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Anjuna Beach: Have A Different Beaching Experience

The state of Goa has numerous beaches that attract the beach lovers from all the states of the country. Some of these beaches are much famous due to   their natural view, sand on the coast, and aqua sports activities that can make one enjoy the beach visit and get to the best of the memories of being here enjoying some qualtiy time.

Known as the mother of all beaches this beach has a unique topography where it has the azure waters of Arabian Sea on one end and the hills on the other end. It is situated eight kilometers away from the Mapusa town and has a widespread of red laterite stones.  This has picturesque scenes and therefore gets the award of the best and most visited tourist spot in India.

Anjuna is a village in north Goa and holds a cultural significance to its existence apart from being the most tourist populated spot. It is a census town and one of twelve Bramhin communities of Bardez. There is a church in this village known as the St.Michel’s church which was constructed in the year 1595 and is solely dedicated to S. Miguel. Following the same, the village celebrates festivities dedicated to Miguel, and these are the times one should visit Anjuna beach ad Anjuna village. People here celebrate the feast of St. Miguel that is held in the last week of September and the Nossa Senhora Advogada that is celebrated in the second week of January.

Anjuna Beach: Have A Different Beaching Experience

Apart from that, there are three parishes in Anjuna.  The first one is S. Antonio (Praias), to Nossa Senhora de Saude (Mazalvaddo), while the next one is to Nossa Senhora de Piedade (Grande Chinvar). The chapel situated at Vagator transformed as the church of Vagator, dedicated to S. Antonio, later in the twentieth century.

Anjuna beach is famous for the trance parties that are held every year. There are flocks of tourists who look forward to attending these parties as a part of a weeklong revelry and letting go of their worries, a method of distressing after months of stress concerning their jobs and other engagements. Some newlywed couples also visit this place to celebrate their start of a new journey. The beach also hosts full moon parties during Christmas and New Year.

Not just the beach exclusive experience, Anjuna hosts a flea market every Wednesday that sees a number of tourists come down to purchase junk jewelry, clothes, and other items from all over India and from foreigners. Not just inorganic items, the flea market also witnesses the transaction of fruits, hashish, and electronic devices. Anjuna beach stands out for its secluded ambiance, nightlife, parties, serene yet spectacular landscapes, reliable seafood dainties and voguish shopping opportunities. For more funny travel games you can visit to enjoy funny facebook travel games.

One can indulge in varied activities in Anjuna ranging from sports activities that include windsurfing, scuba diving, parasailing, and paragliding to leisure activities such as exploring the splendid Albuquerque mansion that was constructed in 1920 which is lined by the Octagonal towers appealing to the natural beauty of the Mascarenhas mansions apart from swimming and sunbathing.


Explore Exciting Places To Visit In Pune

Pune is a place which has several colleges, that’s why it holds a good amount of youth who come here from several states for education. Pune is also famous for its rocking nightlife, restaurants, and pubs. Pune is a place of the great ruler ChatrapatiShivaji and thus it is a place of great historical importance. The place has a rich culture and filled with great forts and monuments. Apart from great architecture, the city is now a renowned IT hub. Pune is the fast progressing place in Maharashtra which is mostly surrounded by youth. Pune is famous for Khadi and other textile industries which yield the finest quality textile in India.

 In Pune, there are several places that attract a large number of tourists towards it. You can also find several hotels in Pune according to your range. Pune holds several beautiful historic architectures.

Aga Khan Palace

Aga Khan Palace is the most renowned historic architecture of India. This well – known architecture was built by Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III in the year 1892. This architecture was widely spread over a land of 19 acres which contains museums, belongings of Mahatma Gandhi and his ashes buried into the ground. This palace also served Indian freedom movement and it now serves as the headquarters of the Gandhi National memorial society.

Shaniwar Wada

Shaniwar Wada is another beautiful architecture built as a house for Peshwas by Bajirao I in the year 1730 AD. This architecture depicts the love story of Bajirao-Mastani. Recently, A Bollywood movie is also made over this concept which hit the box-office all over India. Today, it is the most popular tourist attraction. The tourists visit this place to look into the past. The place contains forts, a statue of the great ruler BajiRao and fountains.  This place also witnessed several paranormal incidents which also makes it a haunted place of Pune. The place witnessed conspiracy killing of the young PeshwaNarayanrao. It is believed that on every new moon night, the ghost of Narayanrao’s shouting can be heard in Shaniwar Wada. This place is the best place for those tourists who love haunted places.

Mulshi Lake

On the catchment area of Mulshi dam, Mulshi Lake is the beautiful lake which is another attraction for tourists who want to visit Pune. Picturesque scenes due to surrounding Sahyadri ranges, Koraigadh and beautiful Dhangad fort, this lake is the must-watch place offered in Pune itinerary.

Bund Garden

Bund garden which was situated on the banks of Mula-Mutha River is another beautiful picnic spot. It was built by Sir Jamshedji and it contains several beautiful flowers. The place contains boat rides which tourists like very much. This place is filled with fresh air and gives a lot of tranquillity amidst the crowded city.

National War Museum

National War museum stands in Pune to tell people about the sacrifice of Indian soldiers and it also creates awareness among people about Indian soldiers.

Osho Ashram

Osho Ashram is the most peaceful place that is based on the ideologies of Osho. This place is the best place where people do meditation and feel relaxed.

Best Places To Visit In Alleppey, The Venice Of The East

Alappuzha, popularly known as Alleppey, is the administrative headquarters of Alappuzha District of Kerala. The backwaters of Alappuzha are one of the most popular tourist attractions of Kerala tour packages. Regardless of the district you choose to visit in Kerala, the beautiful state will certainly reward you with a lush green surrounding and a serene atmosphere. Owing to the exotic beaches, endless backwaters, canals, sky-blue lagoons, Alapuzzha is the ‘Venetian Capital’ of Kerala. Here are some of the best places to visit in Alleppey—

Kuttanad Backwaters

One of the most sought-after places of Alleppey, Kuttanad is an amazing tropical region consisting of serene waterways, lakes, rivers, canals, and rivulets. Covering a distance of Kollam to Kochi, the length of the entire water body is about 150 km. Considered as the backwaters paradise, the four major rivers that flow in the region are Meechil, Pampa, Achankovil, and Manimala. The swaying of coconut trees and the swishing of winds add an exotic charm to this place. Try choosing a comfortable houseboat to make your journey through the backwaters enjoyable.

St. Mary’s Forane Church

One of the most visited places in Alleppey, the beautiful church dates back to 835 AD. The church organises two festivals every year including the St. Mary’s Feast (Third Sunday of September). There is an ancient and attractive statue of Sebastian exposed for public only during the feast festival. The regal look, the gorgeous decorations, and the feast make this place a must-visit spot in Alleppey.

 Best Places To Visit In Alleppey, The Venice Of The East

Alleppey Beach

Sparkling sands, beautiful waves, crystal clear blue water, and majestic views of sunrise and sunset is what that defines the beach of Alleppey. Known for its vast and endless stretches and swaying coconut trees, Alleppey Beach is one of the most sought-after beaches of Kerala tour packages. The beach holds a special place because of its importance in the maritime history of Kerala. The remains of Alappuzha Sea Bridge is one of the prime attractions here. You can also visit Sea View Park, Vijay Park, Bishop’s House etc.


The name Pathiramanal means ‘Sands of the Night’, is a small island in Lake Vembanad on the backwaters of Alappuzha. The place is home to approx 91 species of birds and 50 species of migratory birds. The island is a bird watcher’s paradise and is one of the offbeat tourist spots. With an absolute serene setting, the experience of walking through the island or taking a ride across Vembanad Lake is sure to impress you.

Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race

The trip to Alleppey seems to remain incomplete without mentioning the boat racing activity. Also known as Vallam Kali, Snake Boat Race is an annual competition held in every August on Punnamada backwaters. Unlike the other boat races, this race has teams with at least 100 people rowing and singing together. Recognised as a cultural symbol, the boat race is one of the major highlights of the state.

Alleppey is a blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage. The tourist spots hold the versatility of the place in a wonderful way.

Some Important Tourist Places That One Should Not Miss Out During The Trip To India

People in huge numbers prefer to visit the beautiful land of India that is well known for its beauty, rich culture and diversity, with people practicing different types of religious beliefs, food habits and the like. Having a very long history and having attracted foreigners since time immemorial, this beautiful country is still known to attract very strongly the tourists from all parts of the world to visit it at least once. One can have a dream holiday at this country and be rewarded with its mesmerizing beauty and endless tourist attractions.

Top Tourist Places to Explore During the Trip

  • The Taj Mahal: The majestic Taj Mahal constructed by Shah Jahan, the Mughal Emperor, in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal occupies a slot in the 7 Wonders of the World. This beautiful palace turned mausoleum is one of the UNESCO World Heritage places in the world. It is constructed using pure marbles and studded with 28 varieties of rare semi-precious and precious stones. The construction work involved 20,000 workers and was completed in 16 years. It is a must visit for every couple who want to know more about “Love”.
  • Ajanta Ellora tour: It is considered to be Maharashtra’s pride and is world famous. The rock cut temple showcases artistry and skill of a very high degree, created by the erstwhile Indian craftsmen, centuries ago. Ajanta is said to date about 100 B.C., and Ajanta is younger to it by about 600 years. Most caves here do display exquisitely detailed carvings that can be seen on the pillars, entrances and walls. One can learn about ancient Indian art and history from these caves.
  • Varanasi Ghats: Varanasi or Benaras as it is popularly called, is the oldest city in the country that is still densely inhabited. They are built along the River Ganges and boast of having numerous Ghats including the famous Manikarnika burning Ghat and Dashawamedh Ghat and other ghats. More than 100 Ghats can be found here along the river at this place constructed by different Maratha rulers such as the Holkars, Shindes, Peshwas and Bhonsales. According to mythology, people taking a trip here can attain salvation as well as purify their souls. Those who are cremated at one of the ghats here are said to find moksh and go to heaven directly.
  • Indian Museum: It is located in Kolkata, West Bengal and boasts of having wide range of items that are collected from medieval and ancient times. Tourists can find here ancient fossils, relics and coins from the times of Mohenjodaro and Harappa. Besides there is present a mummy that is said to be 4,000-year-old. Also, is present an urn known to have Buddha’s ashes. Several other historic pieces can also be found here.
  • Kaziranga National Park: Located in Assam, it is considered to be the home to the great One-Horned Indian Rhinoceros. There also reside different types of birds and animals. One can enjoy the elephant ride within the park and explore the nature in its natural self.

Tourists can combine different places and customize their trip to India.

Explore The Top Sightseeing Attractions In Jerusalem

Our private tours are top quality trips made affordable by sharing the cost with others for a total of 4-6 individuals only in the group. These are really exceptional value for money, trips like you profit from a high quality expertise that is very private while dividing the cost with another couple or two. Private tours include pickup and drop off out of your resort. Pickup is available from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Rishon Le Zion place, and the Netanya place.

  • Tours are conducted in a fresh, cozy, and air conditioned minivan with English speaking driver guide.
  • The 100% happy guest coverage covers our semi private tours.

What this means is that we ensure that you could have an excellent expertise or your cash back. There are 4 excellent touring options and there isn’t any question as you share with others for a maximum of 6 men only that these are fantastic value for money day trips! Find all the highlights in Jerusalem and visit with Bethlehem in the day. In your private tours of Jerusalem your guide will pick up out of your hotel and drop to wherever you want to go off. Draws including the Church of the Holy Seplucher, Western Wall, Via Dolorosa, Ancient Rome Cardo, Mount Zion, Garden of Gethsemane, not to mention love a float at the Dead Sea in the day.

Explore The Top Sightseeing Attractions In Jerusalem

Descend to the lowest stage on earth and visit Qumran, the Dead Sea, and the website of the last stronghold of the Jew Zealots – Masada. Sea of Galilee, visit Nazareth, Jordan River, Mount of Beatitudes, and Capernaum with the full day trip from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Our semi private tours are top quality excursiuions that provide you the opportunity to possess a personal guide for the trip to a manageable cost. If you’ve never seen Israel before or if you’re trying to find a quality travel experience in a price that is reasonable – this is a tour for you.

We are going to do anything possible to ensure you’ve an enjoyable time. We’ll offer you up to 50% refund if you contact us immediately after the tour if for any reason you aren’t pleased with our service. You can expect extraordinary client support in Israel and we’re pleased to backup our devotion with this cash back guarantee!

Israel offers some of the greatest choices for shore trips in the world. Where else could you say that you’ve walked the Via Dolorosa, seen the Church of the Holy Seplucher, touched the Wailing Wall, shot a selfie with a camel had falafel for lunch, and floated in the Dead Sea – all in one day! We ensure that you may have the finest shore trip in Israel or your cash back. We are going to ensure your visit is memorable and enjoyable and that you’ll recall your journeys in Israel for life.

Travel in relaxation and style in a brand new van and take advantage in a service that is personal and adapting. So you might have an excellent experience while paying less than the private tours small group tours are organized by us!.

Fly To Any Destination For Your Holidays

Spending the holidays and vacation just by sitting at home is not a worthy idea. It is simply the waste of time and holidays. You must plan a small trip or vacation to some popular destination according to your interest. You can opt for the destinations with beautiful sceneries, destination where you can enjoy the adventurous activities, high tech cities and many more. If you are planning to make your upcoming vacations the awesome, you can take help from the travel agencies or the trip organizers for planning the exotic vacations for you.  For travelling in India, there are lots of travel agencies that are having online operations and planning the holidays of the localites and foreign travelers to India.

Reason for the popularity of online travel agencies is that it gives the ease to the travelers to make the vacations the most convenient one. Travelers get the hassle free facility right from the booking of the tickets to the booking of hotels, flights and other transportation for travelling. These days, most of the travel agencies in India are opting for Air India flight services for their customers. This is the most established flight agency in India that provides domestic and international travels.  This company partners with more than 51 inland domestic locations and 34 international locations, making it as the first choice of travel agencies flight services for the travelers in India and abroad.

Fly To Any Destination For Your Holidays

Find Flights for You

To avail the travelling facility by travel agencies, you are needed to create the account on their website. It will help you to make all the booking and confirm the travelling needs. On the travelling portal you will be able to find the flights from your source destination to the final destination. When you enter the details of the source and destination location, you will get the list of all the flight with schedule time and availability. Instant booking facility is also available so there is no delay in booking of the flight.  You can also check the reviews of the customers for different flights to make booking in the best flight.

Hassle Free Services by the Travel Agencies

On hiring the services of the reliable travel agencies, you will be set free from all kinds of troubles. You can get the Air India Web Check in services thus saving your time at the airport for the check in procedure. You just have to login to your account and with the help of your ticket number you can check in to your flight while you are still at your home or in the office. Web heck in facility is available for the business and economy class flights and valid upto 2 hours before the departure of the flight. You can even select for the meals and other facilities that you want to have on the flight. Along with the flight booking the travel agencies provide for the airport transfer facility also. Hence, you will not have to face any sort of trouble during your holidays.

Learning To Dive In The Red Sea

For decades, the Red Sea has been regarded as one of the most beloved diving spots in the world. As such, it has become a focal point of tourism for all types of vacationers. The Red Sea is between arid land, desert and semi-desert. Reef systems are better developed along the Red Sea mainly because of its greater depths and an efficient water circulation pattern. The Red Sea water mass-exchanges its water with the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean via the Gulf of Aden. These physical factors reduce the effect of high salinity caused by evaporation in the north and relatively hot water in the south.

Each season promises fantastic weather conditions. The short flights from Western countries to Egypt make for a comfortable ride. What makes it so attractive to divers is the far-reaching stretch along the coastline that travels from the north to the south of the country, as well as into Sudan.

It features several miles of rich coral reefs that many tropical species inhabit, including small fish and fat pelagics. Numerous creatures can be seen at the late and early parts of the year, since they relocate from other countries to warmer climates during colder seasons.

The Red Sea is a seawater inlet of the Indian Ocean, lying between Africa and Asia. The connection to the ocean is in the south through the Bab el Mandeb strait and the Gulf of Aden. To the north lie the Sinai Peninsula, the Gulf of Aqaba, and the Gulf of Suez.

Learning To Dive In The Red Sea

Snorkelers get to see marine life activity when the coral grows in the sunshine’s direction. Red Sea diving is more scenic than diving in the U.K. The calming interruption of stunning marine life seen during your PADI open water training course intensifies the experience. Numerous dive centers in the Red Sea offer beginners classes, as well as classes for more advanced divers. The open water training course lasts about a week, and incorporates practical and theory assignments, followed by a written test. Day boats are also a fun activity, as they can get to dive sites inaccessible from the beach (or sites that are far from the resort).

You can also learn to dive from the Red Sea liveaboard, should you feel more adventurous. Currently, liveaboard tours are sectioned into northern and southern itineraries. Southern charters encompass marine parks, including the Elphinstone, Brothers, and Daedalus, which happen to be where the largest pelagics reside. Also found in the Deep South is St. John’s, which is located near the Sudanese border. This is a popular undersea photography destination, as it features alluring pinnacle structures and premium marine life. Most reefs and wrecks reside where the northern charters are.

Learning how to dive in the Red Sea will expose an all new world to beginners, and allows them to experience a variety of astonishing sights in the water’s depths. Upon finishing this course, most divers go on to complete the next level of open water training, which is more advanced. This provides more flexibility, as these sites can be toured by those qualified to reach such depths.

Making The Most Of Your Golf Holiday

Lots of people around the world love golf, and lots of people love holidays. So why not combine the two into one fabulous golfing holiday experience?

As a golf lover, you’ve probably played a few holes whilst on holiday from time to time. But what if you could buy a holiday package to an exotic location where you could really indulge your love for golf, and enjoy lush and green surroundings at the same time?

Making The Most Of Your Golf Holiday

The Real Benefits of a Golfing Holiday for Golf Lovers

Apart from the combination of exercise in the sun and relaxation that golf normally offers, when you go on a special golfing holiday, you’ll also find that you gain the following benefits.

Playing on the same holes every week can get a little bit boring, but when you combine golf with an exotic holiday location, you get the best of both worlds! You’ll be able to play holes you’ve never played before and also enjoy the bountiful features of an exotic resort, including other possible activities like kayaking and hiking. Exploring different overseas holes is a great way to improve your game, build up a new experience and enjoy the exotic environment. Of course, you’ll also be able to see how your golf game fares on a brand new course in different conditions! Surely this is a great challenge for any golfer.

By playing on a new course, you will challenge your golf game. And if you have any designs on getting better or making a career out of it, playing different courses is a real boon to your basic golfing skills and fundamentals.

If you play on the same courses in the same club environments week after week, going overseas on a golfing holiday will allow you to meet all sorts of new people who also play and love the game. You might pick up some new golfing tips and strategies to improve your play!

By physically and mentally challenging yourself in a brand new environment, you’ll also reduce stress and exercise your cognitive abilities.

Playing a game you really love in an exotic location, such as Thailand, will result in plenty of great memories that will last you a lifetime. You can make new golfing friends and take your game to a whole new level. You just never know what exciting new opportunities Thailand golf holidays will offer you! Imagine being able to do all this in a beautiful resort styled environment where you can rest and get away from it all.

Making Golfing Memories that Will Last a Lifetime

If you want to combine your love of golf with a restful and relaxing location in an exotic land, look no further than a golfing holiday. If you’re at all interested, do some research on holiday providers that offer these types of packages. Make sure you compare prices, become familiar with all the holiday package inclusions, such as accommodation and meals, and talk directly to the operators before you make your decision.

Simple, Affordable Car Hire

One of the few downsides of travelling through Australia is that most of the public transport options – including the long-distance rail, bus and commercial flights – ignore large swathes of the country, instead focusing their attention on capital cities and regional centres. Even getting around within the confines of a capital city can be an odyssey of epic proportions when you have to navigate any of Australia’s complex public transport systems. It’s best for foreigners and visitors to Australian cities and regional areas to drive private vehicles, as they allow you to control your timing and destinations, but for the most part people don’t travel with their own vehicle in tow.

Fortunately, hiring a car is a popular choice for many travellers, and you can truly enjoy Australia exactly the way you see fit when you’re at the wheel of your own destiny. Australians are notoriously friendly and hospitable to visitors, so you should have a look at the car hire companies operating near your travel destinations and see how they can help you to embark upon the holiday of your dreams.

Simple, Affordable Car Hire

Choosing a Car

Perhaps the most important aspect of hiring a car is choosing which car is best suited to your needs. Do you just need a zippy, efficient vehicle that will help you to get around a metropolitan area, or are you looking for a more rugged vehicle capable of housing you and your friends on a long road trip? Perhaps you need something that fits neatly in between those two extremes, a vehicle ideal for exploring the Outback or a short trip to your favourite Melbourne coffee destination. When you have a look at your hire car options, you need to have some idea as to what you’ll be using the vehicle for so the hire company can cater to your needs. Car hire businesses with a range of vehicles suited to all budgets and lifestyles are the best to work with, as their breadth of experience allows them to help you make an informed decision as to the vehicle that’s best for you.

When You Know What You Want

It’s always best to work with experienced car hire companies. This is primarily because those with experience in dealing with tourists and visitors from a range of backgrounds tend to provide exemplary customer service and a fleet of versatile, well-maintained vehicles for you to enjoy. You simply can’t beat the feeling of getting behind the wheel with the open road ahead of you and any destination you like available at the push of the accelerator, and the finest car hire companies are those that can provide you with a vehicle that will allow you to do exactly that. You may be travelling with the family and need a van to accommodate all your luggage and personal effects, or holidaying solo, in which case you’ll enjoy the luxury of a compact car. If you can, find yourself an award-winning business (the Golden Backpack is one prestigious award given to car hire companies, for example) so you can set out on the Australian road in style and security.

Why Rent An Apartment For A Vacation In New York City?

New York City is arguably the biggest and busiest city in the world. It is one of the most crowded places on earth, and yet, it is widely regarded as the best city on this planet. New York City is one of the most popular destinations for people who are looking to go on a vacation. If you want to experience life at its finest, you should definitely take a trip to New York. Places such as the Hudson River and Central Park are world-renowned attractions. However, the one thing that you should know about traveling to New York City is that it’s very hard to find accommodation. Many people who work in Manhattan and other boroughs often have to travel for an hour or more each day just to reach their destination.

Why Rent An Apartment For A Vacation In New York City?

If you are planning a vacation, you will probably be checking out hotels and motels that are located close to the city center. Unfortunately, due to the tourist traffic in the city, many of these hotels and motels are booked year-round. Instead, a better option is to check out vacation rentals in New York City. Many of these vacation rentals are considerably cheaper, and are given out on rent to travelers from all over the world. Here are a few things that you should know.

Why Rent a Property?

Renting a property is becoming a much better alternative for people who are into traveling. Rather than staying at a hotel and being confined to a single room, why not just rent a whole apartment for yourself? It’s cheaper and more convenient, and many of the apartments are also located in very decent locations. You can also negotiate the price with the host in order to minimize your outlay on the whole trip. Renting a property is a much better experience, because you won’t have to be confined to a single room!

Easy to Rent

The rental process is also easy. Many hotel owners often jack up the prices of their rooms during the tourist season in order to make more money. However, you don’t have to worry about all that if you are renting a property from a private host. There are plenty of services that you can use in order to browse through properties and make a booking.

You can easily make a booking before you leave home using the Web. There are hundreds of thousands of short-term rentals that you can choose from, whether you want to stay for a few days or a whole month. Companies make sure that the hosts are verified, and they usually work with corporate partners in order to minimize the chances of any troubles. Once you make a booking, wait for the booking to be confirmed before embarking on your trip. In most cases, the booking will be confirmed within minutes.