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Exploring Delhi On An India Tour This Holiday

While venturing out to different tourist destinations in India is an involvement in itself, arriving in the nation’s capital – the delightful Delhi for tourism and exploring it could turn out to be an extraordinary experience. It is a city that has every aspect of India imbibed in its essence. It has people from all the states and you can easily see a great and diverse mix of cultures. It is also the city that connects well with rest of the cities of India. Whether you want to fly your way to the Bollywood city of Mumbai, board a train from Delhi to Lucknow, take a bus from Delhi to Haridwar, or wish to go on a road trip by hiring a New Delhi to Patna taxi, you can get it all in this one city.

Delhi, as often called Dilli in its Hindi avatar, is authoritatively known as the National Capital Territory or NCT in short. With the capital of India New Delhi being a part of this NCT, more and more people have flown in to this city,  thus making it the second most crowded city after Mumbai. Yet its charm and warmth never ceases to amaze. A hypnotizing blend of both new and old that you can find in the New Delhi and Old Delhi parts of the city, the place is only a platter that is loaded with excellent Indian history, culture, heritage, and other such virtues. Throughout history, Delhi has stayed a powerful center and an important city open to the world.

Exploring Delhi On An India Tour This Holiday

Similar to the historical backdrop of Delhi, the way of life in the city too is quite assorted. While all significant Hindu celebrations from Diwali to Durga Puja and Holi, Lohri to Maha Shivaratri to Krishna Janmashtami to Guru Nanak Jayanti, all the festivals are celebra with much fanfare. Besides, well known in the city here are some unique fests, for example, Qutub celebration, Vasant Panchami, World Book Fair, Delhi Literature Festival, etc.

What is more, it is the place where the Mughlai cooking styles really started. You would find a rich taste of Mughlai dishes in many dishes that you explore in Delhi. Be that as it may, the normal Indian cooking styles are additionally prevalent here. From scrumptious Kebabs to Street Chaat and Bhel Puri, you find a lot of variety in food in Delhi.

Delhi is full of historic monuments that you can visit and it goes without saying that Red Fort and Humayun’s Tomb are two popular attractions around here. The city is also known for its temples such as Akshardham Mandir and Birla Mandir. Lotus Temple and Jama Masjid are other prominent and exceptional religious sites to check out during your Delhi trip. So, plan a nice itinerary of Delhi and explore this city to the fullest. Next big city that you must check out after Delhi is Mumbai. You can board New Delhi to Mumbai flights and arrive in the glamorous city from the capital of India. Happy holidays!

Must Visit Sites During Your Trip To Delhi

Delhi is a mix of the old and the new with some areas with the most modern amenities and infrastructure at par with some of the finest cities in the world and it also has some of the oldest historical sites as it is one of the oldest cities know. It is hard to filter out a handful of places to visit in Delhi as this city has so much to offer to everyone. This list is an attempt to highlight some of places you definitely need to check out no matter what you purpose of visit to the city is. For this list far off places has been omitted and confined only to areas in and around new Delhi.

Must Visit Sites During Your Trip To Delhi

Humayun’s Tomb

One of the best structures built during the Mughal Empire, this tomb showcases the knack Mughal Emperors had for architecture. This monument is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is a sight every visitor needs to witness.

Dilli Haat

This open air food plaza/court is a busy bazaar selling food and crafts from every corner of the country. Each stall represents a state in the country selling their own handicrafts and cuisines. The ambience of the whole bazaar is electrifying and the scent from the passing food stalls makes you immediately grab a bite from the nearest stall.

Khan Market

Situated at a short distance from Connaught Palace, a popular hangout and shopping destination, Khan market boasts of some fo the best restaurants serving both Indian and international cuisines. You will also find a few pubs and bars and a good line of shopping complexes.

India Gate

The India Gate is probably the most visited area of Delhi. The evening see people hoarding around the entrance of the gate. Car parkings are heard to get by and you will have to park very far. The evenings see unending stretches of vendors in carts selling street food. The majestic view of this war memorial is a sight you will never forget.

Lodi Garden

The most popular garden in Delhi, this place is a perfect hangout spot to just relax or have a small picnic with friends. The tomb of Muhammad Shah and Sikandar Lodi are the prime attractions to the park.

Hauz Khas Village

This urban village in South Delhi is one of the newer happening places in Delhi. Hauz Khas village is a mini concrete jungle filled with pubs, bars and cafes. It opens by evening and by night the place is bustling with youngsters and working professionals.

Delhi is often compared with Bangalore and the argument is always biased on both sides. But the fact of the matter is, both cities have their own charm and it is not fair to judge the other based on specific matters. To see for yourself, take a trip to Bangalore after your experience in Delhi. Delhi to Bangalore flights are easily available and it will take you less than three hours to reach.