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Is your style casual or sophisticated? Choosing the right style for your cocktail bar as for your coffee shop is very important if you want to communicate your values and to distinguish yourself from your competitors. From furnishings to the menu, everything contributes to telling who you are, what you sell and who is your ideal customer. The choice of bar uniforms is also important to achieve this goal.

Uniforms for bar staff must be in line with the style of the whole store, its furnishings, the type of service offered and also the quality of the products on sale. So, here we are with some tips for choosing the best bar uniforms for your store. We will consider models, colors and materials of the fabrics.

Classy bar uniforms for lounges and starred hotels bars

If you manage a lounge bar, a wine bar, a cocktail bar or a starred hotel with a bar service inside, the uniforms for your staff must have an elegant and refined style.

The choice of the materials is very important to ensure a classy impression on your guests. So, you can choose fine materials but very expensive, too. They could be damaged due to accidents or frequent washings so we would like to suggest you a modern and innovative material for aprons and vests like Shiny-Satin Gabardine. It is a polyester fabric with a special shiny-shimmering effect and wrinkle-free. This is a very important factor to consider because thanks to this feature your staff will always look smart.

You can choose neutral colors like black and gray in contrast with the white color of the shirt if you prefer monochrome uniforms. Otherwise, you can also choose fabrics with a geometric relief that give the bar uniforms a modern and innovative style.

Don’t forget to complete the outfit of your staff with custom accessories made in the same material and color, like hats, bibs, and ties. Everything will contribute to conveying a sensation of quality and elegance to your guests.

Casual bar uniforms for coffee shops

If instead, you manage a coffee shop or a modern bar where your typical customers are teenagers and young adults, then you will have to choose informal clothes for your staff. Remember that informal does not mean neglected and don’t think it is not necessary to wear it in an informal contest like this. The casual uniform is important to let your customers know that in your store they can feel like at home and that if they need something, they will have to contact the person wearing the uniform.

One of the trendiest bar uniforms in recent times is denim for funky or industrial style bars and coffee shops. These shops are furnished with minimal style pieces, they are often set into old factories or warehouses with exposed bricks walls and large aged wooden beams instead of the tables. It is not a shabby style but it is a new trend in the Hospitality market.

Or, let’s think about the several newborn vegan and bio bars and coffee shops. The color and the material of the uniforms must be selected in accordance with the values ​​of the store and of its managers too. So, the uniforms will have to be made bio fabrics like hemp. There are several very resistant polyester fibers with a thick and almost rustic weave like the original hemp. These materials, unlike the classic polyester, are not shiny and they are very durable.

So, the choice of the right uniforms is important for the customer to be familiar with the place and the people that manage it too.


If you want a calm but fun time for your family, consider Bald Head Island in Brunswick County, part of the Myrtle Beach metropolitan area. This barrier island is at the Atlantic Ocean’s edge at North Carolina’s southeastern tip where the ocean meets the Cape Fear River. Only accessible by ferry from nearby Southport, you will find few cars on the island and will see that travel is mostly done by modified electric golf carts.

The tiny Village of Bald Head Island had a population of only 158 at the 2010 census, and the estimate for 2016 was only 175. Its total area is 5.8 square miles with 3.9 square miles of land and 1.9 square miles of water.

Catering to tourists who appreciate its serenity and picturesque nature, you can browse through many vacation rentals Bald Head Island and choose from an intriguing selection of beach houses, villas, apartments, lake houses, condos, log cabins, farm houses, and chalets. You are sure to find a location that will fulfill your desires as to where to stay at this beautiful and unique destination and one that will fit into your budget.

There are 14 miles of beaches, a chance to canoe through the marshes or hike through the maritime forests to spot deer and exotic birds.

Bald Head Island Conservancy

This island is recognized nationally for its sea turtle nesting activity, preservation, conservation, and education. The Conservancy is a non-profit organization that also gives nature education classes to kids and allows viewers to sign up for a nightime adventure to see a turtle lay her eggs or see baby turtles crawl to the sea after hatching.

Bald Head Island Marina with “Old Baldy” lighthouse and Smith Island Museum of History

The out-of-service lighthouse is the oldest still standing in the entire state, having been constructed in 1817 at the mouth of the Cape Fear River. Climb to the top of the lighthouse for a magnificent
view. The museum traces local maritime history in a recreated lighthouse keeper’s cottage from the 1850s.

Seabreeze Rentals specializes in vacation rentals on the exclusive Bald Head Island. You can select one that provides picturesque views of the ocean, maritime forest, or championship golf course at the Country Club, where a temporary available membership also includes being able to enjoy its restaurants, lounge, tennis and croquet courts, and a children’s playground.

Liguria is one of the regions most visited in Italy. Tens of thousands are the tourists who choose every year it as a destination for its beautiful landscapes and its cities’ rich history and picturesque villages that are reflected on the sea. There are many places that are worth a visit during a trip to Liguria.

Choosing to spend a holiday in Liguria with your family in tow, pets included, forces us to choose the facilities equipped to accommodate our 4-legged friends in the best way to ensure you make the most of this moment of relaxation and heartedness.

Among the pet-friendly hotels in Liguria, we will recommend Relais Del Maro, a charming hotel located in Borgomaro, in the province of Imperia. Here, just 20 minutes from the beaches of the Riviera and an hour and a half from Nice, in France, does this eco-friendly hotel opened in 2012.

The Charming Hotel in Liguria is spread over three separate buildings close together: Casa Madre, Casa del Borgo, and Casa del Fienile.

Common areas, the reception, and breakfast room are located in the Casa Madre while the rooms and apartments are located in all three structures. Rounding out the enchanting scenery of the Relais del Maro offers its own garden, a beautiful terrace and pool with jacuzzi to relax yourself completely.

Each bedroom or studio apartment is taken care of all the details. Rooms are tastefully decorated in a country-chic style and all rooms are spacious and comfortable. Breakfast, absolutely organic and prepared with local produce, offers a choice of more and different sweet and savory food while the afternoon, hotel guests can enjoy a tea with cakes prepared by the owners. All this while enjoying the presence of our beloved animals that will surely make the holiday a happy moment to remember.

The idea of buying a boat can be an exciting one. You dream of all the great trips and memories you will be making on it. If you plan to buy a new boat, you won’t have to spend as much time during the search process because most new boats come with warranties. If you are planning to buy a used boat and want to make a good purchase, more time and effort will be needed to find a quality, used boat that you can enjoy. When checking out used boats you are interested in purchasing, it is necessary to check for signs of past, overall maintenance.

Check For Damage Below

Always check for cracks and damage to a used boat, even below the waterline. While many small cracks can be simply cosmetic damage, any crack that is greater than a couple inches could suggest big problems. In that case, you should check with the owner to see if there were any repairs done previously or any collisions that may have occurred.

Check For Mildew

While mold is oftentimes just unsightly and can be cleaned up, it is best to check for mold and mildew problems that may be hidden. Extensive mold inside of the seats or upholstery is not a good sign. If it is just on the outside, it can easily be cleaned or replaced. Mold spores can spread quickly and easily. Check to see if there is mold on the wooden parts of the boat or inside on the carpet or ski locker. This could very well indicate there is a mold problem underneath the boat.

Test Engine And Electronics

When testing the engine, pay close attention to excessive noises or vibrations. Old gas and too much oil is easily fixed through a first tune-up. However, symptoms such as smoke can indicate bigger problems that may cost more money than the used boat is worth to fix. The electronics should not be overlooked when checking out a used boat for purchase. Things like burned-out bulbs and broken bilge pumps are easy and cheap to fix. Check the engine electronics for faulty wires or melting because these could be signs of bigger problems.

When you are looking at used boats to buy, they might not always be in the best shape. It is best to keep in mind that certain things are easier to fix than others and knowing the difference can help save you money in the long run. If you do purchase a used boat that needs some fixing up, there are many places to buy attwood boat accessories online. Companies such as has just about any part you need for your boat and at affordable prices. When all else fails, it is always best to have a professional check out a used boat that you are interested in purchasing.

Thailand beaches are some of the most gorgeous beaches you can find. The sparkling water looks absolutely gorgeous at night, which is just perfect for the Full Moon party!

Famous Thailand Full Moon Beach Parties

If you are a big fan of Thailand during the day, you’ll love the bustling nightlife during a Full Moon Party.

If you don’t know what this widely-known party is about, just keep reading and get ready to want to pack your bags for Thailand!

So, What Is the Full Moon Party?

The Full Moon party is a party that takes place every Full Moon, whether the night of, or the night before or after.

The party began in Haad Rin on Ko Pha Ngan but has quickly gained popularity since that night. This party goes on the entire night and doesn’t end until the sun has peeked its head up.

The huge success that the Full Moon Party saw inspired people to create parties like the “Half Moon” or “Quarter Moon” party but these were banned and only the Full Moon Party remains.

All the other parties were banned to help keep the noise levels down, since too many parties create an inescapable level of noise which can be quite bothersome to the islanders.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t party as hard as you want on the full moon! Watch really cool performers like people skipping fire rope and have the opportunity to attend the nightlife party you thought didn’t actually exist.

You’ll have a ton of different music to listen to while partying as well, there’s never a dull moment at a Full Moon Party!

Thailand Travel Agency

If you are looking to travel to Thailand, you may be stressed out trying to plan what to do and where you need to go, let alone how you’re getting there! Don’t worry!

We’ve got you covered. We are a travel agency based in the UK and we want to help you have the vacation you’ve dreamed about.

Traveling can be the best thing in the world but can be difficult if you don’t have the right travel company to help you with your Thailand tourism journey.

We’ve got the knowledge you need to plan the best itinerary for your visit so you don’t miss out on anything while on vacation. Give us a call and check us out so we can give you hand and take the worry off your mind so you can just have a great time on your trip!

The Serviced Apartments As The Premium Mode Of Living

Living accommodations outside of one’s home when visiting a different city or a foreign location have always been the centre of concern for people. The need to have a perfect setup that would serve as a second home is a long-standing one. The amenities too are sought in lines to that found in a home or even beyond. The age old conventional modes of living such as hotels are suitable as short stay accommodations. A longer stay requires an accommodation that would offer facilities that aren’t normally available in a staying facility like that of a hotel.

The Serviced Apartments As The Premium Mode Of Living

Serviced Apartments:

The new age accommodation facility that has made its way in place of hotels is the serviced apartments. The serviced apartments are a premium set of apartments that offer the most modern and unique facilities to the occupant. Normally these apartments are spread across quite a number of locations within a given city. The popularity of these accommodations is widespread and also ever increasing in the present context the world over with some of locations like apartments Kensington.

Location Advantage:

The spread across different locations helps one to choose the apartment that suits his or her purpose of stay the most. For instance, a student or a business professional would prefer a serviced apartment that is located near the central business district of a city with close proximity to institutes and workplaces. A tourist seeking a quiet stay would favour a living accommodation in the form of a serviced apartment at the far end corner of a city. Similarly, medical patients would prefer an apartment close to medical centres and hospitals.

Popularity Aspect:

The popularity of apartments gets increased manifolds, not just through the number of amenities that features on the list of services inside but also the surrounding attractions outside. For instance, the Kensington serviced apartments situated on the west end of London is adorned with attractions like bars, restaurants and boutiques. Kensington is also home to a number of famous museums, world-renowned retail store and well connected with a network of underground Tube stations. The features that make the place teem with visitors and tourists throughout the year.

Serviced apartments come in a varied combination of rooms and also some apartments in the form of penthouses. The inside amenities that feature as additional facilities range from concierge services, pre-booked breakfast, beneficiary schemes regarding customer loyalty etc.  The other forms of facilities that feature as the usual offerings are close circuit television monitoring, a duty manager present onsite, storage spaces for luggage, lifts, every form of modern home electric appliances, availability of twin beds, crockeries and cookware, modern bath equipment including slippers, hairdryers, towels and toiletries etc.

Insight On The Merit Of Serviced Apartments Over Hotel

Till date larger number of people is utterly ignorant about the term “serviced apartments”, they are still not counted as the cost-efficient alternative to hotels. Generally, serviced apartments are entirely furnished apartments that are available for long-term and short-term stays. In most of the case, the rental charge is included of utility bills and you cannot be deprived of any of those amenities that are provided by hotels. You can even expect 24 hours open customer service and maid service. In short, service apartments proffer more features than a simple room of guest houses where the boarders can only get bedroom and bathroom.

Insight On The Merit Of Serviced Apartments Over Hotel

Serviced Apartment vs. Hotel

  • The hotel services are all about maintaining utmost professionalism, serviced apartments offer the same thing but with a personal touch. Do you know who can be benefitted most by this unique sort of accommodation service? The business houses who need to arrange accommodations for business partners, external business advisors, engineers and other associates.
  • The cost of booking a hotel room for a number of days can be a major concern for the business houses as it may highly impactful to their budget. Moreover, they can’t even think of arranging the stay of those delicates in cheap hotels. Hence, no matter how tough situation they are facing, for the sake of the business they are bound to arrange luxurious hotels for them. In such situation, serviced apartments in Kensington arrives the savior.
  • Several agencies have emerged in the market in recent days who deliver the service of arranging Serviced Apartments. Whereas some of them possess their own apartments, some work like a broker between the host and the tenant.
  • Hotels are undoubtedly advantageous for short trips as you simply don’t want to be bothered by the hassles of cooking foods. On-demand service and decent bed are all that you may seek for. On the other hand, when you need to stay longer time out of your home, you may feel the urge of having homemade food. People who thoroughly enjoy cooking their food can choose serviced apartments over hotels without any shade of doubt. Moreover, while you are at home you are not obliged to eat in a certain time, the same thing you can enjoy in this serviced apartment. You would be not compelled to take foods within specific time.

Last Words

Not only that, if you are planning to have a long tour to Kensington and its surrounding sites with your family, then serviced apartments in Kensington is also an ideal option. You can receive home like feeling while staying aloof of your home. You can simply enjoy cooking with your partner that is next to impossible in your busy life.

Vietnam holds an extraordinary place in my heart, every time I visit, I comprehensively enjoy the culture and populace that make Vietnam whatever it is. Traveling to Northern Vietnam and explore the countryside whilst staying with local in their home is a particular preferred of mine. If you haven’t tried a home stay before, I would suggest finding a superior Vietnam tour company like Viet Bamboo Travel to help you. These company work with the local villages and aid bring them tourists which aid improve the local standard of living and give an income source for their family. When you’re in search of a Vietnam Tour company, be certain to see how they aid the community you travel to.

How To Plan Your Next Vietnam Travel Tour

Finding a travel company that give back to their community is very significant. Some of the bigger tour companies send bus loads of populace to the major attractions and shuttle them out previous to they can actually get to recognize the people. Traveling in Vietnam with a travel company that would  provide small custom tour, is a much more private experience and typically with a little research, these company give a lot back to the community they help serve.

  1. Ha Long Bay Cruise

Taking a journey on Ha Long Bay is a must do action if you are wandering to Vietnam, This UNESCO World Heritage place is an unbelievable place to see and experience. Taking a 2 – 3 day journey on Ha Long Bay is a grand way to get to see all that it has to present.

How To Plan Your Next Vietnam Travel Tour

  1. Hanoi City Tour

Visiting Hanoi is an outstanding way to experience the hectic city life of Northern Vietnam. There are numerous wonderful attractions plus places to visit and shopping in Hanoi’s old quarter is an extremely exclusive experience, you just have to try.

  1. Hue, Vietnam

Hue, Vietnam is an extraordinary city with a lot of history in mid Vietnam, there are lots of magnificent cultural events in this region and lots of great history. Visiting the Hue Citadel is a must do action if you’re in Hue, as well having lunch at a monastery is a grand way to experience the culture and enjoy na exclusive tasty meal.

  1. Hoi An, Vietnam

This particular beach city is a great way to take pleasure in the beaches of Vietnam and pamper yourself. Several of the premium resorts in the world are situated in Hoi An, including the Nam Hai an unbelievable 6 star hotel which provide a luxurious experience you will be hard pressed to discover anywhere else in the globe

How To Plan Your Next Vietnam Travel Tour

Well, there are lots more incredible places to see while you travel to Vietnam. To learn more about Vietnam Travel as well as all that there is to see and do in this magnificent country, check out our website at North Vietnam Travel Destination. We offer tips and tricks while traveling to Vietnam in addition to destination reviews and travel companies to consider while visiting Vietnam.