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Do you want to spend your next holiday abroad? Are you looking for a destination that will provide something new and exciting? Then you can’t go wrong with Thailand.

Thailand is a kingdom located in Asia, Southeast Asia to be more precise. This country has existed for centuries and has very rich history. Thai people today are very proud of their country’s history. They respect the tradition and want to share it with the world. As a matter of fact, Thai people are among the most hospitable nations in the world. This is one of the reasons why so many people travel to Thailand every year. Another reason is access to more than one amazing beach on every (there more than 1000) island in Thailand. This country also has a very long coastline with numerous beaches. In addition, many people love the nightlife in Thailand with parties that last for 24 hours. If you are fond of history you can visit different temples and old structures from the ancient Thai kingdom. But, what is interesting about this country is the fact that in the last few years, there are more people that sign up for Muay Thai training classes while they are on holiday.

Muay Thai Classes Are Always A Good Choice

For many people this may sound a little bit weird, but the truth is that this decision is very wise. Muay Thai is a very old sport that is now mostly used as a fitness activity. Since most people today don’t have time to exercise when they are home, many of them are trying to start a fitness routine and get involved in organized physical activity when they are on vacation.

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is a great fitness activity that provides radical changes in our health in a short period of time. If you want these positive changes you will first have to find and join a Muay Thai training camp. There are dozens of reputable camps in Thailand, so you should be able to finish this task quickly.

In case you are wondering how a standard Muay Thai training class looks like, you should know that it is probably different then what you have imagined. Every class consists of warming up stretching and dozens of different activities and exercises. This is very energetic, dynamic and intense form of training and most people enjoy taking these classes unlike taking a standard gym class. The classes are observed and guided by professional instructors who will pay more attention on exercises that will help you reach your fitness goals, be it loss weight, muscle strengthening, body sculpting or de-stressing. These are only some of the benefits of Muay Thai training. Many people say that Muay Thai training has helped them improve speed, mobility, agility, coordination etc. The mental aspect should not be forgotten because Muay Thai Boxing will also help you clear your mind, de-stress, improve your mood and boost cognitive functions. In the end, every Muay Thai student comes out stronger, more confident and more satisfied.

If there is one thing that most individuals look forward to each year, that is vacations. The reason is simple – we are all aware that for a week or two, each of us can just grab a few things, forget about the problems and just have fun, relax and rest. During this short period of time, people forget about their work, annoying friends and relatives and simply focus on themselves. However, this doesn’t mean that you should forget your exercise routine. On the other hand, if you don’t have such routine, your next holiday is the ideal time to start one.

Muay Thai Training Course In Thailand For Getting Fit

There are many people who are packing certain items that can help them exercise while they are on vacation, but instead of carrying heavy dumbbells or fitness machines we will give you a smooth solution – travel to Thailand and start with Muay Thai training classes in a camp there.

If this sounds odd to you, let us give you a few reasons why this is an excellent option. To start with, Thailand is a beautiful, exotic country, visited by millions of people each year. This is a well-established holiday destination loved by people of all ages. No matter where in Thailand you are accommodated, you can easily access some beautiful beach (of course, as long as you are situated close to the sea). While you are there, you will get a lot of chances to take tours and explore this amazing country. Beautiful and exciting nature packed with animals and plants, interesting cities with old structures and modern shopping malls and restaurants, parties, museums, galleries and many other things will make your holiday outstanding. One thing is certain; you will get memories that will be remembered for a long time.

In addition, you these reasons, there is another extremely important reason why you should travel to Thailand. The reason is your health. People who have travelled to Thailand and joined a Muay Thai training camp in this country have witnessed dramatic positive change in their health.

For people who didn’t know, Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and very old martial art. People of Thailand have practiced Muay Thai for centuries for different reasons and today most practitioners are taking classes and joining camps in order to improve their condition.

There is no better setting and time to start with physical training other than your holiday in Thailand. Muay Thai training at BestMuayThai is amazing for those who want to boost their loss weight plans. This sport can make your muscles much stronger and it can also make you more flexible and agile. Muay Thai training is monitored and guided by professional instructors and you can witness the first positive results in no time. The training classes can also serve as a starting point for establishing long-term fitness routine.

Using your holiday in Thailand is the best decision you can make. It is beneficial for your physical and mental health.

If you love football then you would also love travelling to Spain. There are numbers of football fanatics that are into travelling to Spain in order to witness football games which is considered as the best game sports in Spain. Though it might take certain time, effort and definitely money still many are not having any doubts to travel to Spain. And along with that, aside from the idea of watching the game, betting for the said game is also considered as another reason. Though, W88 is a helpful online betting company when it comes to sports betting still placing the bet right when you are in Spain is indeed a very different experience.

Traveling To See Champions League Games In Spain

Champion League Games in Spain is so popular that almost everyone would love to go to the said place and watch the games live. However, certain factors might hinder this. To those that couldn’t have the chance to bet right in Spain are to consider online betting company like W88. Through this, they could also be updated with their favorite sports and so with their bets as well. If you could not afford travelling to Spain just to watch Champions League Games in Spain, there could still be other ways to consider. And so, the use of technology through internet is indeed of great choice.

However, to those that are really capable of doing traveling for the sake of watching Champions League Games in Spain, great experience definitely awaits. Besides, there could still be numbers of other great things to do once in Spain. Before you have your great experience to the game sports, you might want to experience the beauty of the place first. There are numbers of great attractions that you could visit in Spain. There are also many exciting things to do. Whatever you are to do in Spain, you will definitely gain one of the best memories that you will treasure for a lifetime.

And with regards to watching the Champions League Games, you will not just be provided with the chance to enjoy the game live but you are as well to bet for the sports that you wanted. Though sports betting could also be done online, you know the fact that it could be more interesting if you are to experience it first-hand. And since you have travelled for the said purpose, you should definitely make the most out of watching the games you love the most. In connection to that, betting for the said sports would be great as well.

But, having to consider the budget as you travel to Spain is also important. There are numbers of things that you might spend money with and so having enough budget is definitely needed. Just consider choosing those that are offering affordable rates yet with quality in terms of transportation, accommodation and other needs. And you must also consider allocating money for sports betting and the idea of watching the Championship League Games in Spain could definitely be worthwhile.

When traveling, the constant concern is how to have the most enjoyable and well planned vacation possible. Pattaya has a wide variety of activities and attractions, from family friendly activities to an amazing nightlife. There will never be a dull moment during a vacation to this wonderful beach resort town.

Tips To Having The Best Vacation In Pattaya

Plan Ahead

The key to any great vacation is planning everything ahead of time. Research what is best to see and do when staying in Pattaya, and formulate a schedule and plan for the duration of the visit. Be sure to leave a few ‘rest’ days for relaxation and/or spur of the moment activities or events. Another reason to plan ahead for a vacation is the cost of accommodations and activities will often be discounted in comparison to organizing all activities and rooms when arriving in Pattaya. Finally, planning ahead helps to organize travel times to and from activities so that there is little to no guess work.

Have Back Up Plan

When traveling, it is also important to have a backup plan. For example, travelers should always devise a plan and backup plan to have a more of a stress-free vacation in case of problems. Weather, jetlag, and unexpected emergencies can occur during a vacation; therefore, having a variable option for these types of unplanned situations can prevent any unnecessary stress while on vacation.


Pattaya has many wonderful activities and sight-seeing areas that range from affordable to high budget. Budgeting goes hand-in-hand with planning ahead for a vacation and is a must so that tourists don’t overspend. It is to be expected that foreigners will pay a slightly higher price than locals at many attractions, but discounts are available for some venues if booked in advance. Also, if foreigners possess a Thai driver’s license, they can save money on some entrance fees by presenting their valid Thai driver’s licence when purchasing the ticket.

Where to Stay

Pattaya, as mentioned previously, is a beautiful resort town which invites guests from around the world to visit its shores. With a city booming with tourists, Pattaya features many comfortable and affordable accommodations for both couples and families, one of which is the Holiday Inn Pattaya hotel. The hotel is a family-friendly hotel, part of the Inter-Continental Hotels Group, catered to providing comfortable accommodations during their stay.

Top Five Things To Do In Pattaya

Although there are numerous remarkable places to see, and activities to do, in Pattaya, five attractions and places should be visited when vacationing in this charming resort town. The first place to visit is best seen at night. For kid’s attractions, there’s the Underwater World, a fantastic marine facility designed to educate children about animals, the marine ecosystem, and allow guests to dive with the animals. The second attraction to see is the Sanctuary of Truth. The Sanctuary of Truth is a unique and exquisitely crafted wooden structure which stands 105 meters tall. The building is an exceptional combination of religion, philosophy, and art and a brilliant tribute to cultural architecture. Although more touristy than historically accurate, the third place to visit, the Pattaya Floating Market, is an interesting place to visit while in Pattaya. The fourth place on the list of must see attraction is Art in Paradise. This is one of the most amazing collections of 3D art, and makes for great memories and fun photo’s to show family and friends. The final must see attraction is the NongNooch Botanical Gardens. The gardens are open daily from 8am-6pm and are located approximately 15.5 kilometers outside of the main city center. This is an entertaining attraction for both individuals and families and makes a great full day excursion.

Tips for having a great vacation in Pattaya are quite straight forward. Be prepared, plan ahead, keep to a budget that is comfortable, and have fun exploring the wonderful city of Pattaya.

If your travel itineraries include flying over to Thailand for a well-deserved vacation, then look no further for a handful of useful things you can do in the Land of Smiles. Thailand features an assortment of activities to do and see and most of them could be found or done in the city. The capital supports the world’s finest attractions and located not far away from major transportation routes such as the MRT and BTS stations. Getting around Bangkok is much easier than one would expect; there’s buses, motorcycles, tuk-tuks, and taxis available in the city. Luckily, maps and road signs are now in English to help foreigners quickly navigate through Bangkok. For those peeled to their smartphones, foreigners can sign up for prepaid SIM cards to get the most out of Bangkok’s free WiFi hotspots. Living in Bangkok should never be a hassle as the city is home to many well-rounded accommodation facilities within close proximity to each other. Make the most out of your Bangkok vacation and take note of the many fascinating places you can go to within traveling distance.

Living In The Heart Of Bangkok For A Week

Expensive Shopping Sprees

Shopping is a convenience for anyone staying in Bangkok. There are many noteworthy shopping centres in the city; MBK Center, Siam Paragon,Central World, Central Chidlom, Em Quartier, and Silom Night Market. MBK Center consists of an astounding 2,000 stores and dining establishments found from the ground floor to the top floor. If youwould like to visit Tokyu Department Store, Naraya, Canon, Pizza Hut and Gloria Jean’s Coffee, this mall is sure to satisfy. Siam Paragon is notable for being among the largest Asian shopping centres in Thailand. Fashion lovers are often seen at Siam Paragon, which is home to prominent brands such as Celine, Burberry, Fendi, Bvlgari, Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, Hermes and much more.Other stores that carry brand name items include Central World and Em Quartier, Bangkok’s newest mall next to Chidlom BTS.

Cheap Shopping Sprees

For travelers looking for items that don’t have a hefty price tag, Chatujak Weekend Market is an ideal location. The market opens every day from Monday to Sunday, but the market experiences more visitors on the weekends. What’s there to see at JJ? Plenty.If you’re looking for clothing, bags, accessories, shoes, electronics, and plants, you can certainly find them here. There’s an unlimited selection of items sold in JJ; in some corners of the market, you’ll spot vendors selling hand-painted sneakers or open-air galleries for dedicated art lovers to view and purchase artworks.

Whatever you may need in Bangkok to take back home, go to the weekend market to find everything you need for the ultimate souvenir.

Additionally, the Bangkok night markets found around the city sells tasty street food from hawkers, souvenirs,and authentic handicrafts. If you like nothing more than to browse through Bangkok markets, what better way than to delve into Bangkok’s famous night market locations for incredible deals?

Open-Air Parks

Other than participate in extensive shopping, Bangkok is also home to one of its largest parks; Lumpini Park. The large and airy park spans 142 acres, decorated with trees, and smoothly paved roads for fitness freaks. In the evening, guests can take park in the park’s exercise groups, flexing to fast-paced music and lead by fitness gurus dancing to the beats. Lumpini Park even has a manmade lake that gives people the chance to rent boats and dual-pontooned pleasure boats as well. If you want to enjoy a day of serenity while, you may benefit from a calming afternoon spent at Lumpini Park, located not far from notable hotels such as Dusit Thani Bangkok.

Cultural Attractions

It’s not a complete trip without visiting one of Bangkok’s famous attractions, the Grand Palace and Wat PhraKaew. The Grand Palace is a stunning location used in the past and present as ceremonial grounds for important events. When the site isn’t used, visitors can entire the palace grounds but they aren’t able to enter the main palace itself. Wat PhraKaew, on the other hand, is a stunning and marvelous temple boasting the best of Thai aesthetics on the temple roofs, the gardens, to exquisitely drawn morals along the halls. However, before you plan on visiting these two sites, it’s best to dress appropriately; shorts, sleeveless shirts, short skirts, and obscene T-shirts are prohibited. At the gates of the Grand Palace, vendors sell visitors clothing to wear to enter the palace grounds. Spending a day out at the palace and temple grounds would surely be exciting for experiencing one of Thailand’s grandest locations.

Whether you’re planning for an ultimate shopping spree or hanging out by Thailand’s top shopping centres, it comes without question why Bangkok is dubbed, The City of Angels. Visitors will get to experience the wonders of Thailand found only hidden in the capital, begging them to explore the city to its fullest.