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Living In The Heart Of Bangkok For A Week

If your travel itineraries include flying over to Thailand for a well-deserved vacation, then look no further for a handful of useful things you can do in the Land of Smiles. Thailand features an assortment of activities to do and see and most of them could be found or done in the city. The capital supports the world’s finest attractions and located not far away from major transportation routes such as the MRT and BTS stations. Getting around Bangkok is much easier than one would expect; there’s buses, motorcycles, tuk-tuks, and taxis available in the city. Luckily, maps and road signs are now in English to help foreigners quickly navigate through Bangkok. For those peeled to their smartphones, foreigners can sign up for prepaid SIM cards to get the most out of Bangkok’s free WiFi hotspots. Living in Bangkok should never be a hassle as the city is home to many well-rounded accommodation facilities within close proximity to each other. Make the most out of your Bangkok vacation and take note of the many fascinating places you can go to within traveling distance.

Living In The Heart Of Bangkok For A Week


Shopping is a convenience for anyone staying in Bangkok. There are many noteworthy shopping centres in the city; MBK Center, Siam Paragon,Central World, Central Chidlom, Em Quartier, and Silom Night Market. MBK Center consists of an astounding 2,000 stores and dining establishments found from the ground floor to the top floor. If youwould like to visit Tokyu Department Store, Naraya, Canon, Pizza Hut and Gloria Jean’s Coffee, this mall is sure to satisfy. Siam Paragon is notable for being among the largest Asian shopping centres in Thailand. Fashion lovers are often seen at Siam Paragon, which is home to prominent brands such as Celine, Burberry, Fendi, Bvlgari, Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, Hermes and much more.Other stores that carry brand name items include Central World and Em Quartier, Bangkok’s newest mall next to Chidlom BTS.


For travelers looking for items that don’t have a hefty price tag, Chatujak Weekend Market is an ideal location. The market opens every day from Monday to Sunday, but the market experiences more visitors on the weekends. What’s there to see at JJ? Plenty.If you’re looking for clothing, bags, accessories, shoes, electronics, and plants, you can certainly find them here. There’s an unlimited selection of items sold in JJ; in some corners of the market, you’ll spot vendors selling hand-painted sneakers or open-air galleries for dedicated art lovers to view and purchase artworks.

Whatever you may need in Bangkok to take back home, go to the weekend market to find everything you need for the ultimate souvenir.

Additionally, the Bangkok night markets found around the city sells tasty street food from hawkers, souvenirs, and authentic handicrafts. If you like nothing more than to browse through Bangkok markets, what better way than to delve into Bangkok’s famous night market locations for incredible deals?


Other than participate in extensive shopping, Bangkok is also home to one of its largest parks; Lumpini Park. The large and airy park spans 142 acres, decorated with trees, and smoothly paved roads for fitness freaks. In the evening, guests can take park in the park’s exercise groups, flexing to fast-paced music and lead by fitness gurus dancing to the beats. Lumpini Park even has a manmade lake that gives people the chance to rent boats and dual-pontooned pleasure boats as well. If you want to enjoy a day of serenity while, you may benefit from a calming afternoon spent at Lumpini Park, located not far from notable hotels such as DusitThani Bangkok.


It’s not a complete trip without visiting one of Bangkok’s famous attractions, the Grand Palace and Wat PhraKaew. The Grand Palace is a stunning location used in the past and present as ceremonial grounds for important events. When the site isn’t used, visitors can entire the palace grounds but they aren’t able to enter the main palace itself. Wat PhraKaew, on the other hand, is a stunning and marvelous temple boasting the best of Thai aesthetics on the temple roofs, the gardens, to exquisitely drawn morals along the halls. AnyWeather Roofing explains that the roofs of these temples are embellished with polished orange and green tiles, and has pediments made of rich marble. However, before you plan on visiting these two sites, it’s best to dress appropriately; shorts, sleeveless shirts, short skirts, and obscene T-shirts are prohibited. At the gates of the Grand Palace, vendors sell visitors clothing to wear to enter the palace grounds. Spending a day out at the palace and temple grounds would surely be exciting for experiencing one of Thailand’s grandest locations.

Whether you’re planning for an ultimate shopping spree or hanging out by Thailand’s top shopping centres, it comes without question why Bangkok is dubbed, The City of Angels. Visitors will get to experience the wonders of Thailand found only hidden in the capital, begging them to explore the city to its fullest.

Questions To Ask A Kimberly Walking Tour Company

A walking tour is the perfect way to explore the desolate area of Kimberley in Western Australia, which is why a growing number of tour companies are beginning to offer these tours to visitors. Because you do have your selection of companies to choose from, it is important to ask the right questions so that you can be sure that you are about to embark on a memorable journey that is also appropriate for you. The first and most important question is:

How Long Are the Walks?

Kimberley walking tours are usually around 2 weeks in duration, though this may vary depending on how long daily walks are. Depending on the day, travellers may walk anywhere from one to ten kilometres with stops in between. Many tours in Kimberley include stops at reclusive swimming locations which include waterfalls, rapids and hot springs.

Keep in mind that many of these tours are not strictly walking tours. For example, many tour companies will take guests on a 4-wheel-drive bus tour between Broom and Kununurra or will provide transportation to other more distant areas where the terrain is not safe enough for visitors to walk on.

Questions To Ask A Kimberly Walking Tour Company

Are the Walks Difficult?

The majority of walking tours throughout the Kimberley area are anywhere from easy to moderate. For extreme hikers, however, there are difficult to extremely difficult excursions available.

What Will We See While on Our Tour?

The tour you take will dictate what you can expect to see. But some spots in Kimberley are “must-sees,” including:

  • The Bungle Bungle Range;
  • Windjana Gorge;
  • The Manning Gorge; and
  • Zebedee Hot Springs.

During your walking tour you will be provided with a number of opportunities to take a dip in natural waterholes (such as the Bell Creek Gorge), indulge in glorious sunsets each evening, and unwind in unspoilt tropical oases.

What Kind of Accommodations Do You Provide?

Most of the tours will take guests to comfortable, designated camping spots every night, where guests will be provided with meals, spacious private tents, comfortable camp beds and mattresses. These campsites also have toilets with running water and will have hot showers.

For those who are looking for a more “wild” experience, you may find yourself backpacking in the bush. For those who are into luxury, you may take off on a “glamping” excursion around Kimberley. Ask the tour company if you will be responsible for providing your own materials for either, and if you will be required to carry them yourself during the tour.

How Large Is the Tour Group?

The smaller the group, the more personalised the attention you will receive. Most walking tours will have anywhere from six to fourteen people. Try to avoid going on a tour where there will be more than fourteen people, unless there are going to be several guides present throughout the tour.

How Many Guides Will Be with Us?

Most walking tours will have a minimum of 2 professional guides who know about Kimberley’s unique geography and landscapes.