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Bhopal’s Own Palace – WelcomHeritage Noor Us Sabah Palace

The moist winds from the neighboring lake greet a warm good morning to the palace, which is now a heritage hotel called WelcomHeritage Noor Us Sabah Palace, The Light of the Dawn. The large Palace cum hotel is surrounded by lush green gardens and lakes, making for a great getaway destination. It is located only a few kilometers away from the airport and is ideal for some work as well as leisure trip. Let us take a virtual tour of this majestic hotel.

Bhopal’s Own Palace – WelcomHeritage Noor Us Sabah Palace

Live royally in spectacular suites

If you want to experience unparalleled luxury, the hotel is awaiting you. With beautifully and intricately done interiors, the bedrooms are luxurious, including the Minibar, Coffee/tea maker, Satellite Television and Wi-Fi, combined together with an amazing view of the lake.

The view within the classily furbished suite draws attention of most guests. The suites have a unique design style and stimulate a feeling of ultimate perfection.

Fun, Food and entertainment

The restaurants in the hotel encompass the most authentic cuisines from more than one continent.

There is ‘The Dynasty’ where guests dine on the best of food from all over Asia, the pan Asian restaurant.

The ‘Marbal Arch’, an open air restaurant, offers a panoramic view of the city of the Bhopal and the lake along with a mouth watering menu.

Za-aiqa’, will take you back in time to the Mughal and Peshawari eras with authentic cuisine from the two. The ambience feels rich and gives a feeling of enjoying a majestic and royal dinner, straight out of a movie.

Majestic Banquets and elite conferences

WelcomHeritage Noor-Us-Sabah offers a wide array of halls as per guest’s requirement. The halls can accommodate between 10 to 600 persons. The halls are pillar-less to ensure the event feels absolutely royal!

If you are looking for a venue for your new book launch, wedding reception, an evening party, or themed parties, the beautifully landscaped lush green gardens, which overlook the lake, are perfect. You can even personalize the event your way, with everything of your choice. The hotel provides adaptable and experienced services for a variety of occasions at affordable rates.

The recreational facilities – indoor and outdoor

If you are a fitness freak, visit the fitness center. A trained masseur will pamper you with the most exotic oils and the yoga instructor will keep your tensions away.

If you want to spend time outdoors, the swimming pool is a refreshing delight. Enjoy the view of the sunset behind the lake from the swimming pool. It will be etched in your memory forever.


This hotel is located at Koh-e-fiza, VIP road in the main city. It is about 5 kms from the Bhopal International Airport and 6 kms from the Bhopal Junction Railway Station. From the Habibganj Railway Station it is about 9 Km and from the Nadra Bus Stand about

This might come as a surprise but Noor us Sabah hotel Bhopal tariff is affordable in comparison to other luxury hotels in the country. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags for a royal getaway to Bhopal!

Insight On The Merit Of Serviced Apartments Over Hotel

Till date larger number of people is utterly ignorant about the term “serviced apartments”, they are still not counted as the cost-efficient alternative to hotels. Generally, serviced apartments are entirely furnished apartments that are available for long-term and short-term stays. In most of the case, the rental charge is included of utility bills and you cannot be deprived of any of those amenities that are provided by hotels. You can even expect 24 hours open customer service and maid service. In short, service apartments proffer more features than a simple room of guest houses where the boarders can only get bedroom and bathroom.

Insight On The Merit Of Serviced Apartments Over Hotel

Serviced Apartment vs. Hotel

  • The hotel services are all about maintaining utmost professionalism, serviced apartments offer the same thing but with a personal touch. Do you know who can be benefitted most by this unique sort of accommodation service? The business houses who need to arrange accommodations for business partners, external business advisors, engineers and other associates.
  • The cost of booking a hotel room for a number of days can be a major concern for the business houses as it may highly impactful to their budget. Moreover, they can’t even think of arranging the stay of those delicates in cheap hotels. Hence, no matter how tough situation they are facing, for the sake of the business they are bound to arrange luxurious hotels for them. In such situation, serviced apartments in Kensington arrives the savior.
  • Several agencies have emerged in the market in recent days who deliver the service of arranging Serviced Apartments. Whereas some of them possess their own apartments, some work like a broker between the host and the tenant.
  • Hotels are undoubtedly advantageous for short trips as you simply don’t want to be bothered by the hassles of cooking foods. On-demand service and decent bed are all that you may seek for. On the other hand, when you need to stay longer time out of your home, you may feel the urge of having homemade food. People who thoroughly enjoy cooking their food can choose serviced apartments over hotels without any shade of doubt. Moreover, while you are at home you are not obliged to eat in a certain time, the same thing you can enjoy in this serviced apartment. You would be not compelled to take foods within specific time.

Last Words

Not only that, if you are planning to have a long tour to Kensington and its surrounding sites with your family, then serviced apartments in Kensington is also an ideal option. You can receive home like feeling while staying aloof of your home. You can simply enjoy cooking with your partner that is next to impossible in your busy life.

HotelHut is the new accommodation booking site that is making a huge impression on the travel industry and consumers alike.  The site is one that price modeling, structure and technology is unique for standard booking sites and travel agencies and one that guarantees the lowest prices available.  Their price model beats the leading OTAs as you won’t find the same typical rate offered by the leaders like,, Trivago, Orbits or, but instead, a rate that is much less!

HotelHut-BEST Hotel Rates On The Planet

HotelHut is a membership site, which immediately allows the company to offer their members “unpublished” hotel rates which are always lower than the other travel agencies rates.  The design and price structure of is one that is new in the hotel booking industry and for consumers booking leisure or travel accommodations they can do so at a fraction of the typical price offered through the BIG booking sites mentioned above. has contracted with over 150,000 properties worldwide to offer the best room accommodations at the most affordable rates.  The site and apps provide information on the hotels, including their ratings and pictures, so consumers know what to expect prior to their booking.  Consumers can expect photos of the rooms, lobbies, and hotels that include many special features like casinos or pools, as well as many listed features like WiFi, onsite restaurants, laundry, childcare, etc.  Sorting features help consumers to find their ideal room accommodations in their ideal location.  Hotel policies are also listed which offers consumers the peace of mind that they are booking at a comfort level.

Reservation Process

Like other leading OTAs, booking is done through HotelHut or their apps.  Apps are available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and a Windows platform.  The site offers consumers the option to sort through features like the different amenities they may require a stay such as childcare or swimming pools.  This ensures that consumers will find the best accommodations for their stay in their chosen location.

Stats show that direct bookings through hotel websites are high.  Stats also show that OTAs like have the advantage of offering the same accommodations at a cheaper rate.  Most business and leisure travelers access the net to find the best deals on their nightly reservations.  When accessing HotelHut, they are guaranteed the lowest possible rate.

The Difference of HotelHut

The difference of HotelHut is a site that offers consumers plenty of information on accommodations that are priced at the lowest possible rates.  You won’t find a savings of a few dollars here and there but the savings that can result up to thousands of dollars.  HotelHut has made a commitment to their customers to offer the cheapest rates for travel worldwide.  The site is one that is designed using advanced Real Time engines so that there is never the question that the price that is displayed is the cheapest price available.

HotelHut is interested in offering the best savings in travel to consumers, you won’t find membership fees (which allows the site to surpass rate parity) and lower the prices on room accommodations around the world.

User Friendly

The site is designed with the intention of consumers finding their exact needs in room reservations without complexity.  Visitors to the site can search location and features like amenities, such as room service, child care, swimming pool, etc.  The site does not leave the consumer questioning the quality of the hotel or accommodations.  Photos are offered of the rooms, lobbies, onsite areas, etc.  With a few clicks of the mouse, you can have the best list of the best-priced hotels that meet your travel needs.

Secure Booking

Booking is secure with advanced encryption to protect all credit card and personal information.  Clarke’s standards are of the highest to ensure the privacy of his customers.

HotelHut Commitment

HotelHut’s commitment is to bring consumers the best possible room accommodations at the best possible prices.

you are planning to travel to a popular destination for New Year’s, you probably are expecting to pay a premium for your hotel. That’s because hotels located in the hottest New Year’s areas will either package their rooms with other costly features – such as tickets to a New Year’s Gala or a show with top-name entertainment – or simply increase the rates.

How To Land The Best Hotel Deal This New Year

Hotels work on the principal of supply and demand. When demand is at its peak – such as on New Year’s, when practically everyone is looking for a close, convenient place to stay so they can celebrate the big night fully – prices are naturally going to be at their highest. In some cases, hotel room rates can be double, triple, and even quadruple their normal levels – and that’s if you can even get a room in the first place!

110% Occupancy on New Year’s Eve

Occupancy in hotels in the hottest locations is usually at 110% weeks or even months in advance of the big night. How can a hotel book more rooms than it has? It’s actually a standard industry practice that takes into account the inevitable cancellations. A hotel with 200 rooms, for example, typically will try to pre-sell at least 220 rooms with the expectation that at least 10 guests will cancel.

If all  220 guests show up, the hotel has a problem. They may have to “walk” guests to another hotel. But historically, this isn’t the case. People’s plans change due to unforeseen circumstances, so hotels plan on overbooking in the expectation that they will be completely full even when some guests cancel.

Expand Your Qualified Area

When planning a trip to a popular New Year’s Eve destination – such as Times Square in New York or the Las Vegas Strip – most people want to be as close to “ground zero” as possible. Why? For one thing, that’s where the action is. Most of the festivities are going to be limited to a specific geographic area. Being as close as possible is more fun and exciting.

For another, many people plan on over-indulging on New Year’s Eve. When you’ve been partying hard, you don’t want to have to travel to far in order to make it to your bed for the night. The closer, the better.

But as we have seen, this is in direct conflict with most hotel’s business strategy of charging the  highest prices when people are most desperate to stay in their hotels. So what’s the solution?

Hotels Outside ‘Ground  Zero’

Look at hotels that are slightly farther away from your ideal location and you often can find a much better deal. For example, there are many top-quality hotels in Brooklyn, upper Manhattan, and even New Jersey where you can stay for New Year’s Eve at a fraction of the cost of what you can expect to pay in the heart of Times Square.

Similarly, if you are planning to celebrate New Year’s in Las Vegas, consider staying in one of the many hotels off the main Las Vegas Strip.

In both instances, you can still celebrate in the center of the action and be able to get back to your hotel when the night’s through in just a few minutes via either cab, Uber or public transportation. For a minimal inconvenience at the end of the night, you can save a fortune on your hotel room.

Look for Package Deals

Sometimes it’s not where you celebrate New Year’s as much as how you ring in the New Year. Look for hotel deals that include entire weekend packages, including meals, shows, parties, and even drinks. While you may pay a little more for your hotel room than you would on another non-holiday night, you can often save a lot of money on many of the other expenses you would otherwise pay top dollar for on New Year’s Eve.

Another benefit of a New Year’s Eve hotel package is that you usually don’t have to leave the building to have a good time. Not only is it more convenient, but it’s also safer. Driving on New Year’s Eve – or even walking on busy city streets – isn’t a great idea. There are a lot of other people celebrating and it’s usually one of the biggest nights for car accidents and drunk driving arrests.

Choosing an all-inclusive package lets you have a great time without having to worry about the dangers that lurk just outside the hotel’s doors.

New Year’s Eve is definitely a big night. Make the most of it by following these helpful tips to landing the best hotel deal this New Year’s. Just make sure to book your trip as early as possible so you don’t get left out of the fun.

Image courtesy of Tuomas_Lehtinen/

Author Bio – This guest post has been written by Leona Michaelson in support of If you’re looking for cheap and affordable Las Vegas flights this New Year, don’t forget to check out the above portal today.

Pondicherry - The Beach Destination Withstanding The Sands Of Time

If you ever heard any stories about Pondicherry you would know know that it is one place always compared to Goa and considered inferior and second best to. But that does not stop people from visiting this place. The charm of this place draws thousands of people each year and each have a good time in half the price they would having as much fun anywhere in India.

In the course of choosing a holiday destination, it is highly crucial you decide the right time and season you fix your date upon. This is essential in places where the climate has a role to play in the way your holiday plays out or places where you should visit during festive seasons. In beach destination like Pondicherry, the time of travel makes all the difference between having a good time or a dry vacation.

Pondicherry - The Beach Destination Withstanding The Sands Of Time

Although there are a few number from the mass who visit Pondicherry just to experience the rich French influenced culture and tradition, they are just a handful. The mass majority come there for the beach parties and a carefree vacation. Stay in some of the cheap hotels in Pondicherry or beach shacks and have the time of their lives. Promenade beach, Auroville beach, Paradise beach and Serenity beach are some of the notable beaches. Pondicherry beaches are not as crowded as the beaches in Goa which some people prefer. The options of drinking is available in abundance and you will find the cheapest alcohol, be it in the form of spirits or beers in this part of the country. Being a Union territory of India, this place is exempted from sales tax thus making cost of living very low. Enjoy there as much as you can because according to the law there, you are not allowed to carry liquor outside the state territory and every passenger is thoroughly checked before leaving the borders of the state.

There is nothing more soothing on a hot summer’s day than taking a dip in the ocean which is why you will see a huge crowd during summers although the most visited season is during the end of the year during December and January when Christmas and New Year’s are around the corner. It is during this season that the hotels in Pondicherry are all packed and full and chances are you will be overcharged if you don’t have an advance booking because a surge a price is normal in such locations when the demand is high.

Pondicherry - The Beach Destination Withstanding The Sands Of Time

For the people looking for a quiet and serene holiday in Pondicherry, if you choose to go during the peak seasons, the beach is the time you want to go during the afternoons and not late evenings when the crowds start to gather. Spend a quiet afternoon sipping on some beer from the shacks and talk a walk along the beach and grab a few bites of the freshly cooked vegetables and sea fish outside the shacks. Later on, you could take a walk along the quiet streets of Pondicherry where you could see small cottages and private homes built during the colonial rule built in French architecture with cottages and walls painted in bright vibrant colour and deep red bougainvilleas hanging over the walls and gates.

Pondicherry is mostly a weekend getaway for people living in near-by cities like Chennai, Coimbatore or Bangalore. Most tourists also approach it via these cities although there is an airport where Jet airways and Air India airline operate, train is still the major mode of transport the travellers use.

The one of the Le Lac Best Banquet with Multiplex is destination in the Ranchi, you can fabulous banquet you can celebrate here. At the Le Lac destination you can see every thing awesome, as this is very popular place for the big wedding/reception parties, trade fairs, mega events those function for excellent place in the Ranchi.

All Modern workout equipments has in the Le Lac for instance Hair treatment, spa, gym, travel desk, business center and other. The Hotel is Line Tank Road, just 11 min distances from 11 min Ranchi Railway Station.

The Best Banquet In Ranchi

“Too many sit at the banquet table of the gospel of Jesus Christ and merely nibble at the feast placed before them. They go through the motions – attending their meetings perhaps, glancing at scriptures, repeating familiar prayers – but their hearts are far away.”

Joseph B. Wirthlin

The Le Lac Business Centre in Fully equipped sets of loungers and sofas for comfortable meetings, LCD TV, computers, printers and every service you require to make it your comfort work zone while you stay with us.

A wedding is a first and last moment in each one life so, it should be celebrate very by enthusiasm so for the need a awesome place, mostly lack of space we avoid a each event so now no worry for Ranchi local member, we giving best and affordable rate in hug space for the celebration your happy moment. THE LE LAC elegance blended with contemporary luxury perfect place. A whether a ceremony for just the happy couple or a reception just contact at the Le Lac manager.

We have some optional places for the happy moment celebration, that is VICTORIA GARDEN opposite CMPDI main gate facing. This is grate place to celebration all kind of ceremony. It has all 45000 sq.ft size, this size sufficient for the big wedding/reception parties, conferences and other function.

Same as our next optional space has RIVER GARDEN it is located at Beside Manan Vidyalay, Before BSNL Bldg. There is also large space for ceremony 75000 sq.ft size. All type of mega events you can celebrate here.

The LE LAC hotel is absolutely beautiful. One thing each visitor loved was that we did not have to worry so much about decor for the reception because the spot is already magnificent.

The day or night program for decent location essential because mostly party’s ending at nigh period, due to lighting decoration so whole look to change by lighting and other artificial décor. The LE LAC hotel guests were also very impressed when entry because due to grand entrance hall interior. During any celebration our staff taking care of all the details during the reception.

If you have any question regarding the budget just meet at manager, they will make a better plan for you so feel free contact us. Please submit an inquiry form with the details of your wedding or reception and a Le Lac Sales Manager will contact you shortly.

Run for the hills! Want to know one of the best kept secrets to a successful meeting? Just invite your colleagues to an off-site meeting or retreat and you are guaranteed to improve corporate efficiency and clout at the same time. We all get run down and “burnt out” from all the hum drum and simply boring meetings but if you want to rejuvenate your staff and recharge their drive, you can make the escape to Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa – just 100 miles north of New York City in the picturesque and breathtaking Catskill and Shawangunk Mountains on 250 pristine acres in Ulster County, New York. The resort is only 300 miles (485 km) from Montreal, 310 miles from Washington, D.C. (495 km), and only 230 miles from Boston (370 km).

Whether your organization just needs to meet for one hour or days, you can combine the experience to include wellness, catering, relaxation, be one with mother nature and converge harmoniously amongst vast wooded areas, tranquil lakes, crisp mountain air and awe-inspiring views. With a recent multi-million dollar renovation project completed, Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa continues to breathe new life into a legendary resort, reestablishing its claim as the region’s crown jewel.

5 Reasons To Choose Honor's Haven Resort & Spa For Your Next Conference

Why not encourage your staff to bring family members and make a long weekend of it or just enjoy the opportunity to commune in a peaceful and relaxing environment to stimulate those creative juices on your team.

If you’re looking to coordinate a training seminar, holding a conference, throwing a special birthday, or hosting a wedding—putting together events like these are always a breeze when you have an event planner on your team. This facility offers over 48,000 square feet of space, 230 rooms and suites, 250 person capacity outdoor banquet tent at lakeside, two refreshing pools with Jacuzzi, more than 17,000 square foot exhibit center, a championship golf course, and spa for that total rejuvenation. There are five really good reasons to choose Honor’s Haven Resort and Spa for your next conference.

The View – the Adirondack Region spreads outward with mountain vistas and rolling hills in over six million acres of tranquility and wonderment for all whether it’s your first visit or you call it home. There are dynamic hues and color contrasts throughout the fall, winter typically means that a blanket of snow will bring out even the kid in you regardless of your age, spring is a reminder that life renews itself with blossoming flowers of all kinds, and summer allows us to just kick off our shoes, sit back, take it all in and let mother nature’s pulse vibrate through your soul. Just partake in a scenic drive, hike, bike ride, or canoe trip and you’ll rediscover the simpler side of life.

Recreation – you can enjoy seeking new personal challenges and sports without all the noise and hustle and bustle of city. With over 3,000 lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams, why not take a boating trip, canoe or kayak trip, or a white water rafting ride of a lifetime. You can couple your trip with camping at over 150 state owned and operated campgrounds, and why not trip a little fishing and hunting while you’re at it? You can really rough it out or mix it up with some creature comforts of one of the many area resorts and lodges.

With so many activities to choose from, you could explore something new each day instead of the weekly grind in the office. There are many golf courses to choose from while you’re taking in the majestic and awe-inspiring views. You may want to try mountain biking or road biking as well as one of the many trails in the region too. Each path or trail is scenic so you’ll never go wrong. If you’re more interested in lifting your feet of the ground, how about zip lining or if you want to couple an educational experience with your escape, check out the Adirondack Visitor and Nature Centers.

Culture and Arts – the Honor’s site is located nearby the music and cultural center of the 1960s in Bethel, NY otherwise known as the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. To appreciate the richness of the 18th – century exhibits, why not visit the Hyde Collection in Glen Falls, NY? Art including the greats like Picasso and Renoir are yours to discover. For something really unique, visit the Akwesasne Cultural Center in Hogansburg, NY where you’ll see Mohawk culture up close and person.

History – with only a short drive away, you can visit Fort Ticonderoga. Sitting perched on Lake Champlain, this restored fort was one of the most important during the French and Indian Wars and American Revolution. If you’re more in tuned with the American cultural experience, why not visit the Lake Placid Olympic Facilities and Museum? Over 3,000 artifacts await you at the Six Nations Indian Museum in Onchiota, NY.

Accessible – forget about the traffic snarls and bumper-to-bumper hassle of commuting during your weekly ritual – work. Honors is located about two hours from New York City, three hours from Philadelphia, six hours from Pittsburg, and only seven hours south of Bangor, Maine. Of course you could choose to drive, take AMTRAK, or fly. The Plattsburgh International Airport serves this region.

There are no excuses to visit the Adirondacks and more importantly, Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa. All the seasons bring the best of clean air, and exciting views so you can commune with nature and regain your sanity and restore your soul. You could also begin completing your bucket list like taking a hot air balloon over Lake George, go skiing and snowmobiling in winter, take in a local scenic river or lake cruise, and take the “Cloudsplitter” Gondola up Whiteface Mountain at a summit of almost 3,700 feet.

Once you’ve visited the Adirondacks and Honors Haven Resort & Spa, you’ll be counting down the days before your return.

Rent A Luxury Villa In Beautiful Thailand

A luxury getaway in the shadows of the breathtaking Burmese Mountains is a vacation you will not soon forget. From championship golf courses to pristine pools and delicious restaurants, you will enjoy every moment of your stay.

Rent A Luxury Villa In Beautiful Thailand

Relax and Play in Superior Comfort and Luxury

Make your next vacation an unforgettable one when you stay at Banyan, the resort in Hua Hin. You will find that it is the ideal vacation destination for families, golfers and couples. For residents in Bangkok and other nearby cities, it is the preferred vacation spot. You will marvel over the beautifully landscaped environment and enjoy the world-class facilities.

There are many desirable amenities to make your stay exceptional. There are one- and two- bedroom villas that are surrounded by beautiful landscapes and well-maintained pools and gardens. You will enjoy an infinite swimming pool, fun recreation for everyone, a relaxing spa, and a fully equipped fitness centre. There is also a children’s pool to keep your young ones enjoying the pool while you relax and enjoy your stay.

When it comes to dining, you will enjoy five-star dining venues that offer delicious Thai and International cuisine. If you choose, you can even order your own in-villa dining, where a personal chef will come to you and cook your delicious meal while you relax. This is the ultimate in luxury! Come enjoy fine dining at the Lemongrass Restaurant. Experience enticing breakfast buffets and delicious Thai and International menus for lunch and dinner that include steaks and burgers, and are accompanied by an excellent selection of wines, cocktails, and ice-cold beer. For a more relaxed and playful atmosphere, come visit the Lemongrass Bar, where you will find darts, a pool table, and even a Wii video game system to enjoy with your friends and family. The sports bar environment offers International and Thai snacks and a great selection of drinks. During the peak of the day, the Splash Pool Bar is available to serve a wide range of tempting fare including pizza, burgers, snacks, and Thai dishes in a welcoming and relaxed setting.

Your villa is just steps away from the car park, and you will relax with on-site twenty-four- hour security for your comfort and safety.

Close to World-Class Golfing

If you are looking for the best 18-hole championship golf course, you need only to walk to the waiting shuttle, which will conveniently transport you to the most beautiful and well-maintained golf course in Hua Hin. You will play on pristine fairways that are surrounded by breathtaking views in every direction. The on-site clubhouse will cater to your every need.

As a guest at the resort, you will enjoy discounts for your golfing adventure that are sure to please. Every possible amenity is available for you to make every moment at the resort, the golf course, or the clubhouse a pleasant and memorable one. From comfortable villas, exclusive clubhouse suites, and relaxing spas to swimming and delicious meals and drinks, you will find everything perfect for your next stay in Hua Hin.

  • Welcome to KRK Island in Croatia, it is considered to be one of the most accessible and the largest islands in the world. Where happiness prevails as the winds. Island of Krk, Croatia has been loved by many across the globe and people often travel from one corner to another to visit this amazing piece of beauty. Close to nature the atmosphere is very serene. The vivid display of the sea and the beautiful Mother Nature allows everyone to stay calm and cherish the beauty.
  • KRK island which is not only famous for the beautiful view of the sea but, it has numerous villages as well attached to it. The villages are a must to visit places with some old landmarks and popular places. It can be amazing experience if you visit the island someday. One can visit the place via air and then rejoice the beauty.


More about Travel Companies and how to Book a VILLA or APARTMENT-

  • There are however, many travel companies which can give you numerous packages for the place but, selecting the right one can be a difficult task. One has to be very precise before making the right choice for the travel agents and the companies too.
  • One can book tourist’s packages, group packages as well as family packages from different companies but, how about lending a villa?
  • Yes, you heard it right – lending your own personal villa for any number of days. Won’t that be amazing? With pools and much more to offer this will surely add spark to the holiday visit. With cheap prices and affordable prices one can now lend a villa for a day as well. It has been possible now with the help of who is offering villas for people who visit this place.

FLY Today to KRK Island with your Loved Ones-

  • People around the globe who travel to this place book villas as well as apartments for their stay. Some have even bought a small piece over the heavenly place. What are you waiting for? Book your tickets and fly straight into paradise with your loved ones. One won’t regret visiting this place ever!!

Largely known for its religious, historical, and cultural significance, Srirangapatna is an important part of Karnataka. It is a small ancient city, an island formed by the Kaveri River in the district of Mandya. The Kaveri River bounds the city from all sides and the island is a beautiful place with an area of about 13 square k.m. It is believed that one of the nearby islands was visited by Lord Buddha in ancient times. He also stayed on the island for a brief time period. However, today Srirangapatna is more popular as the religious town of Lord Vishnu.

Srirangapatna - A Historic City In Karnataka Where Befell Tipu Sultan's Fate

The town is one of the most revered places in India, especially amongst the Vaishnavites. The name of the town is based on the reference of a local god Srirangapatna who is considered an incarnation of Lord Vishnu himself. There is an ancient temple called Ranganathaswamy temple with the presiding deity of Srirangapatna. It is the very core of the town and the entire town is built surrounding the temple. There is always a long queue of devotees and visitors waiting for their turn to worship the lord and get his blessings. The construction of the temple began in the 9th Century; the rulers of the Ganga dynasty commenced the construction. However, it took about three subsequent centuries to completely built the structure. So the architecture of the temple is the medley of temple architecture styles of the Hoysala and the Vijayanagara.

The Ganga Dynasty rulers were the first monarch of the Srirangapatna. Dethroning them, the rulers of Vijayanagara Empire came into play. It is under their reign the town flourished into a prosperous city and as an important centre of religious learning. They were later defeated by the Wodeyar kings in the 16th century. Raja Wodeyar, to mark his victory over the Vijayanagara rulers for Srirangapatna, celebrated a ten-day long festival of Navratri dedicating it to the goddess Chamundeshwari, the patron goddess of Mysore. Defeating the Wodeyars, Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan came into power over the region.

However, in 1799, Tipu Sultan lost the town fighting against the joint troops of British soldiers and men of the Nizams of Hyderabad. It is in the same battle that Tipu Sultan was betrayed by his comrades and was killed in the Seringapatam fort. Later, a memorial was built on the place where he ultimately fell. Today, the memorial and the fort are the two of the most significant attractions of Srirangapatna tourism. If one is in the town, a visit to the site is a must-do. The good thing is that there are a number of 3 star hotels in Srirangapatna in close proximity. If one seeks conveniences of close connectivity, the hotels are ideal options to pick from.

The most popular places to visit in Srirangapatna include: Srirangapatnam Fort, Venkataramana Temple, Gumbaz, Masjid-E-Ala, Dodda Ghosai Ghat, Nimishamba Temple, Colonel Bailey’s Dungeon, Kere Thonnur, Shivanasamudra Falls, Karighatta, Mahadevapura, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, and Sangam. Appointing a tour guide is the best way to explore and experience the town. Besides, some Srirangapatna hotels also offer tour services to their guests.

Dimpy Roy

Dimpy Roy is a travel writer working with an Online Travel Guide. She guides travelers to various resources where they can find best hotels in Srirangapatna and choose the suitable one.