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you are planning to travel to a popular destination for New Year’s, you probably are expecting to pay a premium for your hotel. That’s because hotels located in the hottest New Year’s areas will either package their rooms with other costly features – such as tickets to a New Year’s Gala or a show with top-name entertainment – or simply increase the rates.

How To Land The Best Hotel Deal This New Year

Hotels work on the principal of supply and demand. When demand is at its peak – such as on New Year’s, when practically everyone is looking for a close, convenient place to stay so they can celebrate the big night fully – prices are naturally going to be at their highest. In some cases, hotel room rates can be double, triple, and even quadruple their normal levels – and that’s if you can even get a room in the first place!

110% Occupancy on New Year’s Eve

Occupancy in hotels in the hottest locations is usually at 110% weeks or even months in advance of the big night. How can a hotel book more rooms than it has? It’s actually a standard industry practice that takes into account the inevitable cancellations. A hotel with 200 rooms, for example, typically will try to pre-sell at least 220 rooms with the expectation that at least 10 guests will cancel.

If all  220 guests show up, the hotel has a problem. They may have to “walk” guests to another hotel. But historically, this isn’t the case. People’s plans change due to unforeseen circumstances, so hotels plan on overbooking in the expectation that they will be completely full even when some guests cancel.

Expand Your Qualified Area

When planning a trip to a popular New Year’s Eve destination – such as Times Square in New York or the Las Vegas Strip – most people want to be as close to “ground zero” as possible. Why? For one thing, that’s where the action is. Most of the festivities are going to be limited to a specific geographic area. Being as close as possible is more fun and exciting.

For another, many people plan on over-indulging on New Year’s Eve. When you’ve been partying hard, you don’t want to have to travel to far in order to make it to your bed for the night. The closer, the better.

But as we have seen, this is in direct conflict with most hotel’s business strategy of charging the  highest prices when people are most desperate to stay in their hotels. So what’s the solution?

Hotels Outside ‘Ground  Zero’

Look at hotels that are slightly farther away from your ideal location and you often can find a much better deal. For example, there are many top-quality hotels in Brooklyn, upper Manhattan, and even New Jersey where you can stay for New Year’s Eve at a fraction of the cost of what you can expect to pay in the heart of Times Square.

Similarly, if you are planning to celebrate New Year’s in Las Vegas, consider staying in one of the many hotels off the main Las Vegas Strip.

In both instances, you can still celebrate in the center of the action and be able to get back to your hotel when the night’s through in just a few minutes via either cab, Uber or public transportation. For a minimal inconvenience at the end of the night, you can save a fortune on your hotel room.

Look for Package Deals

Sometimes it’s not where you celebrate New Year’s as much as how you ring in the New Year. Look for hotel deals that include entire weekend packages, including meals, shows, parties, and even drinks. While you may pay a little more for your hotel room than you would on another non-holiday night, you can often save a lot of money on many of the other expenses you would otherwise pay top dollar for on New Year’s Eve.

Another benefit of a New Year’s Eve hotel package is that you usually don’t have to leave the building to have a good time. Not only is it more convenient, but it’s also safer. Driving on New Year’s Eve – or even walking on busy city streets – isn’t a great idea. There are a lot of other people celebrating and it’s usually one of the biggest nights for car accidents and drunk driving arrests.

Choosing an all-inclusive package lets you have a great time without having to worry about the dangers that lurk just outside the hotel’s doors.

New Year’s Eve is definitely a big night. Make the most of it by following these helpful tips to landing the best hotel deal this New Year’s. Just make sure to book your trip as early as possible so you don’t get left out of the fun.

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San Diego is one of the big cities in the state of California and a highly popular tourist destination. The city is home to some popular attractions from the downtown area to the wild but relaxing natural reserves. Tourists looking to have fun as well as experience all that the city has to offer can look up the city’s attractions and fit them within their itinerary. However, tourists looking to visit top attractions as well as engage in the best things to do in San Diego can add the following attractions to their schedule.

Things To Do In San Diego

Read on to find out what to do in San Diego as a tourist.

Visit the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park

Tourists looking to have the closest experience to a safari in Africa, right in the heart of the city are encouraged to visit the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. As one of the best things to do in San Diego, tourists will be wowed by the variety of animals located in the 100-acre piece of land. This is one of the most popular zoos in the entire country and its expansive nature calls for map or guide to ensure that you get to see the main sights and scenes.

Enjoy the Sun at Coronado Beach

In the summer, Coronado beach is the best place to relax and enjoy the amazing sunny weather and cool breeze away from the city environment. During winter, it turns into a great spot where you can walk the mile and a half long shoreline, looking out for migrating whales. The calm and cool nature of the beach makes visiting it one of the top things to do in San Diego especially when it comes to relaxing, sunbathing, surfing or swimming. Tourists also have the opportunity to explore the 120-year-old Hotel Del Coronado, a popular landmark just by the beach.

Tour the Maritime Museum

San Diego was once a shipping capital, and this fact is perfectly demonstrated by the huge variety of old vessels on show at the Maritime Museum. Tourists can tour different retired sea vessels including ships and submarines as well. As part of the most popular San Diego attractions, the vessel tours have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. You can also set sail on the Californian, a former patrol boat offering half-day cruises to tourists today.

Explore Balboa Park

Home to the above mentioned and San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, Balboa Park is definitely one of the most popular San Diego attractions. The area is littered with a variety of attractions including picnic spots, hiking and mountain biking paths among others. This is also a great place for tourists looking for a people watching spot.

A Virtual Tour Of Leh Ladakh Tour Packages

India; a treasure trove for the tourists, is better known for its range of scenic places! Among all the tourist attractions in the country, Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) or the ‘Crown of India’, proves to be one of the most enticing destinations in the entire country!

The northern most tip of the country, J&K is also adorned with a myriad list of places that also cannot be missed while planning for a tour to this gorgeous state. And among all the places in this state, Leh and Ladakh are known to be the most promising destinations. The untouched beauty, the amazing offerings of the Leh-Ladakh tour packages, the warm locals, and the history of these two places make them must visit destinations among all the visitors to J&K.

A Virtual Tour Of Leh Ladakh Tour Packages

Located at a towering height of 12,000 ft., Ladakh; the ‘Land of High Passes’, sits graciously on the Karakoram Range of the greater Himalayas. Its charm and appeal are further enhanced by the gurgling Indus River and the pictorial valleys. On the other hand, Leh; the once a capital of the ‘Himalayan Kingdom of Ladakh’, sits at around 11,562 ft. above the sea level and can be called as the ultimate heaven for almost all the types and classes of travellers.

Though these two regions can be visited throughout the year, June to September is considered as the most promising time to enjoy all the Leh Ladakh tour packages! Post this, the regions receives heavy snowfall that results in distortion of communication to several parts of Leh and Ladakh. On the other hand, as the snow begins to melt during the summers, commuting over them becomes a tough task for the visitors!

Talking about the offerings of the Leh Ladakh tour packages, they have something for everyone! Whether you are a nature lover, adrenaline junky, planning for your honeymoon, want to revisit history or explore the fascinating range of wildlife, Leh-Ladakh is the perfect match for you. Also, irrespective of with whom you are visiting, your holidays will always get enchanted by the untouched beauty and the myriad list of offerings of these two regions!

For the fun and thrill seekers, they should never miss any of the opportunities to visit these two paradises in Jammu and Kashmir! While in here, they can indulge in enthralling activities like white water rafting in the Zanskar River and challenge the strenuous rapids that are considered among the most challenging rapids in the entire country. One can also trek, cycle, hike or ride to the towering Khardung La Pass. Located at an astounding height of 17,582 ft. above the sea level, this pass boasts of being the highest motorable pass in the world!

For the ardent fans of thrill and adventure, they must visit Leh-Ladakh during the months of January and February. It is during this time of the year, the extreme winter freezes down the Zanskar River and results into the ‘Chadar Trek’; known to be one of the most challenging treks in the world! For backpackers and campers, they can also avail the Leh Ladakh tour packages and enjoy the bountiful nature of region at its best.

If you are among those, who seek mental peace, you should visit the sacred monasteries that fringes almost the entire of Leh-Ladakh region. Hemis, Lamayuru, Spituk Gompa, and Namgyal monasteries are some of the most visited and pious sites in this locale. The Leh Ladakh tour packages also takes you to museums like the Hall of Fame and Kargil War Memorial where you can pay your homage to the brave warriors who fought and laid down their lives while protecting their motherland!