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5 Ways to Enhance Your Trip to Toronto

In 2017, the beautiful city of Toronto hosted a record number of 43,000,000 visitors. People head to Toronto from all over the world to experience the nightlife, world-class sporting events and entertainment, great restaurants, and an urban vibe that is completely unique to the city. What’s more, the pace of tourists doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. If you are one of the millions of people who plan on visiting the Hogtown in the coming months, follow this helpful guide to get the most from your trip.

Visit at the Right Time of Year

Toronto winters are brutally cold, with quite a bit of snow and sub-zero temperatures. So, while a winter holiday might seem appealing, it’s best to visit between May and November, when the city is greener, warmer, and more pleasant to experience on foot. Keep in mind that this is peak tourist season, so rates will be a little higher overall, but this way, you’ll really be able to experience all of the culture that Toronto has to offer.

Remember Your Passport or Visa

If you’re visiting from the US or most countries in the EU, you will not need a visa to visit Toronto unless you plan to stay for more than six months. Just bring your passport with at least one empty page, and keep in mind that your passport must be valid for at least one day beyond your scheduled departure date.

Use Public Transit

The TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) consists of four subway lines, as well as streetcars buses. They run on regular schedules and will get you everywhere you need to go within the city. And, because parking can be scarce (and expensive) downtown, they are really your best bet. Buy a reusable PRESTO card for unlimited rides so that you don’t have to fumble with change or tokens every time you ride.

Explore Life Outside of Toronto

While you won’t need a car to get around inside the city, you should definitely rent one to visit the surrounding areas. Tourists often take day trips to Niagara from Toronto, but if you’re in the mood for something different, head to Vaughn. With attractions like Canada’s Wonderland amusement park, and Black Creek Pioneer Village, you’ll probably want to find a hotel and stay for a couple of days.

Relax on the Beach

You might be surprised to learn that Toronto has several beaches. The most popular is Sugar Beach, complete with sand, sun, water, and plenty of tourists in the summer. Or, you can take a short ferry ride to the Toronto Islands, where the beaches even have a gorgeous view of the city itself.

No matter what, you’re sure to have a great time during your stay in Toronto. If you take some time to plan your trip before you go, you can really make the most of your time in the city and have an unforgettable experience. Book a hotel, stroll through the city, and enjoy everything Toronto has to offer.

High-end GPS Tracker Used In Automobiles or Cars For Long Distance Travelling

A High-end GPS tracker is a device, which generally carried by any moving vehicle or even with a person who are travelling for long distance, the main function of it is Global Positioning System which will determine & even tracks people who are travelling in precise location. When come to a car GPS tracker, it is a specific device which is intended to monitor many vehicles.

Main Features and function of High-end GPS Tracker 

The main function of it is, it will be able to receive the GPS signals from satellites, and it can also read data from the digital & analog transmitters which are installed in the car or externally. High-end GPS tracker used in automobiles by different companies who are engaged in cargo carriage, because they will allow the business owners to lessen their car’s fuel consumption by controlling their driver and to track the car path where it goes. One can use GPS tracker to monitor the car speed & the driving behavior of elderly parents or even teenage kid because to restrict and alert them to go slow.

How to look over and use the GPS Automobile Tracker

Initially before decide to use GPS automobile tracker one should look at GPS tracker’s Tracking Precision. The navigation system will determines the vehicle location with the help of its satellite-borne receiver & then it will transfers the data through communication channels to user’s server or in the mobile device. Then the user will be able to receive the data either by using particular software or a browser or via mobile network channels.

There will be some particular standards for tracking precision such as the margin of the error for the car GPS trackers should not be more than 5 meters. When the precision was noted, look the time for cold status & hot status. These will be the time lapses in which GPS tracker for the car was able to determine the specific location of the vehicle through the satellite and also transfer the data to server for the purpose of storage.

For majority of car GPS tracker system goes from 5 – 15 seconds. The next parameter should pay attention to the functional features of the GPS tracker for car. The auto GPS tracker will have internal or external receiver. Modern car GPS trackers will have 4 options to transfer the data:

  • The satellite-to-tracker to transfer the data which goes via GPS signals.
  • The tracker-to-cellphone which will transfer through GSM signal
  • The tracker-to-server will transfer through GPRS
  • The server-to-computer will transfer through the Internet.

Car GPS tracker systems will also have an internal memory, or it will provide a possibility to install the external memory card. This is how auto GPS tracker will store total path information even if there was no GSM connection.

Some of the GPS automobile trackers will also provide an extremely useful feature called geo-fence. This feature will allows the area on map, and if car leaves the specific region of this area the GPS tracker will send an SMS message to the phone number which you already set. Some of the most high-end vehicle GPS trackers will allow to do an audio monitoring, i.e. to listen to car’s passenger compartment by using a headset or even a microphone. And the final parameter one should consider was the car GPS tracker’s Feed & the Battery.

Bhopal has rich and incredible cultural and historical heritage. Over the centuries, this soil has witnessed a variety of dynasties ruling its people. This city beholds the traces of all its mighty history, which is truly captivating. When you plan a trip to this city to explore its history, never forget to look out for heritage hotels in Bhopal. After all, this city never runs short of them. Here under, we detail you a few places which you shouldn’t miss as a part of your trip.

Are You Ready To Explore The History Of Bhopal…?

Bhimbetka Rock Shelters:

Did you ever felt like travelling back to Stone Age..? Then pay a visit to these rock shelters in Bhopal. These rock shelters exhibit the evidences of pre-historic human life. It marks the beginning of the Stone Age in south Asia. It is traced that a few of these shelters were inhibited by humans around 1, 00,000 years ago. The rock paintings discovered in this place are approximately thirty thousand years old. It is interesting to note that these caves also present us the early evidences of dance. A classification of these paintings is done which states that they are from seven different periods of history. Unfortunately, most of the paintings of these rock shelters have eroded due to rain.

State Museum:

The historical significance of Madhya Pradesh is truly incredible and vast. The State Museum enables us to have a quick glance of this history. Since its inception in 2005, it has gained a wide popularity among tourists and historians. Initially, this was known as Bhopal Museum. It has seventeen galleries, which display huge collection of coins, fossils, paintings, sculpture, textiles and documentary heritage of the state. You will get mesmerized by some true masterpieces like weapons, musical instruments and miniatures. This museum is open on all days excluding Mondays and other government holidays.

Sanchi Stupa:

It depicts the Indian ancient art and architecture in the most beautiful way possible. Talking about its historical significance, long back in 3rd century, Emperor Ashoka commissioned its design. Large hemispherical domes comprising of various relics of Buddha were used to construct the central chamber of Stupa. However, its real beauty was incorporated during the time of Shugna. We can visualize various life incidents of Lord Buddha though these sculptures.

Laxminarayan Temple:

Leaving behind its historical and mythological significance, the best part of this temple is that it offers a panoramic view of Bhopal, which is truly spellbinding. Goddess Lakshmi is the deity of this temple. This temple was constructed in the year 1933 by one of the Indian legendary industrialists Baldeo Das Birla and so this temple acquired the name Birla temple. The architecture of this temple was designed by Sri Chandra Chatterjee.

Sadar Mazil:

During the regime of Nawabs in Bhopal, the Sadar Manzil served as a royal courtroom. You couldn’t stop staring at the massive wooden work at its entrance.  Huge terrace balcony marks the first floor and the second floor is designed to have a dome at each corner. The beautiful fountain and garden depict the typical style of Bhopal’s Nawabs. The time recommended by the tourists to visit this place is during the sunrise. You may have to spend 2 to 3 hours to explore this place completely.

It is advisable to plan well in advance for this historical trip. If you feel like enjoying a luxurious stay in this city, book the best one among five star hotels in Bhopal. A few of them also provide you necessary guidance to explore the city.

A cruise holiday is one of the most refreshing breaks that you can offer yourself and your loved ones. And when that holiday is with Star Cruise, you will surely have an experience of a lifetime. A Star Cruise package is filled with unlimited fun, joy and entertainment. And when you get so much at the lowest price, it becomes an unbelievably irresistible offer. That’s exactly what happens when you book a cruise package with MyDreamHoliday; you get the lowest cruise package price offerings for the highest level of comfort, luxury and pleasure.

Experience Delightful Star Cruise Holiday With MyDreamHoliday

Exotic Destinations

Star Cruise is the leading cruise line in Asia Pacific. With a Star Cruise package you can travel to exotic destinations in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam and China. Choose the destination of your choice from the wide selection of tours that Star Cruise operates.

Comfortable Stay

All the ships of Star Cruise have well-appointed cabins which are comfortable and relaxing. Whether you book staterooms or superior rooms, all your cabins will give you a feel of homecoming every time you enter it. You will love to put yourself to sleep and wake up in the comfortable room of a Star Cruise liner during your cruise holiday.

Fine Dining

You can enjoy some of the finest cuisine on board any of the ships of Star Cruise. Your cruise package will include complimentary meals during the days of your cruise holiday at some of the choicest restaurants on board. But you can always check out other options to get a taste of the finest food from around the world and pamper your taste buds.

Fitness for All

A Star Cruise package has everything it takes to make your days meaningful and happy, including jogging tracks and gyms for the fitness lovers. There are swimming pools and Jacuzzi, too which can be enjoyed on-board. You can shed those extra calories that you gain while pampering your taste buds.

If you desire to look your best and get the gorgeous appearance to match your grand holiday, then you must visit the spa and beauty salon on board.

Unlimited Entertainment

A Star Cruise liner is a complete family entertainment. So, you have activity centres for kids, games room, video arcade, live music and show lounge to treat you to some world class performance. There are libraries and writing rooms to enjoy your leisure hours. For the solitary soul or the party-goer, a Star Cruise tour package has it all.

Shop till You Drop

You surely want to take back souvenirs and mementoes as a memory of the wonderful trip you have had, you can shop for these on the ship itself. You can shop for watches, jewellery and photo souvenirs to take back home. You can pay via star points or credit cards to avail exclusive discounts on your purchases.

Lowest Prices

All these come at an unbelievable price when you book a Star Cruise package with MyDreamHoliday which offers the lowest cruise package price for your cruise holiday. Experience hassle-free cruise booking and enjoy exclusive offers like never before with MyDreamHoliday.

You must be eagerly waiting for your next cruise holiday with Star Cruise; book with MyDreamHoliday for the lowest cruise package rates. Click here to book your holiday package now.

Traveling is one of the best hobbies for the people who have the urge to discover new lands and want to meet with new people in the journey. Some of the individuals have a religious mind, exploring temples, shrines, and other religious sites. Some of the people want to explore new destinations for getting in touch with unique culture and traditions; some may like to know about dishes and local food items. There are even people who just visit new places to take pictures for cherishing whole life.

4 Tips For The Solo Traveler To Visit Southeast Asia

Talking about Southeast Asia; it is renowned as one of the most beautiful regions in the world. The nations that are located in Southeast Asia are Japan, China, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand. All these nations differ from each other in terms of culture, tradition and rituals. Traveling to this region will give insight regarding colorful festivals, delicious food, and religion.

There are various travel agencies that offer customize Asia Family tours for the travel-enthusiasts. Even you can also go for the solo tour to all these lands. As you are not taking help of the tour agency, you have to follow some tips that will help you to get the best traveling experience.

  1. Know About the Place Perfectly:

When you are going to visit a new place alone, you should have an extensive knowledge regarding the destination. You should know the language a little bit. It will help you to communicate with the locals of the place. You can search online to get information of the particular place or you can read travel magazines.

  1. Let Your Family Know about Your Trip:

When you are going for a solo tour, there is no one to guide you or take your responsibilities. The best thing you can do is to inform your family members regarding your solo trip. At least, let them know about the place where you are going. Do not forget to give your contact number to anyone of the family members. At least, in a case of any emergency you can call them for help.

  1. Pack Your Bags Small:

It is not necessary to take huge luggage for your trip. Depending on the time of the year you are traveling, you can pack your bags. If you are traveling in the winter months, take some woolen garments. If you are traveling during the summer months, it is better to take cotton clothes as they are more comfortable than any other options. Keep some medicines, a map book; torch light, batteries, money and mosquito repelling creams when you are going out.

  1. Always Carry Passport and Flight Tickets:

Without the passport and the flight tickets, you will not be able to reach your desired location. When you are packing the bags, it is better to check whether you have the passport and flight tickets in them. It is very important to carry your identity proof along with you.

Thus, when you are traveling alone, it is better to follow the above-discussed points to have a lovely solo trip. Try to avoid the foodstuffs those are allergic to you and always visit familiar places rather than isolated ones.

Oman is one of the best places to visit on holiday and one of the most underrated. Citizens of the United Arab Emirates have known about how great Oman is for several years, but the rest of the world is just now starting to catch on. The city of Khasab in the eastern corner of Oman was largely inaccessible to outsiders until a coastal road was built, connecting it to the UAE. Now, it is a very popular tourist destination for many different people. Oman is located very close to several other countries, which makes it the perfect place for several cultures to collide. That collision of cultures over hundreds of years has created a very thrilling and exciting tourist destination.

You Really Should Be Visiting Oman


Omani food reflects the influence many different cultures have had on the country. The meals are spaced out slightly differently than the Western World; the main meal of the day is usually eaten at midday. The evening meal is a lighter one. Rukhal is one of the staples of the diet; it is a thin bread baked over an open fire. It is eaten at any and every meal. Meats are at the heart of many of the dishes. Lamb, fish, and chicken are some of the most popular meats. Due to the prevalence of Islam, pork is generally not offered, but you won’t miss it. The mashuai, a spit-roasted kingfish, is one of the most popular main dishes. Many tourists find that they are completely enamoured with the various seafood dishes. As with many countries in the Middle East, alcohol is not available to Muslims. It is often sold at hotel bars and restaurants that cater to non-Muslim tourists, but it might not be available when you go out.

Sports in Oman

Sports fans should be sure to book their holiday with msaoman to coincide with some of the incredible sporting events that go on year-round. The nation, like much of the Middle East, has a very strong love for association football. The country often hosts the Gulf Cup of Nations, which is the international tournament of Gulf States. In addition to football, Oman is known for its thriving tennis scene. Every year, various tennis tournaments for all age groups take place.

The country also features a Tour of Oman cycling race, international tennis tournaments, beach soccer, and handball. In fact, the 2011 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup qualifiers for Asian nations took place in Oman. The very next year, Oman hosted the Beach Handball World Championship.

Oman is known for its thriving culture that combines the best of many different cultures. Due to its location between so many other culture rich nations, it has become a focal point for international sports competitions ranging from handball to association football. If you are planning to visit Oman, you should definitely consider visiting while one of the sporting events are taking place. If you book your Oman tour with a reputable dealer, they should be able to help you figure out which time of the year would be right for you.

Planning the family trip become the common and increase a lot among the people to end the occasion with more fun and joyful. Therefore, you have to choose the right place with more attraction and other fun activist so the Shimla Tour Package will be suitable and reasonable price package to enjoy the trip. This tour package holds a number of numerous packages to choose such as Volvo tour packages, honeymoon tour packages, tourist place and car tour packages. Therefore, you can choose the right packages to suitable packages according to the budget. Before going to choose you need tour packages in Shimla, you need to consider Hotels in Shimla which most the most import aspects of the trip. Shimla grasps number of the top budget hotels with the first calls accommodation. Therefore, you simply book the room in the hotels via online. Then you can enjoy staying with more comfort for the trip. In an additional you need to check out the transportation to reach that helps to reach the place without meeting nay trouble on it.

Time To Go Hills Station or Game Drive

Shimla Tour Package has 3 nights and 4 days, which are detail discuss below. Day one, the travelers need to catch the Valvo bus from Delhi to reach the Shimla and stay overnight on the bus itself. Day two, after taking rest, you need to go for visiting the attractive local place such as temples, advance study, mall road sightseeing, temple, Sankat mochan and stay in the hotel for overnight. Day three, after completing the breakfast, you need to go with the sightseeing Wild Flower Hall, Chini Banglow, Green Valley, Mini Zoo, Indira Gandhi tourist park, Fun World, Kufri, Dinner Faggu Valley view and overnight stay in the hotel. Day four, after completing the breakfast, you need to sign out from the hotel and catch bus to reach the Delhi. Here are some of the package enclosure such accommodation in the hotel for 2 nights, can get a welcome drink on arrival day, get tea, breakfast and dinner, all types of taxes include, full day sightseeing to the Kufri and full day to visit the local Shimla by the car. At the same time, you can find classic Hotels in Shimla to stay and the booking is open at 24 hours, which will be more comfortable for the customer to enjoy Tour Package with more fun and safe.

As we know India is a very good country in regards; symbol of Peace of Love, Atithi-Devo-Bhawa, Hindu-Muslim-Sikh-Isai- Aapas mein sab bhai bhai… so here are variety of species to travel around the India. Also as you know India is a single country in the world where you can find tiger-lion and leopard. No country has the species of this type of wild animal in the jungle. Save the tiger and save the life on earth so choose the tour of snow white hills or go for the tiger safari drive and game drive at Dudhwa National Park, Uttar Pradesh, India.