegetables.

So, are you all stocked up? If you don’t fancy cooking tonight, why not treat yourself to a meal out instead? In London you’ll find some of the country’s best fine dining Indian restaurants, including the oldest in the city – Veeraswamy.Book a tableand you won’t be disappointed.

If we were to choose the number one, iconic meal that the majority of people would associate with Indian cuisine, surely the only possible answer is that of a curry?

Despite the fact that variations of this dish crop up in a number of other culinary traditions, such as the coconut curries of Thai cuisine or the sweet and sour flavours of Chinese food, it is India that truly takes the curry crown in terms of variety and versatility. After all with the range of colourful ingredients and aromatic spices this country uses to create hundreds of versions of this famous dish, surely there is a recipe out there to match the tastes of any foodie?

India is a bubbling, melting pot of diverse cultures and religions and each brings their own traditions, preferences and cooking techniques to the table. They all contribute to a cuisine that has become one of the shiniest gems in the treasure chest of global food. These different influences become evident as you journey around the different regions of the country with curries changing form slightly as certain tastes, textures and ingredients take centre-stage, dependent on the area. Let’s take a closer look at curry around the country of India.

Indian Curries Around The Country Part 1

North India

The north of India has a cooking tradition intrinsically linked with influences from the kitchens of the Mughal rulers. Renowned for their experimental innovations in the kitchen and their predilection for playing with flavour combinations, the opulent Mughals created dishes rich in ghee and decadent desserts. Luxurious gravies were favoured, such as the silky, smooth sauce of the korma, and meat-based curries featuring chicken or mutton were used to great effect.

Kashmir offers up the famous rogan josh, a UK curry house favourite, resplendent with its bright, red colouring and rich with meat, chosen to fight off the chill in the colder months. Additionally, the Punjab, famous for its mouth-watering, comfort food, provides flavoursome curries thickened with butter, cream or ghee. Butter chicken or murgh makhani is an excellent example of this.

Generally, the curries of the north have a tendency towards a thicker, drier kind of gravy than those of the south – one that is more easily mopped up with warm flatbreads such as chapattis.

South India

If you are a fan of spicy curries, then get thee to South India. This region is renowned for having some of the hottest curries in the country. Andhra Pradesh uses red and green chillies in abundance whilst Goa is the birthplace of the world famous vindaloo. This spicy curry is a fiery number and was originally made with pork. However, it is more likely to feature lamb or chicken on the menus of some of London’s best Indian brasseries.

Karnataka and Kerala are coastal states and the south as a whole is also a major player in the field of coconut production. As you can imagine from this winning combination, seafood curries swimming in creamy, coconut milk based sauces prevail in this region. Expect liberal helpings of sliced, red chillies to feature heavily too…