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5 Best Things To Do In Big Sur

The 90-mile rugged coastline of California, also known as Big Sur, hides a mystical and luxurious natural beauty that is the envy of other tourist spots. Big Sur happens to be one of the world’s most undeveloped and unincorporated regions on the planet. Despite that, it still boasts a good amount of restaurants, hotels, shops and the likes.

The natural landscapes, rocks, cliffs, and wildflowers provide just the right backdrop for relaxation, recreation, and romance. The possibilities are simply endless, leading visitors to even question whether they wish to leave or not.

Here are some of the best amenities that have helped put Big Sur on the map.

  1. Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

If you’re into waterfalls, then you won’t be disappointed with this state park at all. The 80ft McWay Falls is what compels the average visitor. The sparkly waters fall over the granite cliffs and into the ocean that is next to a golden beach. The beach is accessible only by foot, but it is worth the trip.

1.	Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park |

From the parking, there is a 1.3-mile round-trip known as Overlook Trail that goes downhill to the ocean that passes through a tunnel underneath Hwy 1. The entrance to the park is on the east side of Hwy 1 and is about 8 miles south of the Nepenthe restaurant. So it is fair to say that you already have it made.

  1. Point Sur State Historic Park

Just because it looks like any other island in the world, doesn’t mean it can’t be anything more. Sitting six miles south of the Bixby Bridge is a green fortitude of excellence. There is a sandbar that connects with Point Sur and leads to another land. Resting atop of the volcanic rock is an abandoned stone lighthouse that has been around since 1889.

2.	Point Sur State Historic Park |

Visitors have access to the lighthouse through a three-hour guided tour that goes from April to October. During these tours, you will get a mouthful of scenic ocean views as well as learn about the history of the lighthouse, their keepers, as well as the epic stories of shipwrecks during the time of its operation.

  1. Have a Romantic Honeymoon at the Post Ranch Inn

 Post Ranch Inn |

Light up your honeymoon evening by bunking at the ocean view cottages of the Post Ranch Inn. It even comes with cliff-edge infinity pools that will elevate the intimacy levels a bit higher. Then head on down to the Sierra Mar restaurant where you can sample Chef John Cox’s latest recipes of the Taste of Big Sur menu such as red abalone marinated in kelp.

  1. Chillax over at Pfeiffer Beach

Not even the most talented painters or photographers in the world can capture all of the beauty of Pfeiffer Beach in a single portrait. This pristine dog-friendly beach is renowned for its double rock formation. Because it is often windy, the waves are rough, which makes it dangerous to surf.

Pfeiffer Beach |

You will also notice the purple tone of the sandy beaches due to the manganese garnet that washes down from the rocky hillsides above.

  1. Sweeten Up Your Taste Buds at the Big Sur Bakery

The Big Sur Bakery and Restaurant is a real sweet deal and serves a good bunch of savory sweets like ginger scones, homemade granola, as well as seasonal fruit strudels. The restaurant is actually in a cabin that has been around for nearly 70 years. Apart from sweets, there is also wood-fired pizza that consists of prosciutto and squash toppings which are a menu favorite and blackberry shortcake.

5 Best Things To Do In Big Sur

With all that much offering, it is no wonder Big Sur is a popular highlight for tourists.

Author Bio: Megan Brunette works as a Travel Blogger for a Dissertation Writing Service. She is always on the lookout for spots that garner the most visitors and informs her readers about its different facets. You can follow her on Facebook | Twitter | Google Plus.

I’m sure that as a first-time tourist, you may say that Milan is a wonderful place with no flaws. Indeed, Milan is full of places with culture and historical value, and there is never a night when you can go without having something to do. Events are everywhere, historical sites are at every corner and you’ll always be left in awe by the sheer beauty of the city. However, as beautiful as Milano can be, there are also some things that you may want to be careful about. Every great city is bound to have some flaws, and as a tourist, you may want to keep them in mind. Here are the three top negative things I’m sure you didn’t know about Milano.

Top 3 Negative Things You Didn't Know About Milan

  1. Pickpockets

Pickpockets are everywhere; the only difference is how many you find in different areas. Since Milan is a great touristic spot, it’s also a mine of gold in the hands of pickpockets. They have learned the ‘art’ of going through your pockets without getting detected, which is why you may want to keep your purse and your wallet very guarded. Metro and bus stations are the main places where you’ll see pickpockets, but don’t underestimate the outdoor monuments either. Those are the places which allow them most to “hide,” simply because they’re so crowded and you could easily lose your tracks there.

  1. No free things are ever free

Milan is packed with two types of vendors. There are those who try to (annoyingly) convince you to buy their overly priced souvenirs, and those who just give them to you… and then demand money. If you’ve always believed that Milano is a fairytale story where nothing can go wrong, think again. One minute you can be peacefully admiring the streets and the second you will see a vendor quickly start putting bracelets on your wrist before you noticing. If would have been great if it were free; however, once strapped on, they will demand money. And since it’s Milan… the price will also be big.

  1. Traffic signs don’t count

While a normal city would be peaceful in traffic and wary of the red lights, Milan is exactly the opposite. If you are a driver in Milan, prepare for having your nerves tested in the constant traffic jams. If you are walking around, however, you are also not safe from dangers. Red lights are ignored, cars are ruining the beauty of the city and the number of tourists driving in will also make the traffic unbearable.

One way to avoid traffic jams and other circumstances which will leave you without your money is to book a Milan airport taxi. Unlike the public street taxis, these can be arranged beforehand so that you will not have to wait in long lines for a drive. Plus, the price can also be found out beforehand, so that you will not be overpaying for a ride. Most of these Milan airport taxi services were made to rival public taxis by being cheap and honest with their customers.

Whether you are heading to a foreign state otherwise another metropolis for business otherwise pleasure, there are a quantity of profits to renting a car. While you rent a car, there are certain significant issues you would want to take into consideration, confirming you acquire the finest deal founded on your exclusive travel provisions and budget.

Tips To Renting A Car In Kusadasi

The first tip to renting a car in Kusadasi is to confirm you select the finest car that encounters your requirements. If you are travelling as a pair, then selecting a compact car which could easily house you plus your luggage would be more suitable and inexpensive than employing a big family sedan. Choose the car based on whatever you need taking the amount of people plus luggage into concern to ensure you have a comfy drive where you are travelling to anyplace in the world.

Book your car rental in advance. Numerous of the car hire firms’ proposal early bird specials, which allows you to rent a car at a reduced price. This could save you a significantly sum of cash in the long run,, allowing you to relish your holiday, travel through the area as well as to have a slight additional spending cash in your pocket.

Shop round for the finest prices. Recall not all rent a car company’s proposal the similar vehicles or the similar deals. Shopping round and having a look at an insufficient options could aid you classify which deal is the correct one for you. Look for vehicle kinds, prices plus inclusions, this would give you a good understanding on which firm will proposal you additional for your money.

Additional tip to renting a car in Kusadasi is to learn as much around the car rental firm as you could. You want to recognize their repute and confirm the company you select will offer you with the finest service plus support, proposing you the finest car hire experience that you would want to use time and time yet again in the future.

Ask the firm around the general cost while you rent a car. Be conscious that certain firms will have concealed costs which they might not tell you around and that you have to be cautious of. Be prepared plus confirm that while you collect the car and while you return it, the single price owed is the value you were initially quoted. Traps to look out for is the fuel. Particular firms will offer you a car with a complete or half tank of fuel on the contract you return it through the similar amount, confirm you do this, if the car rental firm requirements to fill up the car, they might charge a surcharge as well as they will certainly charge a upper amount for the fuel than you will pay at petrol station.

Lastly, a last tip while it comes to hiring a car is to recognize if the company proposals a pick up and assortment service as well as if so, do they charge for it. The more trustworthy firms will provide you with this suitable service totally free of charge.

7 Tips On How To Travel On A Budget

Travelling is one of the most amazing experiences you can ever have. But it is also a quite expensive affair. Unless you have enough money in your pocket, you cannot get the real pleasure of this experience.

While there is no cheat code for cheaper travels, there are of course ways in which you can make a trip on a budget.

7 Tips On How To Travel On A Budget

If you can set up a good budget plan, you can travel at a fraction of what you usually pay for. However, if you lack the insights for doing it the right way, then these tips can come into play:

1. Hire Someone For House-Sitting

Housesitting is very much same as babysitting. The only difference is that you’re looking after an entire house while the owner is away. There are many online boards where you can advertise your house sitting duties, for example, and

You can also look to university and church community or community centers for help. Social platforms and sites like Facebook, Twitter and craigslist also serve as good alternatives as well.

2. Teach English Overseas

If you have a strong command over English, then you can make good money teaching this language in a foreign country. Countries like Japan, China and Thailand serve as good examples for this.

You need to be as eloquent as you can be. Also, if the country requires it, you should also have a TEFL degree with you.

An added bonus is that Asian states will be happy to pay for your travels.

3. Opt For Work-Exchange Programs

Work-exchange programs are more than just working your way to living in a host country. It is also a way to help you adapt to your surroundings. Put simply, you can immerse yourself in the culture while you barter your time for food and lodging. It is quite fulfilling and you also get to make lifelong friends with the locals.

Some of the best work-exchange programs that could work in your favor are WWOOF,, and

4. Travel During Off-Season

You will save a lot of money by traveling in months that are not common for flying. This is called an off-season which is from October until April in Europe. With this in mind, you will get cheaper airfare, spend less time in lines and get more rooms that fit the budget.

Cities like Rome, London, and Paris offer a great experience any time of the year.

5. Earn Free Flights

There is also a thing called free flights and it can be yours as well. All you have to do is sign up for a couple of travel credit cards, gather up some miles and then you get to fly for free. You also get as much as 50,000 points for each card sign-up.

If you sign up for two cards let’s say an airline and a general rewards card, you can combine the points of the two and get cheaper flights faster.

6. Transport Other People’s Vehicles

Think about it for a moment; when you move from one country to another, you would have your car sent to your country by the relocation company. You may be doing a job, but you also get to be seeing the world as well. Get in touch with car rental and relocation companies through online or newspaper ads.

Most of them are looking for drivers to move cars between states in a limited number of days.

7. Find Cheaper Places for Travel

The majority of the people think of London, Paris or New York when it comes to celebrating their holidays. However, there are many other places that are equally beautiful than the aforementioned venues.

A good example would be Thailand where you can enjoy the best water sports, delicious cuisines and magnificent sightseeing at economical rates.

The aforementioned are 7 tips to help you plan an affordable trip to a holiday destination. Hope, they will serve you in celebrating your holidays on a budget.

About Writer: David Cairns is a digital nomad who loves traveling in different countries. He is also a blogging enthusiast who shares insightful tips on technology, traveling, music and the movies. Students who need to buy a cheap dissertation turn to him for expert help.

9 Useful Tips For Traveling On A Confined Budget

We have to veer up our minds from the traditional thought that if you do not have enough money so going on a vacation is just a dream. Come on think out of the box if you really wish to have an ideal vacation. According to some traveling experts, effective planning is what which ensures the nice vacation for people with confined budgets.

9 Useful Tips For Traveling On A Confined Budget

Do not give up, if you have finally decided to run away from your hectic lifestyle and having less money for it, should not disrupt your aim and in this regard following useful tips are for you.

  1. Meaningful Planning

Always remember that once you have a confined budget to go with, then your options are very limited options ahead. So make a plan in a way so that you enjoy maximum with your limited budget and trust me doing it will get you popular among people.

  1. Stop Thinking You Have A Limited Budget

Come on, keep thinking that you have a confined budget will distract you to enjoy the most on your vacations. It is the fact that you have a low budget so now move on and find how to get the maximum out of it on the vacations.

  1. Asia Has A Lot To Offer You

You know when it comes to going on a vacation so it is not necessary that you must run towards Europe’s tourist spots. It does not mean that Europe does not have great tourist spots but Europe is expensive compared to Asia. So it is better to explore Asia this time.

  1. Socialize With Experts On Facebook

Having decided to leave for a vacation with your low budget, the foremost thing is to contact the people who have traveled all across the world with their small budget. For that, you may leverage Facebook and many other social platforms.

  1. Travel When Others Are Sleeping

This subheading means to move you towards focusing on off-peak times of traveling. Seriously you can save enough amount of money if you plan your vacation during off-peak times. Avoid making plans during summer, spring and major holidays.

  1. Find Out Airlines With Low Fares

Before you start your journey, you have to make sure you are going with the airline that offered you low fares. Seriously as it comes to go on a vacation so high fares are what that suck half of your budget. So be careful while dealing with this phase.

  1. Luxury Should Not Be The Priority

When you have the low budget for your vacation then make sure you do not run after sumptuous hotels as it may get your pocket empty during the vacation. Find out hotels that do not put huge burden on your pocket and check out this website “, which will reveal lots of alternatives for accommodation

  1. Have A Control On Your Shopping

It is very important that you have a control on your shopping during a vacation because that will decide you that how much you will save money in your entire journey. It is simple that saving is in your hand and spending less on shopping will help you in this regard.

  1. Confine Dining Out

Control on the dining out may help you to save enough money during your vacation, so if you can avoid it then go for it. Avoid beachside restaurants as they are much expensive and can get you short of money.

The entire purpose of this article is to let you understand that with your limited budget, you still have the better chances to enjoy most on your vacation so make the best out of it.

Author Bio

Selena Brett is the renowned “Destination Analyst” and Expert Consultant of Essay Writing Service at and has had the great experience of guiding people to plan great vacations.

5 Tips For Selecting A Walking Tour

Taking tours is a great way to get to know the country to which you’re traveling. However, tours can be very regimented, and you may only get to see much of the countryside by bus. A great way to tour a country in which you’re traveling is to take a walking tour. Use these tips to find the best tours for you and your party to go on.

5 Tips For Selecting A Walking Tour

Select a Destination

Walking tours are offered all over the world, including throughout Europe. The first decision you will need to make is where to go on your tour. If you are already visiting a country, then you can take tours that only last for a couple of days or you can select tours lasting a week. It depends on how much time you wish to spend hiking an area.

Consider Everyone’s Abilities

Before selecting a tour, consider the physical abilities of everyone in your party. Although some in your party may enjoy strenuous activities, older people or young children may not be able to keep a quick pace. Most walking tours are only moderately strenuous, and the tour companies have a legend that depicts the difficulty of each tour so you can select one to fit your group’s fitness abilities.

Select an Interest

Many walking tours give you the chance to try certain activities such as wine tasting, cooking, or visiting historic sites. Find a tour you know will pique the interests of those in your party so everyone enjoys the trip. If you’re visiting Scotland, perhaps you wish to visit the ruins of ancient castles, while wine connoisseurs may want to visit the vineyards in France. There are many different places you can visit on a walking tour.

Look for Experience

As you consider various tours, check the experience of the tour company. A good company will have been in business for a few years and have a good reputation. They may also offer a better variety of walking tours, such as those found at

Guided or Self-Guided

Many companies offer self-guided tours, which allow you to travel at your own pace and go off the route if you want to explore a village, have some food at a café you’ve stumbled across, or just take extra rest breaks. A guided tour can be fun as well because you will have someone local who speaks the language and can show you other sights you may not see on your own. However, the pace may be too quick for some in your party. As long as you get to your appointed stop for the evening, it doesn’t matter how quickly you get there.

A walking tour is a great way to see areas or sites in a country that you cannot experience from a tour bus or with a group of strangers. You and your party can set a pace that everyone is comfortable with and spend more time gaining a more intimate knowledge of the country you’re visiting.

One of the most crucial things to know before visiting a new destination, especially when it is not as laid back as the rest of the top cities, is knowing if what you are doing is unknowingly seeming rude to them. It is also essential to have some tips up your sleeves at your disposal to survive and enjoy a pleasant visit to the city. This article talks about tips, dos and don’ts for your Jaipur trip.

Every destination differs from the other. There are things you can do in some, and things you cannot in some. It is essential to know the do’s and don’ts of a place before you travel anywhere as what you do, may be unknowingly hurting the sentiments of the people there. There are various things you cannot do while you are visiting a pilgrimage site like drinking or partying, however that is perfectly fine when you visit a place like Goa or Mumbai. There are  also various do’s and don’ts you need to know when visiting a tourist city like Jaipur. Jaipur being one of the most popular tourist site in India is visited by people from all around the world whole year round. It can be easily approached by a Delhi Sarai Rohilla to Jaipur train. Here are some tips, dos and don’ts you need to know for your trip to Jaipur.

Important Dos and Don’ts To Keep In Mind On Your Trip To Jaipur

Be careful of touts

Touts are all over, from tour guides to somebody attempting to sell you “legitimate” Rajasthani stuff. Never get bulldozed by it.

Carry change at all times

It is obligatory to have money on you, but don’t carry too much cash. Always keep changes at hand so the shopkeepers do not overcharge you seeing the big notes. It will also be difficult for you to have to pay with a 500 rupee note for a 10 rupee water bottle.

Never flash valuable

It will not be the first time a tourist or traveller has been mugged in the city if you do. Never flash your expensive jewellery especially when you are on some street markets to buy some souvenirs.

Never forget to crosscheck the bills

Whether it be eating in a restaurant or purchasing something from the shop, always cross check the bill. Excessively numerous cases happen where retailers and restaurant proprietors take the risk of making some forced errors in the bill in the hope the customers will not find out and walk away paying the amount.

Keep yourself hydrated

Jaipur is agonizingly hot and humid. Always stay hydrated with water or fruit juices to avoid falling sick.

Be careful with the monkeys

Monkeys are bold and dangerous here. Maintain a distance from them at all expense and never defy them. Simply toss them some food and slowly walk away incase you encounter one face to face.

Keep up with some courtesies

A few courtesies should be maintained while visiting the city like not spitting on some spots or talking loudly inside some monuments and temples.

Eat hygienic

Eat fresh and eat clean. Make hygiene the top priority wherever you choose to eat.

Know about the no-photograph zones

There will be some no-photograph zones in a few landmarks and temples. Respect that and switch off your telephones and put your cameras in your bag.

Myanmar Tours- Tailor Made and Private Tour Packages

For travelers who are eager to see a country that remained mystically beautiful in Southeast Asia then Myanmar is no doubt one of the best choices.  Filled with shimmering temples, pristine forests and untouched heritages, the country promises some amazing travel experiences you should expect.

Myanmar Tours- Tailor Made and Private Tour Packages

These are top must see sites in Myanmar which should be included in your itinerary :

Shwedagon Pagoda Yangon

The rich history of Shwedagon and the giant architecture reflecting Buddhist highlights make this pagoda outstanding amongst all the attractions in Yangon city.

For all the firs timer, it is incomplete if you travel to Myanmar without visiting this site.

Indein Stupas and Market

With mountain backdrop and direct view to the romantic lake of Inle, Indein is a very place to enjoy the culture and nature in Shan State. There are chances to spot the wildlife along the canals or floating gardens, decorated by stilt villages.

Indein boasts faded Buddhist stupa ruin which depicts the ancient treasures of the area. The pagoda on the top of Indein is said to be a sacred place for pilgrimage also.

Another event that takes place every week in Indein is the rotating market. There is a collection of boat, unique farm produce and colorful traditional hill tribe dress to behold during this day.

Bagan Temples

The iconic image of Burma Tourism comes from Bagan which is studded by thousands of temples. Photographers from all over the word come here to capture the haunting sunrise, flying over the sky with balloon to see the exceptional charm of the area.

Bagan also has many traditional works and the most famous one is to make lacquer ware.

Amarapura, Mandalay

Authentic Asia Tours, a local Myanmar Travel Agency voted Mandalay the first choice for adventurers who want to do motorcycle, trekking and river cruises.
Surrounded by 4 ancient capitals, the city of Mandalay has so much to offer from famous historical sites to the Royal Palace which marked the last capital of Burma kingdom.

From Mandalay, you can take cruise upriver to watch the river dolphin, riding motorbike to Pyn Oo Lwin or embark a trek in Nam Sanh

Southern Beaches

Since Myanmar opens more area for oversea travelers to visit, the south islands is really appealing. Explore Mergui Archipelago could define a life time journey for everyone. The beach is so pristine, the islands are untamed, the coral reefs are so beautiful and the people are just incredibly friendly.

Some notes :
To visit Myanmar, you need to apply for Myanmar Visa before you enter the country.
The best time to visit is from Oct to April.

Zanskar Valley Ladakh

With the snow clad Himalayas and the deep blue seas, the golden deserts and the dense forests, Indian sub-continent is incredibly mysterious. If vacation to you means thrill and excitement, then pack your bags and set on a journey to explore the rich heritage and enthralling beauty of this country.

1. Leh Ladakh

Discover a completely different culture of India in ‘The Broken Moon Land,’ or Leh Ladakh. Surrounded by some of the highest mountain peaks and glacial rivers, the quietness of the place is its charm.

India’s Most Backpacker-Friendly Destinations

As you trek through the steep slopes of the Zanskar Valley, the Buddhist hymns from the colorful monasteries create a celestial atmosphere round you. Bring back a piece of Leh Ladakh with you with the costume jewelry and traditional crafts. Spend some time far from the maddening crowd sipping piping hot butter tea as the snow drizzles knock on the window.

India’s Most Backpacker-Friendly Destinations

2. Jaipur

The Pink City of Jaipur is the land of fairytale you have always read. Ride on decked up elephants to the forts or enjoy authentic royal cuisines on silver lined plates like a Rajput king.

India’s Most Backpacker-Friendly Destinations

The exquisite beauty of City Palace with arms, armors, royal belongings and old coins is a treasure while Hawa Mahal is magnificent with 983 windows. Enjoy your evenings watching puppet shows or buy boutique apparels and leather shoes as souvenirs.

India’s Most Backpacker-Friendly Destinations

3. Pushkar

If you are a backpacker determined to unravel the unique aspects of India, Pushkar is a must visit spot. With 400 milky white shrines, 52 bathing ghats and one of the few Brahma temples of the world, Pushkar is the sanctum of Indian religious life. Witness the simple joy of living at the vibrant fairs of the city or dip in the holy waters of the Pushkar Lake with faith.

India’s Most Backpacker-Friendly Destinations

4. Munnar

A backpacker’s journey is for relaxation and hence Munnar must be on your tour map. Walk over the green carpets of tea gardens or checkout the endangered Nilgiri Tahr, butterflies with splashing colors and hundreds of birds at the Eravikulam National Park. Trek to the highest mountain peak of South India, Anamudi, lying at 2695 meters to get a breathtaking view of the city. You may also refresh yourself with aromatic tea or get some curious from the tea museum.

India’s Most Backpacker-Friendly Destinations

5. Goa

Goa is an ideal destination for fun, crazy tourists. Dance through the nights on the beats of Goa music or bask in the warm sun with beach volley and scuba diving.

India’s Most Backpacker-Friendly Destinations

Shore high in the sky with Paragliding or visit the spice plantations to breathe in the aroma of cardamom, cloves and many more. Rejuvenate yourself with Ayurveda massages at the spas or open your eyes to the sound of the bells of the ancient churches in the state. Enjoy the village life of Goa in the fishing villages, relishing spicy, hot seafood and high quality wine.

India’s Most Backpacker-Friendly Destinations

India hence has lot of surprises for the backpackers who are in love with traveling.

Lombok Provides An Escape For Tourists That Is A Dream Paradise

There are places in the world that are ideal vacation escapes. Lombok is one of them. Located east of Bali, Lombok is an island in Indonesia—a piece of land that forms part of a chain known as the Lesser Sunda Islands. Lombok Strait separates the famous island of Bali from Lombok.

Lombok Provides An Escape For Tourists That Is A Dream Paradise

A Little Bit More Details about the Geography

The Alas Strait also separates Lombok from Sumbawa—a remote isle that is situated to the east. The Sekotong Peninsula lies to the southwest. The largest city and provincial capital of Lombok is Mataram. A number of islets called Gili surround the island escape, which is home to just over 3,000,000 inhabitants.

While tourism is a big source of income for Bali, vacation travel to Lombok has progressed slowly. Therefore, if you travel to Lombok, it seems as though you have been transported back in time. In fact, it seems as though you are visiting Bali several decades back. The pace is slower and the scenery is pristine and lush. Not only that, there are Lombok villas for sale on the island’s Cemara Beach.

Getting to Lombok from Bali

The best way to get to Lombok is by way of Bali. That way you can see and appreciate both island locations. The first type of transport involves taking a motorbike, car or bus to Padangbai and then catching a ferry to Lember in Lombok. The ferries run about every 90 minutes, 7 days a week, 24 hours per day. The trip itself takes about 5 hours overall. The travel time is dependent on the weather and traffic in the ports.

Another way to get to Lombok is to fly from Bali to the island airport in Mataram. The flight does not take long—about 30 minutes overall. Once you land, you can catch a taxi at the airport to Bangsal where you can take a ferry. Airlines that service the island from Bali include Wings Air, GT Air, and Merpati. You can also charter a boat from Benoa Harbor in Bali. While this way is fast, it also can be quite a bumpy excursion across the Lombok Strait. If you want to bypass Bali, you can always catch a direct flight to the airport in Mataram.

Visiting Senggigi

When you arrive in Lombok, you will find that Senggigi is the most developed area. This area of the island offers sweeping bays that are not inhabited, as well as places in which to hike. It is located north of the capital of Mataram.

Cemara Beach, a home to luxury real estate, is located in the southernmost part of Lombok. Lying on the Ekas Peninsula, Cemara Beach is about 90 minutes from the airport. Any property ownership in this part of the world is fortuitous as it not only is a paradisiacal location, it also can represent home.

Lombok is also noted for its one large volcano, Gunung Rinjani, which rises even higher than the Volcano, Gunung Agung, on Bali. A trek to the summit of Rinjani takes three days and is undertaken with a guide or tour group. The hike is one of the most challenging of its kind on Lombok isle. Needless to say, besides Cemara Beach, you have a lot of hiking that can be done in this part of the world.