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Is your style casual or sophisticated? Choosing the right style for your cocktail bar as for your coffee shop is very important if you want to communicate your values and to distinguish yourself from your competitors. From furnishings to the menu, everything contributes to telling who you are, what you sell and who is your ideal customer. The choice of bar uniforms is also important to achieve this goal.

Uniforms for bar staff must be in line with the style of the whole store, its furnishings, the type of service offered and also the quality of the products on sale. So, here we are with some tips for choosing the best bar uniforms for your store. We will consider models, colors and materials of the fabrics.

Classy bar uniforms for lounges and starred hotels bars

If you manage a lounge bar, a wine bar, a cocktail bar or a starred hotel with a bar service inside, the uniforms for your staff must have an elegant and refined style.

The choice of the materials is very important to ensure a classy impression on your guests. So, you can choose fine materials but very expensive, too. They could be damaged due to accidents or frequent washings so we would like to suggest you a modern and innovative material for aprons and vests like Shiny-Satin Gabardine. It is a polyester fabric with a special shiny-shimmering effect and wrinkle-free. This is a very important factor to consider because thanks to this feature your staff will always look smart.

You can choose neutral colors like black and gray in contrast with the white color of the shirt if you prefer monochrome uniforms. Otherwise, you can also choose fabrics with a geometric relief that give the bar uniforms a modern and innovative style.

Don’t forget to complete the outfit of your staff with custom accessories made in the same material and color, like hats, bibs, and ties. Everything will contribute to conveying a sensation of quality and elegance to your guests.

Casual bar uniforms for coffee shops

If instead, you manage a coffee shop or a modern bar where your typical customers are teenagers and young adults, then you will have to choose informal clothes for your staff. Remember that informal does not mean neglected and don’t think it is not necessary to wear it in an informal contest like this. The casual uniform is important to let your customers know that in your store they can feel like at home and that if they need something, they will have to contact the person wearing the uniform.

One of the trendiest bar uniforms in recent times is denim for funky or industrial style bars and coffee shops. These shops are furnished with minimal style pieces, they are often set into old factories or warehouses with exposed bricks walls and large aged wooden beams instead of the tables. It is not a shabby style but it is a new trend in the Hospitality market.

Or, let’s think about the several newborn vegan and bio bars and coffee shops. The color and the material of the uniforms must be selected in accordance with the values ​​of the store and of its managers too. So, the uniforms will have to be made bio fabrics like hemp. There are several very resistant polyester fibers with a thick and almost rustic weave like the original hemp. These materials, unlike the classic polyester, are not shiny and they are very durable.

So, the choice of the right uniforms is important for the customer to be familiar with the place and the people that manage it too.


Looking For The Best Holiday Apartments In Barcelona For An Amazing City Break?

Barcelona is an incredible place to escape at any time of the year. The place is just a hop and a skip away, there are literally tons of cheap flights landing there each day. So what it really is that makes this city an amazing destination for city breaks? Monocle – a London based Magazine states that Barcelona is one of the most vibrant cities in the world. It is a hip and hop city with a thriving nightlife and numerous other attractions while you prefer to disconnect. It has got the best of all worlds, the Mediterranean beaches, city life and a great access to the countryside of Catalonia.

Barcelona has a lot to offer for swanky and actual holiday homes and apartment rentals if you are looking for a little touch of pizzazz. So, whether you are there to roam around the Gothic Quarter or La Ramblas, or soak up the Art Nouveau architecture, Medieval and Roman history, take in some alternative music, or discover some of the incredible creations of Antonio Gaudí and his unfinished Sagrada Familia, or in search for a romantic stroll around the famous Park Guell, below are some exclusive holiday homes for an absolute city break in Barcelona.

Holiday Home of the stars – Finding Holiday Apartments In Fabregas

If you prefer to splash out on a holiday with a group of friends, then this 6-bedroom luxury apartment perhaps be the best thing. Built in the year 1919, this spectacular apartment in the Eixample district in the center of Barcelona is one of the holiday homes of the stars: Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford chose it when they visited Barcelona. Spacious, elegant and tasteful, it is just perfect for dining and wining, and is merely minutes away from Les Rambles.

Finding A Gothic-style Holiday Home – Art Nouveau Apartment in Barcelona

Where you stay in Barcelona can influence your entire holiday experience and this amazing apartment is just perfect if you intend to step into a different era and live Barcelona in style. Not just is it slap-bang in the center of the Gothic Quarter, with its restaurants, cafes, and boutiques, but this 3-bedroom apartment in Barcelona is original, spacious and filled with antique artwork.

Sagrada Familia apartments in Barcelona – The Modern Apartment

If you are considering something on the more economical end of the spectrum, you can look out for Sagrada Familia apartments in Barcelona. The apartments are modern and spacious with 3-bedrooms. With buckets of natural light and high ceilings, the apartments have been immaculately designed with exposed brick features. This makes for an incredible holiday home that completely embraces the significance of location and is just perfect if you are a Gaudi fan considering visiting the Sagrada Familia, which is just a five-minute walk away.

Liguria is one of the regions most visited in Italy. Tens of thousands are the tourists who choose every year it as a destination for its beautiful landscapes and its cities’ rich history and picturesque villages that are reflected on the sea. There are many places that are worth a visit during a trip to Liguria.

Choosing to spend a holiday in Liguria with your family in tow, pets included, forces us to choose the facilities equipped to accommodate our 4-legged friends in the best way to ensure you make the most of this moment of relaxation and heartedness.

Among the pet-friendly hotels in Liguria, we will recommend Relais Del Maro, a charming hotel located in Borgomaro, in the province of Imperia. Here, just 20 minutes from the beaches of the Riviera and an hour and a half from Nice, in France, does this eco-friendly hotel opened in 2012.

The Charming Hotel in Liguria is spread over three separate buildings close together: Casa Madre, Casa del Borgo, and Casa del Fienile.

Common areas, the reception, and breakfast room are located in the Casa Madre while the rooms and apartments are located in all three structures. Rounding out the enchanting scenery of the Relais del Maro offers its own garden, a beautiful terrace and pool with jacuzzi to relax yourself completely.

Each bedroom or studio apartment is taken care of all the details. Rooms are tastefully decorated in a country-chic style and all rooms are spacious and comfortable. Breakfast, absolutely organic and prepared with local produce, offers a choice of more and different sweet and savory food while the afternoon, hotel guests can enjoy a tea with cakes prepared by the owners. All this while enjoying the presence of our beloved animals that will surely make the holiday a happy moment to remember.

Benefits Of A Hotel With A Swimming Pool

You are all aware of the fact that there a lot of advantages of swimming and so many people prefer to choose a hotel with a swimming pool in order to enjoy their vacation. Most of the luxury hotels have this pool facility and if you are interested to stay in a hotel which has swimming pool, then it is always better to stay in the luxury hotel.

There are many benefits of staying in hotels with pools and if you are really interested to know more about it, then you can go through the list given below:

  • Swimming helps in improving the muscular health. During the process of swimming a lot of muscles operate and coordinate together and as a result it involves a very good amount of exercise.
  • Swimming also helps in improving the cardiovascular health and reduces the resting heart rate and the blood pressure and also increases the efficiency of the heart and the lungs. Your health depends a lot on the rate at which the body transfers oxygen from the lungs and then circulates it throughout the body.
  • Swimming also loosens the ligaments and the tendons and also helps in reducing the pressure and also increases the viscosity of the joints. Thus swimming helps you to become more flexible and also prevents the occurrence of sprains and strains.
  • Staying in the hotels which have the pools will help you to get a low impact work out. If you swim then you do not have to run on the tread mills on a regular basis. The water helps in cushioning the movements and also helps in reducing the pain which occurs in those parts of the body which comes in contact with the ground.
  • Swimming also helps in losing weight. If you swim for an hour in a day, you are able to burn around 520 calories. So, this means that an entire meal is removed from the body and therefore does not have the chance of getting converted into fat.
  • Swimming is also very effective in improving the cardio vascular health and also improves the efficiency of the cardiopulmonary system. It helps in a better blood flow and also helps in removing the anxiety and the tension. It also helps you to get a proper night’s sleep.

Marc Hagins is a person who loves staying in the luxury hotels and also says that the presence of swimming pools in these hotels is one of the most important reasons for him to like staying in these hotels.

Marc Hagins believes that apart from getting a luxurious lifestyle, the luxury hotels also help you in getting a healthy mind and body. Apart from the swimming pool, these luxury hotels also have fitness centers, clubs and also fine dine restaurants. So, if you are planning to travel, make sure that you book a room in one of these hotels so that you are able to enjoy all the facilities under one roof.

I’m sure that as a first-time tourist, you may say that Milan is a wonderful place with no flaws. Indeed, Milan is full of places with culture and historical value, and there is never a night when you can go without having something to do. Events are everywhere, historical sites are at every corner and you’ll always be left in awe by the sheer beauty of the city. However, as beautiful as Milano can be, there are also some things that you may want to be careful about. Every great city is bound to have some flaws, and as a tourist, you may want to keep them in mind. Here are the three top negative things I’m sure you didn’t know about Milano.

  1. Pickpockets

Pickpockets are everywhere; the only difference is how many you find in different areas. Since Milan is a great touristic spot, it’s also a mine of gold in the hands of pickpockets. They have learned the ‘art’ of going through your pockets without getting detected, which is why you may want to keep your purse and your wallet very guarded. Metro and bus stations are the main places where you’ll see pickpockets, but don’t underestimate the outdoor monuments either. Those are the places which allow them most to “hide,” simply because they’re so crowded and you could easily lose your tracks there.

Top 3 Negative Things You Didn't Know About Milan

  1. No free things are ever free

Milan is packed with two types of vendors. There are those who try to (annoyingly) convince you to buy their overly priced souvenirs, and those who just give them to you… and then demand money. If you’ve always believed that Milano is a fairytale story where nothing can go wrong, think again. One minute you can be peacefully admiring the streets and the second you will see a vendor quickly start putting bracelets on your wrist before you noticing. If would have been great if it were free; however, once strapped on, they will demand money. And since it’s Milan… the price will also be big.

  1. Traffic signs don’t count

While a normal city would be peaceful in traffic and wary of the red lights, Milan is exactly the opposite. If you are a driver in Milan, prepare for having your nerves tested in the constant traffic jams. If you are walking around, however, you are also not safe from dangers. Red lights are ignored, cars are ruining the beauty of the city and the number of tourists driving in will also make the traffic unbearable.

One way to avoid traffic jams and other circumstances which will leave you without your money is to book a Milan airport taxi. Unlike the public street taxis, these can be arranged beforehand so that you will not have to wait in long lines for a drive. Plus, the price can also be found out beforehand, so that you will not be overpaying for a ride. Most of these Milan airport taxi services were made to rival public taxis by being cheap and honest with their customers.

Tips For Booking Accommodations In Hunter Valley

Although Hunter Valley is known for its pastoral scenery and rustic accommodations, those who are used to more luxurious places to stay will find plenty of locations that will meet their needs. Whether you are visiting for a weekend getaway from the city, or planning to get married there, you will find several first-class hotels and bed and breakfasts in the area. Whether you’re a tourist or a local from one of the surrounding cities, here are some tips for booking accommodations in Hunter Valley.

Tips For Booking Accommodations In Hunter Valley

Book in Advance

Since it is located only two and a half hours from Sydney, you need to plan your getaway or holiday in plenty of time to reserve accommodations. Many city dwellers visit the area to take wine tours, to attend events in the area, or during the peak wedding season, they may drive down to attend a ceremony and reception. Depending on when you go, you should book accommodations at least a month or two in advance and confirm your reservations a day or two before arriving in the area.

Include the Entire Family

Many hotels are pet friendly, so you can include your dog on a family holiday. When searching websites for hotels or holiday cabins, look for information to indicate whether your furry family member will be welcome. If you don’t find any information on the location in which you’re interested, call them to confirm their pet policy. However, if you are attending events in which your dog may not be accepted, leave him or her in the care of someone responsible, or board them with your vet so he or she isn’t stuck in a strange place alone.

Leave Valuables at Home

Unless you are attending a formal wedding or another formal event in the area, leave your good jewellery and expensive electronics at home. Even the nicest hotels have employees with sticky fingers, or there may be people who don’t have good intentions casing the rooms. If they catch a glimpse of your expensive diamond jewellery or your brand new laptop, they may target your room while you’re sightseeing, and you won’t see your valuables again.

Consider Packages

Some holiday cabins or hotels may offer packages, including 5-star accommodation in Hunter Valley, NSW, and tickets for special events or tours of wineries in the area. Some packages may also include playing golf on courses located at or near the luxury resort where you are staying. Choosing a package is a good way to save money on your room and any activities you want to do while you’re in Hunter Valley.

Hunter Valley is a popular place to visit for many people in the surrounding areas due to their wineries, farmers’ markets, and the events taking place there throughout the year. You can usually find an outdoor concert, a wine and food festival, or interesting sporting events you may wish to attend. When you visit the area, there are several luxury hotels or holiday cabins you will enjoy staying at during your holiday.

Island Nation of the Philippines

Island Nation of the Philippines

The idea of owning oceanfront property in the Philippines, or even investing in a long-term rental, might feel similar to an impossible dream. Even the country’s name evokes feelings of some far off and exotic place. To put it simply, it sounds like a place that only the luckiest people are able to travel to and explore. However, the global economy is changing how and where people are able to live, put down roots, and even own property, making this impossible dream actually quite possible.

Bits About the Philippines

Geographers and other academics often describe the Philippines as an archipelago. This term simply means an extended group of islands, which certainly defines the makeup of the Philippines. The country is a collection of over 7,000 islands, of which over one-third are still unnamed and unpopulated.

The island nation of the Philippines is located in a precarious place amongst the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. There is roughly 500 miles between the first Filipino island and the Asian mainland; that is quite a lot of incredible Blue Ocean in-between. The total landmass of the Philippines amounts to roughly the size of the state of Arizona in the U.S. This means that the Philippines’ islands feature an incredible amount of coastline, incredible white sand, and gorgeous beachfront property.

Travel Experience in the Philippines

In recent years the Philippines has seen an influx of international visitors. This is great news for the tourism and travel industry in the country. In the past, the surrounding ocean and difficulty of traveling from one island to another has put off the typical Southeast Asian backpacker and resort-style traveler alike. Yet, the Philippines had nearly five million visitors in 2014, and it seems as though more and more people are choosing the Philippines as a destination.

This rise in tourism likely stems from the friendly locals and the incredible natural surroundings. The Filipino people are welcoming and warm, featuring a natural flair for hospitality. Many people arrive at their hotel, homestay, or bungalow and immediately feel right at home. The result is a growing number of expatriates and long-term visitors in the country.

Finding Home In The Awesome Island Nation Of The Philippines

Property Ownership in the Philippines

Despite the natural opportunities to develop and sell this oceanfront property, the economic and political circumstances of the Philippines have often restricted foreign investment in the country’s real property. However, a reputable real estate website such as can be a massive source of support and information when looking to purchase property in the Philippines.

Even now, in 2016, there are still a number of hurdles to overcome, and property ownership can be difficult to achieve. This is why most of the long-term visitors stick to just renting apartments, condos, or bungalows. By law, foreign nationals are not allowed to own land in the Philippines, but the laws leave room for foreigners to own condominiums and apartments, provided that the land on which the buildings are built is still Filipino owned. Therefore, those who dream of owning the perfect place in the Philippines can surely buy property, and for a fraction of the price it would cost in a European or U.S. destination.

Seeing Some Choices Of Best and Special Hotel In Singapore

As the one of the nice destination in travelling, Singapore provides some special facilities for their visitors. The one of the common and important facilities to be known is the hotel. We all know that the kind of the hotel will be something special, especially when you want to stay in some times in Singapore. In this occasion, we will talk about some of the special and best hotel in Singapore, which can be the great choice for you. See the detail explanations below.

Seeing Some Choices Of Best and Special Hotel In Singapore

Shangri-La Hotel

Talking about the best hotel in Singapore, Shangri-La hotel can be the first choice for you, especially when you want to have the best spa in facility. Yes, this hotel is one of the famous hotels with its awesome spa service. I am sure that this service will be special to increase the comfortable sense of you. In other hand, it also offers some other nice facilities, such as private room and entertainment. To go there, you can directly go to Orange Grove Road 22.

Singapore Marriot Hotel

The second choice, which you can choose when you want to stay in the special hotel, is Singapore Marriot hotel. Yes, it is one of the special hotel, which becomes the icon and symbol of Orchard road. This hotel is also special with the service of spa, cleansing body wrap, massage and facial treatment. With the modern arrangement, I am sure that your holiday will be more colorful here. To go to this hotel, please go to Orchard road 320.

Rasa Sentosa Resort

When you want to have the best scenery around the hotel, Rasa Sentosa resort can be one of the best choice. Yes, it is one of the special hotel in Singapore and it locates near the beach. Staying in this hotel will give the nice new experience for you because you can explore the beauty of Singapore. In other hand, near the hotel, there are many special food courts, which can be your choice. Now, go to Silosa Road Sentosa 101 and book a special room there!

Well, the information above gives the three example of the best hotel in Singapore, which can be the great choice when you are in Singapore to enjoy your holiday. I am sure that the hotel will make your holiday becomes more interesting. However, there are some other nice hotel, which can be your choice. Help us share this article.

The Serviced Apartments As The Premium Mode Of Living

Living accommodations outside of one’s home when visiting a different city or a foreign location have always been the centre of concern for people. The need to have a perfect setup that would serve as a second home is a long-standing one. The amenities too are sought in lines to that found in a home or even beyond. The age old conventional modes of living such as hotels are suitable as short stay accommodations. A longer stay requires an accommodation that would offer facilities that aren’t normally available in a staying facility like that of a hotel.

The Serviced Apartments As The Premium Mode Of Living

Serviced Apartments:

The new age accommodation facility that has made its way in place of hotels is the serviced apartments. The serviced apartments are a premium set of apartments that offer the most modern and unique facilities to the occupant. Normally these apartments are spread across quite a number of locations within a given city. The popularity of these accommodations is widespread and also ever increasing in the present context the world over with some of locations like apartments Kensington.

Location Advantage:

The spread across different locations helps one to choose the apartment that suits his or her purpose of stay the most. For instance, a student or a business professional would prefer a serviced apartment that is located near the central business district of a city with close proximity to institutes and workplaces. A tourist seeking a quiet stay would favour a living accommodation in the form of a serviced apartment at the far end corner of a city. Similarly, medical patients would prefer an apartment close to medical centres and hospitals.

Popularity Aspect:

The popularity of apartments gets increased manifolds, not just through the number of amenities that features on the list of services inside but also the surrounding attractions outside. For instance, the Kensington serviced apartments situated on the west end of London is adorned with attractions like bars, restaurants and boutiques. Kensington is also home to a number of famous museums, world-renowned retail store and well connected with a network of underground Tube stations. The features that make the place teem with visitors and tourists throughout the year.

Serviced apartments come in a varied combination of rooms and also some apartments in the form of penthouses. The inside amenities that feature as additional facilities range from concierge services, pre-booked breakfast, beneficiary schemes regarding customer loyalty etc.  The other forms of facilities that feature as the usual offerings are close circuit television monitoring, a duty manager present onsite, storage spaces for luggage, lifts, every form of modern home electric appliances, availability of twin beds, crockeries and cookware, modern bath equipment including slippers, hairdryers, towels and toiletries etc.

 If you are on a trip, you will find that your accommodation needs often take up the largest part of your travel budget. In as much as this is quite inevitable to most people, there are ways that you can cut down this cost and make it more manageable. Furthermore, if you reduce your accommodation costs, you will have more money to spare and enjoy for the rest of your trip. Below are some of the things that you could do to cut down on your accommodation expenses when you are travelling. In other words, by finding inexpensive ways to stay at a hotel of your choice, you can save on quite a lot of money.
Tips For Booking A Hotel Room Through The Best Deals

If you are out to save some money on a hotel that you want to stay in, one of the things that you need to do is to start looking for the right hotel for your needs early enough. If you are travelling to the Oxford Street area in London, then start looking for hotels near Oxford Street in London where you can stay. This will be beneficial to you for several reasons. First of all, if you start looking for the right hotel to stay in early enough, you are more likely to find what you are looking for. Additionally, if you start looking early enough, you will find what you want and you can then book the hotel that you want. If you book the hotel room that you want early enough, then you will be more likely to get better pricing for the hotel room. Additionally, you will be able to better negotiate the price for your stay and to find better deals because you are not yet desperate to have the hotel room right away.

Some of the ways that you could look for hotels to stay in will also be quite helpful to your process for looking for hotel great deals to utilize. For instance, if you are looking for the best hotels in Bloomsbury London, using a specialised website that can allow you to filter your choices so that you can see what you want and nothing else can make things a lot easier. For example, you could add filters like, hotels within a certain radius, 4-5 star hotels, hotels within a certain budget and so on. Once you find the hotels that suit your requirements, the next step is to call the hotels and start making queries to confirm what you want. As you make your enquiries with the customer care representative at the hotel, see if you can get price reductions or discounts for booking early, or for any offers that may reduce your cost. For example, you may find that by booking to stay in the hotel in the middle of the week may be much cheaper than at the end of the week.

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