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If you’re looking for a fun vacation full of thrills and adrenaline to indulge in this summer, a Morocco Surf Camp could be the perfect choice.

Taghazout, Morocco and the surrounding areas are known for stunning, sapphire blue seas, a laid back atmosphere and of course, awesome waves that make it Morocco’s premier spot for surfers.

Enjoy scenic mountain views and a great climate as you pick up your board and head to a Morocco Surf Camp for a trip jam-packed with adventure.

Experiencing A Morocco Surf Camp

This region of Morocco is protected from storm systems over the winter months due to natural shelter, and has a diverse coast with plenty of surfing potential, making it a must-visit for anyone with a passion for riding the waves. There are waves that are ideal for all surfers, regardless of their ability level. Your camp can help advice on which areas suit your skill set.

When you book a trip to a Morocco Surf Camp, you’ll be sure to have the surf vacation of a lifetime, ranging from the welcoming atmosphere to the great hospitality of the site. Most camps are located in tranquil areas where your stress will melt away, all within easy reach of the ocean. You’ll witness striking sea views and rural mountains as you look out from your camp, enhancing the beauty of your stay.

Each Morocco Surf Camp is run by friendly staff and tour operators, who will go the extra mile to ensure your needs are taken care of. They’ll pride themselves on the comfort and cleanliness of each and every room, ensuring you feel safe and at home throughout your trip.

After a hard workout riding the surf, you’ll no doubt be ready to relax. Most camps offer lounges and terrace areas to watch the sunset, along with a TV in your room so you can enjoy a DVD. Many even have Wi-Fi, so you can check your networks and share snaps of your amazing day in the waves, making you the envy of your friends back home.

You’ll no doubt work up a hearty appetite after exerting yourself on your board, so it’s important to enjoy good food and good times. Your Morocco Surf Camp will offer exciting, fresh, local cuisine cooked by a talented resident chef. Each delicious, locally sourced meal will give you an authentic Moroccan dining experience, trying amazing new dishes as enjoyed by local surfers. Breakfast and lunch will usually include international staples, such as cereal, eggs, fruit and local favourites such as freshly baked Moroccan bread.

After your thrilling Moroccan adventure, you’ll be able to head home feeling relaxed and refreshed. Each Morocco Surf Camp provides the perfect location for a calming break. Many include hammocks, loungers and quiet patios with unrestricted views of Morocco’s gorgeous coastline.

If you’re excited at the prospect of experiencing a Morocco Surf Camp for yourself, the internet is the perfect place to get started. Go ahead and book now for the trip of a lifetime, perfect for anyone with a passion for the surfing lifestyle.

Catalonia is a region with a great culinary tradition, and especially Barcelona, where the first Spanish cookbook was printed back in 1477.

The location of Barcelona is decisive for its gastronomy. On one side it has all the advantages of the proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, and on the other it also uses the ingredients from the mountainous interior of the country. In fact, what best defines the Catalan food is the expression ‘mar i muntanya’ (meaning “sea and mountain” in Catalan). Reflecting the tendency of mixing local seafood with meat. The mixture between the elitist dishes of French cuisine and the typical dishes from Spain offers a worldwide known stylish result.

“Catalan cuisine mixes ingredients from the sea, such as seafood, with ingredients from the mountainous interior such as vegetables and meat”

Barcelona & Food: Discover The Typical Catalan Dishes and Restaurants

In Barcelona you won’t enjoy just Catalan food, but you will also have the chance to try typical Spanish dishes, as the Catalan chefs don’t hesitate using the most classical dishes of the Iberian Peninsula. Of course the tapas are also very popular in this city, taking particular predilection for the famous Basque-style tapas, also known as pintxos.

What to Eat in Barcelona?

But when talking about strictly Catalan food we must start with the pa amb tomàquet, which accompanies many of the dishes. It consists of garlic bread with some tomato and olive oil in it, really simple but surprisingly amazing.

The Esqueixada is another typical Catalan dish. It’s a salad with salted cod, a really fresh and tasty dish ideal for having at some terrace in a warm day. The different specialties with rice or noodles, such as paella or fideua, are also very known. They are usually served with some Alioli, a Catalan sauce made out of mayonnaise and garlic.

If you are a meat lover Barcelona won’t disappoint you at all. There are many restaurants specialized on grilled meats and moreover you will have the chance to try the wide range of Catalan sausages, such as fuet, secallona, butifarra, etc. Actually, a very simple and popular dish in this city is butifarra amb mongetes (meaning pork sausage with beans).

As a dessert there is the one and only Catalan cream, similar to the famous French crème brûlée. Remember Catalonia is also a producer of wine and Cava (similar to Champagne), so don’t forget to ask for some of these in order to enjoy your meal.

Where to Eat in Barcelona?

Barcelona is one of the most touristic cities of the Mediterranean, no wonder why. The hotel occupancy has incredibly raised during the last years, even if many people choose to rent an apartment in Barcelona. It’s also important to know which the good restaurants are, otherwise you will end up going to some expensive and bad quality touristic place ¡Note!

Pitarra: This restaurant is in the middle of Ciutat Vella, the historic neighborhood of Barcelona. It was opened in 1890 and it’s one of the oldest in the city. Its name recalls the writer and dramaturge Frederic Soller, called Pitarra. You’ll find a wide selection of traditional Catalan food, especially fish, served in a unique atmosphere. Remember to ask for some good Cava. You’re on vacation!

Casa Calvet is one of the most famous restaurants in Barcelona, it’s located in L’Eixample Dreta in a building designed by Antoni Gaudí. It used to be a factory, nowadays turned into very elegant rooms in which you will enjoy good food. The atmosphere is private and cozy. The experimental cuisine of chef Miquel Alija combines traditional Catalan cuisine with Asian touches.

Biblioteca Restaurant: This simple restaurant in the Raval has acquired an excellent reputation for its fine cuisine. The chef always uses the freshest local ingredients. Enjoy a memorable dining experience, while you can watch the chefs working in the open kitchen.

La Tomaquera: In this restaurant located in Poble Sec you will take homemade wine and enjoy the food in a lively atmosphere. If you want to try Catalan snails, this is the ideal place to do it. The menu includes grilled or smoked meats as well as several dishes from Catalonia. And remember that there is no better homemade sangria in summer that the one they serve here.

El Glop: This restaurant offers Catalan food in a rustic atmosphere with simple decoration. It’s not a gourmet restaurant but the dishes are great as well as the atmosphere and the service. Get ready for large portions of rich food that must be accompanied by Cava or Sangria. The restaurant is located in Gràcia, away from the city center, a perfect alternative for the downtown touristic restaurants.

Do you know any other typical restaurant or dish in Barcelona I’ve missed? Share it!

BEST LOCKSMITH BRUNSWICKHave you ever had the experience of being locked out of the office, home or car? Either you misplaced the keys to your office, car or house. The first thought that comes into your mind is typically to call your friends or family for help or get a spare key, but maybe this did not work. The next thing you would do is to call your local locksmith, or any other company.

But before doing a deal with the locksmith company, you have to ask yourself whether they are honest or reliable. This is because there are some companies that are not local but still advertise their services in your local posting. Besides, these self-claimed experts might not be qualified or professionally trained at all and may damage your property further.

Check Locality

FTC has reported that there are some companies located away from your resident area but have names that are similar to business names of local locksmiths in the same area.

Characteristics of false local locksmith firms:

  • Far away centers

These companies advertise in online directories and yellow pages giving local phone numbers and addresses. However, in reality, there are no store fronts and the numbers have been transferred to places very far from the local center.

  • False or no quotes

Then, you might not get a locksmith quote, or the one you get is false. When these technicians come to your home or office, they may demand more finance and this makes you feel struck and pressured.

  • Cash only

If they only take cash, this also a signal that they are not authentic local locksmiths.

  • Multiple Listing

These false local locksmiths sometimes have several listings in one phone number, and at the same time the listings appear under different entities, but the all their phone numbers go to a single center. They may send untrained operators to your location.

Choosing the best locksmith firm

There are honest and reliable locksmith firms out there such as Best Locksmith Brunswick among others. But the best advice is to research diligently before you get yourself in an emergency situation or locked out.

  • Internet search

Maybe you wish to step up your domestic security by changing door keys and locks, putting up deadbolt locks, or installing an alarm system. This is the best time to visit the World Wide Web and search for different firms. Make sure that you go through their reviews, see whether they have local addresses and telephone numbers, and also compare their quotes over the telephone. Besides, contact your friends, co-workers, family members for personal recommendations or referrals they may have.

  • Save contact details

After finding a reliable locksmith, make sure that you keep the firms contact details safely maybe in your address book, phone or wallet. This can be very useful in future.

  • Generic phrases on phone

If a firm answers your phone call using a generic phrase such as “locksmith services how I may help you?” instead of a specific company name, be on the lookout. Ask for the company’s legal business name. If their call center doesn’t respond to this, you may have to call another locksmith.

  • Ask about insurance

You should ask the locksmith company whether they are insured. As you contact Locksmith service or others, they must also clarify whether they can cover your losses in case your property is destroyed during the work. If the firm does not take any responsibility for the damaged property in the event of repairing, go to another company that is insured.

Posting Free Ads Online Is Easy NowPosting your ads online was a very typical task in the recent past but not anymore. With online market increasing day by day there is increasing the need of marketing your business online so as to stay in the competitive market and increase your sale. There are so many sites today offering you to post your ads on them free of cost. This is really a good way to promote your service of product.

If you are into online business then you really must be having a desire to Post your free Ads on net so that you can get good exposure and can reach to maximum people. Ads on net play a vital role these days in getting good exposure. Most of the people today use net and come across various sites and ads all day long. So, if you are having your ads on net then the chances of getting more and more buyers increases.

There are even many sites where you are allowed to post your ads for some small fee. Although, going for such sites is always useful but why to go for them when you have not yet posted your ads on free posting sites. Post Free Ads online and make your business grow and succeed.


While most people associate fishing with warm summer days and sitting by the lake, fishing can be enjoyed in colder weather as well. Ice fishing is the winter version of fishing. With that being said, ice fishing is much more dangerous than regular fishing, and it is important to know the basics of what you’re doing before you try it out.

Learning How To Ice Fish

The typical season for ice fishing is between December and March due to the thickness of the ice being at it’s sturdiest. Before you hit the ice, try to find a fishing area that is known to be a common place where people go and where fish are caught. It can be devastating to be outside all day with no bites, especially in the low temperatures. If the location is somewhere that many people go you will also know that the ice there is safe to go out on. Of course, something to always consider as a priority is your safety. Before walking onto any frozen ponds or lakes, examine the ice layer and be sure that it is at least 4 inches thick. Some people will risk going onto thinner ice however; there are other elements that can make that very dangerous.

Once you find your spot it is time to set up your area. Some ice fishermen like to just set up a display of their gadgets in a secure fashion and let the pole do the work while they stay inside somewhere nearby, and others like to sit on the ice. When choosing your spot you should allow yourself at least a 15-foot distance between where you settle down and land. Use an ice auger to make your hole. Slowly chisel away until you break water and remove all the extra shavings so you have access to your hole. As for your fishing pole, it should be at least two to three feet long. Depending on what kind of fish you are trying to catch will impact your decision on what bait to use, but for the most part a swivel lure will work just fine. If you plan to sit out on the ice while you fish make sure to pack warm clothing and food for the duration that you’re out there. It may be a good idea to learn how to treat hypothermia as well, just as a precaution should anything happen to you or any members of your party.

You will want to drop your cast to be about three feet from the bottom of the pond or lake. As a tip, it might be helpful to churn the water to wake up whatever fish are down there to get them hungry and excited. Hold your pole and jig the bait under water to attract the fish, and for those of you who fish during the summer, you’ll notice that this is a similar technique. There’s no saying how long it will take to get your first bite, so patience is always key when fishing. Also, being that it’s winter the fish will be moving a lot slower than normal. A good rule of thumb is to not jig your bait too quickly because they will not be able to keep up with it or think that they can get it. A good strategy may be to rely on a bobber to get their attention so that they can meander up to the bait at their own pace.

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Places To Visit In Thailand - The Ultimate Fun

Thailand is a beautiful country with a variety of water sports, flash resorts and nightlife etc. if you wish to get a break from your boring schedule or want to spend quality time with your family there is no other better place to visit. You will simply love the unique and delicious cuisine of Thailand, helpful people and an array of activities to enjoy. You could enjoy voyage Thailande on bikes. Many hotels provide rented bikes to the tourists. You will never forget the adventurous bike ride to rubber farms. Here, you could have a glimpse of cockerel farmers and buffaloes.

Here are some of the best places to visit in the southern, northern, eastern and western parts of the country.

  • Chiang Rai in northern region
  • Pai of north
  • AO Nang of southern Thailand
  • Kanchanaburi situate in western region
  • KO chang island of east Thailand
  • Ko phayam
  • Ko Samet

Places To Visit In Thailand - The Ultimate Fun

Specialty of Chiang Rai

If you wish to gain the ultimate Thai country experience, you could visit Chiang Rai. You will get an opportunity to have sticky spicy rice, live in bungalows of bamboo, learn about the lifestyle of local folks and have much more fun. Northern Thailand has plenty of jungles and waterfalls. You could enjoy the beauty of nature. If you are looking for a peaceful place where you could soothe your soul, it is the ideal place to visit.

If you want to bring thrill in your life, explore Pai, another popular attraction of northern Thailand. This backpacking destination offers you everything from Rastafarian watering holes to luscious green surroundings and amazing hangout spots. You could take a dip in hot springs and relieve your stress.

Spend Leisure Time at Ko Chan Islands

Ko Chan Island is one of the most famous islands of Thailand. Sandy white beaches and national parks are the specialty of this island. However, it remains less crowded than other islands. You could relax on the beaches with your family members or enjoy the beauty and fragrance of lovely plants of preserved forests. Snorkeling is a fun loving activity of this region. You will get the chance to observe fishes and other water species closely.

Explore the Provincial Town of Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is a beautiful provincial town situated in the western region of Thailand. It is a quiet and peaceful town with fewer crowds. The natural beauty of Kanchanaburi is beyond expectations. You could perform many activities from visiting museums and temples to meditate. Death Railway Bridge is the most popular tourist attraction. You could visit other places like Pha Ta waterfalls, Srinakarin and national park.

Ao Nang is the sporting destination of southern Thailand. You could find some best beaches of Thailand here. Railay beach is the specialty of Ao Nang. Here, you could perform many adventurous activities like wave lapping, beach bumming, catching tan and much more. If you are visiting Thailand in summer, do not forget to explore Ao Nang.

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Are you in search of an ultimate holiday spot to turn your holidays into unforgettable moments? Are you in search of a place with rich wildlife and which can cater you amazing and wonderful experience? If these are the criteria of your holiday destination then you should stop your search right away because you have a great option in front of you and it is India. The lands of India are full of beautiful places and ecstasy. You can enjoy a ride on the camel in the sandy desert and can enjoy the heat of the sun by lying down at the beaches. You will get a number of options but there are few things like distancesfrom that can simplify your trip a lot.

Tips For Making Your Trip To India More Enjoyable

Experience the Rich Culture of this Country

India is a place which has a number of monuments and it has a rich culture. You will be astonished to know the number of languages which this single country has. There is no doubt that it is a diverse country which is filled with a number of tourist spots and wonderful sceneries. You can get in touch with the wild beauty in this country as you will be able to encounter a variety of wildlife in this very country. The natural beauty of this country will leave you astonished. It is one of the most demanded tourist spots in the world.

There are certain things that you should keep in mind for making your holidays more enjoyable and free from any mess. India is a big country and seeing all the tourist spots may take you days but with the right planning you can see most of it. If you have a desire to enjoy the beauty of this very country, then you should choose road vehicles for reaching your destination within India. The roads may confuse you thus you should take a professional driver with you, who should be aware with the routes.

Find Distance to the Place that you are about to Visit

Another thing that you should do before starting your journey is that you should gather the details such as the distance between the starting point and the destination and the weather condition of the area for making your road trip safer. You can get the information about the difference between the starting place and the destination from DistancefromUs. it is a popular site for distance calculation between two places. With this very tool you will get the exact distance between the major cities and the tourist spots in few simple clicks. All this will help you in making your trip more enjoyable and memorable.