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Throughout the history of the church one of the most important means of spiritual growth and development has come through the preaching of God’s Word. In the modern church, the primacy of preaching has often been maligned in favor of small groups and other community activities. But there can be no doubt that throughout the history of the church, preaching has been at the forefront of the church’s ministry. This fact excites me because never has there been such a massive library of preaching available to Christians as there is today. Free sermons on just about every Biblical passage, topic or doctrine are available literally at the click of a button. But sadly, most Christians are not make use of this incredible opportunity.

The other day, I was talking with one of the Sunday School teachers in our church. His class is not only growing numerically, but we have seen a number of his class members demonstrate tremendous spiritual growth over the past couple of years. So the other day, I asked him about what he was doing. Put simply, he has been giving his class a few links to sermons each week related to the passage of Scripture or topic that they study in Sunday School. Then in class, he asks them to share what God has been revealing to them through their reading, study and listening to the preaching of God’s Word. The results have been tremendous. Several marriages have been rescued or strengthened, and a few members recognized they had never been truly converted — others have made renewed spiritual commitments that are resulting in transformed lives — all because they listened to some free sermons recommended by their Sunday school teacher.


 As a Pastor, I too have benefited from listening to free sermons. Every week I make it a practice to download a few sermons related to the passage or topic that I will be preaching about the next Sunday. Then throughout the week, I listen to them while working out or driving in my car. I found that this practice has helped to keep me focused on the Word and God has used these messages to help me find new applications for the sermon and ways to illustrate the message. Although there is no way to measure it, I truly believe that my spiritual life has grown as a result of this practice because I am spending more time thinking about how I personally need to be transformed by the message, not just how I am going to preach it on Sunday.

Getting started listening to free sermons is easy. Look up a few of your favorite preachers online or go to one of the many index sites and look for sermons on specific passages or topics that interest you. Then download them and listen to them. Not everything you will hear will be Biblical, so be sure to compare everything to Scripture. But overall you will start to grow by making free sermons a part of your spiritual discipline.

Dr. Joe Buchanan has been preaching for over twenty years. Currently, he serves as the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Metropolis, IL and as Assistant Professor in the School of Religion at Liberty University.

Soul Stirring Sample Sermons

For preachers and laypersons alike, there are hundreds of sources of high-quality sample sermons that can be read for research, daily meditation, Bible study and personal enrichment. In fact clergy, deacons and others in ministry were among the earliest adopters of the World Wide Web as a tool to help them “spread the Gospel message to all the nations.” They understood the power and influence of the Internet to spread the Good News of a gracious God who invites us into His Divine Kingdom of Love. They understood the power and influence of the Internet and quickly began utilizing the emerging technologies as an effective tool in their ministries. And there is perhaps no more effective way to promote their ministry and spread the Good News of the Gospel than through the sharing of weekly, sample sermons.

Sample sermons can be found on the web as sermon outlines or as full-text messages. These sermons can be easily searched, read, printed and shared through email and social media. For the youngest members of the church, Children’s sample sermons are also widely available.

Soul Stirring Sample Sermons

Sample sermons online are developed for almost every conceivable topic and for most every occasion. From weddings, to funerals, holidays and holy days, a quick google search can point the user to exactly what they are looking for.

While some preachers key their sample sermons to the ABC Lectionary cycle, which provides the scripture readings for each week — others preach through the Bible — sharing expository sermons as they work their way through each Book, chapter and verse. Some sample sermons are offered for the New Testament Scriptures only, while others focus on the rich tradition of the Old Testament Books of the Holy Bible.

From sermon writing and research, to personal prayer and reflection, people the world over now have ready access to the best writing and scholarship available in the form of weekly, sample sermons.

A sample sermon from the editors of Sunday Sermons may be previewed each week at The site offers hundreds of sample sermon previews and thousands of archived, full text Sunday Sermons. Many free sample sermon resources can be accessed from the site including full-text weekly sermons, children’s sermons and prayers. Plus the site offers nearly 20,000 sermon illustrations to supplement the weekly sample sermons. Sunday Sermons, an early provider of sample sermons on the internet has been publishing sermon material for more than 45 years.

From the average church-goer to ordained clergy, the tremendous number of sources of high-quality sample sermons available on the Internet can transform daily research, Bible study and spiritual meditation. Today, preachers throughout the world are “spreading the Gospel message to all the nations” with their online ministries. And there is perhaps no better way to spread the the Gospel than with weekly, sample sermons.

The good news is there is a world of excellent preaching available to us all. So the next time you are surfing the web, try typing a Google search for “sample sermon.” You just may be pleasantly surprised how many great sample sermon resources you will find!