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South Africa is located at the tip of the African continent and is surrounded by two oceans. The country boasts breathtaking landscapes, quaint coastal villages and cities that may be combined with an exhilarating African safari.

South African Safari Tour – A Win-Win Idea

Get Yourself Prepared

Once you are in South Africa, you should look into a preplanned, wildlife safari because they have been designed keeping in mind a lot of things such as hitting the most, must-see places, the best sights to see, places to stay, good food, and most importantly, letting you absorb the local culture. To that effect, it is best to opt for the South African tour operator Intakt-Reisen since they can provide you with the best safaris and round trips at the best prices.

What You Want to Experience?

Tourists who are looking for really comfortable safaris should look into the famous National Parks, bird and animals reserves, and ranches. Amongst the most famous parks, the Kruger National Park stands out by a margin. It is located in the Waterberg Mountain Region and has some of the most majestic and awe-inspiring wildlife one can ever see. Most preplanned safaris offer stays at 5-star hotels and take under consideration taste preferences of the tourists and some even provide customized safari plans and experiences.

A South African safari isn’t all about enjoying scenic locations and wildlife. A good safari offers fun filled activities like shopping trips, lots of souvenirs, pool games, nature walks, horseback riding, and enjoying traditional African music, food, and culture. You may also experience good South African hospitality by staying in highly comfortable chalets and lodges that have heating and air conditioning, fresh linens, animal motifs, mini fridges, hair dryers etc. They have everything you’d need. A good tour operator will always take into consideration the most minor things in order to make your tour more memorable.

One definite benefit of a company like Intakt-Reisen is that they have highly trained and experienced staff, with very professional attitudes that pay extra special attention to your travel preferences, schedules, and budget. They try to accommodate you as much as they can and give you the best vacation you can get for you money.

Places That Are A Must Visit

That said, some amazing places to see while you’re in South Africa include the city of Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, the western Gauteng region, and the National Botanical Gardens located on the Crocodile River in the province of Mpumalanga. There are a number of other must-see places as well, however, if you visit the above mentioned your reason for visiting South Africa is nearly accomplished. Also, before coming to South Africa, make sure you discuss all these details with the tour operator so that you don’t miss out on anything, and don’t end up wasting your vacation time.