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Looking For The Best Holiday Apartments In Barcelona For An Amazing City Break?

Barcelona is an incredible place to escape at any time of the year. The place is just a hop and a skip away, there are literally tons of cheap flights landing there each day. So what it really is that makes this city an amazing destination for city breaks? Monocle – a London based Magazine states that Barcelona is one of the most vibrant cities in the world. It is a hip and hop city with a thriving nightlife and numerous other attractions while you prefer to disconnect. It has got the best of all worlds, the Mediterranean beaches, city life and a great access to the countryside of Catalonia.

Barcelona has a lot to offer for swanky and actual holiday homes and apartment rentals if you are looking for a little touch of pizzazz. So, whether you are there to roam around the Gothic Quarter or La Ramblas, or soak up the Art Nouveau architecture, Medieval and Roman history, take in some alternative music, or discover some of the incredible creations of Antonio Gaudí and his unfinished Sagrada Familia, or in search for a romantic stroll around the famous Park Guell, below are some exclusive holiday homes for an absolute city break in Barcelona.

Holiday Home of the stars – Finding Holiday Apartments In Fabregas

If you prefer to splash out on a holiday with a group of friends, then this 6-bedroom luxury apartment perhaps be the best thing. Built in the year 1919, this spectacular apartment in the Eixample district in the center of Barcelona is one of the holiday homes of the stars: Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford chose it when they visited Barcelona. Spacious, elegant and tasteful, it is just perfect for dining and wining, and is merely minutes away from Les Rambles.

Finding A Gothic-style Holiday Home – Art Nouveau Apartment in Barcelona

Where you stay in Barcelona can influence your entire holiday experience and this amazing apartment is just perfect if you intend to step into a different era and live Barcelona in style. Not just is it slap-bang in the center of the Gothic Quarter, with its restaurants, cafes, and boutiques, but this 3-bedroom apartment in Barcelona is original, spacious and filled with antique artwork.

Sagrada Familia apartments in Barcelona – The Modern Apartment

If you are considering something on the more economical end of the spectrum, you can look out for Sagrada Familia apartments in Barcelona. The apartments are modern and spacious with 3-bedrooms. With buckets of natural light and high ceilings, the apartments have been immaculately designed with exposed brick features. This makes for an incredible holiday home that completely embraces the significance of location and is just perfect if you are a Gaudi fan considering visiting the Sagrada Familia, which is just a five-minute walk away.

Top Lanzarote Destinations To Visit

When we hear about Lanzarote of the Canary Islands, we immediately think of pristine beaches and its blue waters. But Lanzarote has so much more to offer apart from its beaches. You can discover the history of the old towns like Teguise. It has been the capital of the island and is now a treasure in itself when it comes to the beautiful colonial architecture of the place. If you want to see the more modern features of Lanzarote, Arrecife is the place to be at. There are also picturesque villages such as those of Haria which is very near the National Park of Timanfaya.  


If you want to see the metropolitan and modern parts of Lanzarote, it would be great if you get to visit Arrecife. It is the capital of the island and a bustling port city. A third of the population of Lanzarote lives in Arrecife, with the number reaching up to 45,000. In Arrecife, you can go shopping, take a swim at the beach, visit the parks, walk along the promenade, enjoy the nightlife, and other activities that the city is ready to provide you with.

In this city, there are also castles that are rich in history. One is the Castillo de San Jose where you can find the International and Contemporary Art Museum. If you want to learn more about the city’s history, you can visit the second castle, the Castillo de San Gabriel.

The Resorts in Arrecife

Top Lanzarote Destinations To Visit

While in Arrecife, there are three resorts that you can choose from – the Hesperia, Costa Calero, and Puerto Calero where you can find an array of great hotels.

Puerto del Carmen

Top Lanzarote Destinations To Visit

This place is largest and oldest resort in Lanzarote. It is one of the first locations where travelers went to. It was built originally surrounding the old harbor of the town. Now, it has been extended to about six kilometers of golden beaches. You can choose among the studio apartments that overlook the beach road, or if you want something more luxurious, there are exclusive villas in Los Mojones which is on top of a cliff which overlooks the harbor and the sea.

Costa Teguise

Top Lanzarote Destinations To Visit

Costa Teguise is among the island’s most established resorts. It was developed in the ‘70s as a tourist resort by Cesar Manrique. There are a lot of beaches to choose from while you’re in Costa Teguise. The location of the resort is very ideal for exploring the many attractions of Lanzarote.

Playa Blanca

Top Lanzarote Destinations To Visit

During the past few years, there have been lots of development in the Playa Blanca resort. But thankfully, there are no high-rise developments because of the strict planning laws of the place. Playa Blanca continually grows, but it still has its very relaxed atmosphere and is a favorite among many visitors.

Puerto Calero

Puerto Calero is a bit smaller than Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca, or Costa Teguise but it is more upmarket. While there are no beaches, you can go swimming from the rocks. There are also two hotels and a variety of holiday villas to choose from. It is a place that you should visit especially if you love boats because of the excellent marina there.

Towns and Villages of Lanzarote

Let’s take a look at some of the villages and towns that you can explore while you’re in Lanzarote.


In a place called the valley of 1,000 palms, you will find Haria. This is where you will experience the essence of Lanzarote. The village atmosphere and the sceneries will blow you away. There is an artisan market every Saturday, in a quaint art gallery along the main square. In the local cemetery, you can visit the grave of Cesar Manrique as well. He lived the last of his years in Haria. It is a good place to visit for the lovers of art.  


Teguise used to be the island’s capital for many centuries until the capital was transferred to Arrecife. Try visiting Teguise for its Sunday Market. If you love old architecture, this is also a great place to witness such wondrous works. The atmosphere of the place is tranquil and relaxing.

If you are driving around the island, it is most likely that you’ll pass through Teguise. It is just on the way to the northern attractions and is also near the beach located at Famara.


Tias is one of the most important as well as among the oldest towns in Lanzarote. However, it is not often featured as a tourist attraction. But it does have a lot to boast as well. In Tias, you get to overlook the Puerto Del Carmen resort. It has been a favorite destination for many expats to stay in. It has also been home to a winner of the Nobel prize.


Yaiza has been voted as Spain’s prettiest village. It is great for those who want a peaceful place to visit and explore. It sits very near the Timanfaya volcanoes and is lucky to still be around. Yaiza is definitely a place to visit and experience at least once.

Coastal Villages

If you want to move away from the more developed and crowded resorts, you ought to visit the coastal villages of Lanzarote. Here are some of them.

Caleta de Famara

This is a little fishing village that has a wonderful beach. Both international and local surfers enjoy the waters of Caleta de Famara. It also has great views to offer as well as a selection of simple and quaint restaurants. It’s a good place just to relax.


The fishing village of Arrieta is unspoiled and is considered to be a gem. One of the best beaches found in Lanzarote is in Playa de Garita. Do check it out and see for yourself and be amazed.

Playa Quemada

This village is found in the southern part of Puerto Calero. It’s a really small village with houses spilling just onto the volcanic beaches. Once you see it, you can imagine how Lanzarote used to look like before tourism came into play.  


This single island has so much to offer. Imagine getting the chance to stay at each of the Canary Islands for extended periods of time. You’ll surely want to stay forever. To know more about the many things you can do on the islands, visit  where you can find extensive information about every city and town in the Canary Islands

There is no doubt that having a travel company cancel your holiday at short notice through circumstances beyond your control can be devastating. You may have saved money and made plans for months or even years for your dream break and suddenly, they tell you that you can’t go. It is particularly heart-breaking if the holiday marked a once in a lifetime opportunity, or an anniversary or if it was a planned honeymoon.

Reasons for cancellations can vary. The hotel you were heading for may have burnt down or gone bankrupt. The travel company itself may be in difficulties. War, revolution or terrorist alerts might have led to the cancellations of all travel to the country you hoped to visit.

The holiday company you booked your break with should be a registered accredited travel agency with an organization such as The Association Of British Travel Agents (ABTA) or you may get nothing back at all. An accredited company should have offered you an agreement to compensation and your travel insurance should help too. They will often cover you if your break is cancelled due to serious illness or bereavement too.

The main assistance you’ll get to future holidays is monies returned from your initial bookings and the travel agents may and should offer generous discounts on flights, cruises and hotels you may wish to consider for future Summer (or even Winter) breaks.

If the main problem is with your flights, you are almost certainly going to be covered by the Civil Aviation Authority CAA) If your holiday is scuppered by flight delays full compensation for the flight, including a return flight, should be covered.

Credit card companies also be obliged to offer compensation for monies you spent on your holiday preparation through their cards.

A travel company who have let down customers will be keen to make amends so barter with them for the best deal possible. You might have only been trying for a European vacation when things went pear shaped but try to negotiate for something more exotic, such as a trip to Australia. Be polite and patient while making it clear that you will complain through every channel necessary. Travel companies depend on traveller feedback and word of mouth, so negative feedback is bad for business. If they know they messed up they will go out of their way to make it up to you. Make the most of it.

If the holiday company offers you only a holiday of the same financial value as the one you were due to take it is worth holding out for a better deal. They could offer you a cheaper holiday and flight package than you initially wanted but if so you are entitled to the financial difference between the cancelled break and the replacement one. If the sum is substantial it could cover your spending money for the vacation too.

Don’t forget that as well as the holiday time itself, you may have spent money preparing for the holiday, buying a new camera, scuba gear, books on the region to visit, etc. You may be entitled to compensation there too. There may also be lost earnings as you planned your time off work around the vacation. Know your holiday contract. Know your insurance rights. Check consumer rights, advice bureau, relevant airline and legal, and travel operator rights websites thoroughly, ideally before booking your holiday.

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Skiing Tips For Beginners

Skiing is in no doubt one of the most entertaining and healthy activity to deal with. At times when it gives you good time and memories for life, it also adds a number of plus points to your health. However, learning skiing and snowboarding requires a massive amount of patience and time. Beginners skiing lessons might help you to dip your toe into the water, but if you are looking to learn some serious tricks to be a ski expert, you really need to spend hours on the slopes. Only and only then you can get a grip on it.

Skiing Tips For Beginners

Before you start learning to stay on the slopes, there are much more else that you need to deal with. You can consider it as a pre-lecture, homework for you. Yes! It is necessary. This preparation might include dealing with the following:

Your Clothing:

First thing first, your clothes. It is the most important thing; you will need the right skiing clothing for you. Being cold, uncomfortable or managing your clothes all the time is the worst thing you can face on slopes while having your skiing lessons. A better idea is to rent out some outerwear that fit in you and can keep you waterproof, warm, and comfortable. However, you also need to consider what you need to wear underneath these skiing clothes, as it is of equal importance.

Make sure your legs and arms are completely covered and you are wearing gloves as well. Wearing layers of clothes is better as you can take one off, if you are feeling warm. This practice will help to maintain your body temperature. Make sure you are comfortable with what you are wearing. Some good ski socks are also a good idea to deal with. Do not compromise on your safety, rent out some skiing helmet and keep your head warm as well as safe.


Besides major dressing, you will also need a number of accessories that will help you practice your skiing in a better way. These might include your perfect fit ski boots and poles. Better to go for the equipment that suits your age, weight, size, height and your ability to deal with them. To have a better idea of what suit your body structures the most, consults ski experts or your ski teachers and find the best pair for you. Goggles are also a necessary item to carry with you. The skiing experts know better what will suit you the best to practice your skiing in a hassle free manner.

Once you have had it all, you are ready to go for your skiing lessons. From beginners to expert level skiing lovers, offers a range of skiing clothing and accessories online. To have a better idea about what suit your needs the best, call the customer care representative and get the accurate advice, most suitable gears for you. also offers a range of demo ski sale services and other facilitates to its customers with world’s more trusted brands.

One last thing, it is also necessary for the beginners to get proper instructions and get fit in all ways, before landing into the slopes. It will also be better to watch videos and demos for skiing before practicing as it will help them to stay safe and understand the instructions of the teachers in a better way.

Are you searching for a kayak rack for your car? If you are selecting a kayak rack for the first time, then you should know that there are plenty of things that you will have to keep in mind and you will have to select the perfect kayak rack for yourself. Most of the time, people don’t pay attention to the important things that matter, and they always end up in wasting money on a rack that does not have the features that they require. If you want to purchase a rack that will help you place your kayak properly, then you need to come up with a better solution.

What To Do When Selecting The Perfect Kayak Rack For Your Car?

Here, we are going to share few things that you need to understand so you can come up with a better solution. Let’s have a closer look at the things that you need to keep in mind when you are purchasing a kayak rack for your car.

Always choose the Reputable Brand

There are different brands out there that will provide you the perfect solution to your problem. If you are not selecting the brand that has a great reputation, then you will end up purchasing a rack of low quality. If you want to purchase a kayak rack for truck, then you will have to begin your research and search for the brands that will provide you the best kayak racks for the trucks. Always check the reputation of the brand before making a final purchase, so you don’t end up wasting your money. Choosing a quality brand will help you make the perfect decision, and it will allow you get the desired results. Most of the people go with a cheaper option, and they end up purchasing a low-quality rack that does not provide them the quality results.

Select the Right Type and Perfect Model

When you have chosen a highly reputable brand for purchasing the kayak rack, then you should always consider finding the perfect type of kayak rack. If you have a small car, then J-shaped kayak racks can be the perfect option for you. When you are selecting a kayak rack, you should also consider reading the reviews of the kayak rack, and it will allow you to read all the features you need to know about the kayak rack that you are about thepurchase. It will help you choose the rack according to your requirements.


Autumn is right here: three months to say goodbye to the hectic summer andreturn to the atmosphere of calm before holidays.But…Is it all calm during October and November? What can you do in Barcelona on late September? The Catalan capital never sleeps and the arrival of autumn is not an exception. Anotatethe following plans in your agenda and find a Barcelona apartment for rent to enjoy the Mediterranean capital in all its glory!

What To Do This Autumn In Barcelona

La Mercé: the Celebrationin Capital Letters

What a better way to welcome the autumn than withthe most celebrated festival of Barcelona: La Mercé? Four days of celebrations where streets are filled with culture, color, light and fire to honor the patron saint of the city.

Free concerts by international artists such as Manu Chao, museums with free admission, circus and street performances, exhibitions, sardanas (regional folk dancing), castellers (human towers consisting of eight floors), traditional food and a long list of activities to keep going 24 hours a day.

Chemical Brothers in Concert

On Thursday October 27th you have appointment mandatory event: the concert of the most successful duo of electronic music in recent decades, with the company of very special guests,such as 2 Many Djs and ErolAlkan. What is special about this concert in Barcelona? The unique setting of the PobleEspanyol, a special place of Barcelona at the foot of the mountain of Montjuïc that faithfully reproduces traditionalarchitecture and iconic corners of the Spanish geography.

Good music, excellent backdrop and one of the most pleasant areas of Barcelona make this plan one of the musts of autumn in Barcelona.

The Cure & Red Hot Chili Peppers

If the electronic musicis not enough motivation for you, two legendary bands in active since the 80s and with numerous hits, The Cure and Red Hot Chili Peppers,postulate as an alternative of classic rock guitars and a barely abusing synthesizer.

On Saturday November 26th, the band led by the charismatic Robert Smith will be in the magnificent Palau Sant Jordi, same scenario where two months earlier, on October 1st, will play the no less charismatic Anthony Kiedis with his band of authentic Californian rock.

Pure “Liga”

In autumn the league of Spanish football has already begun (La Liga) and it is the momentto decide thewinter champions: the best teams fight for the championship title, and the remaining five will fight for a placein a European competition (Champions or UEFA). Therefore it is a great time to  visittheFC Barcelona Museum (the exhibition area most visited in Spain with almost three million visitors per year) withan entry ticketto a football match of one of the most exciting sports competitions around the world.

If this sports complex is not enough, we can also visit the nearby town of Cornella, where we find the headquarters of the other city team: RCD Espanyol, whose beautiful stadium is part of a leisure complex where you can spend the whole afternoon.

There are so many places throughout the UK where you can go with your family on the next holiday. It doesn’t matter where you are and what your budget is – we have plenty of options for you to discover. It can be the ultimate way to bond with everyone, and ensure that everyone has some incredible memories to return home with.

Looking For Ideas Where To Take Your Family On Its Next Holiday? Check Out Our Hot List

The Royal Mile in Edinburgh

The Royal Mile, found in Edinburgh, is filled with history and shopping. You will be able to travel from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood. It’s one of the oldest streets in Edinburgh, and gives you a chance to explore both of the historic sites. As you travel from one to the other, there is also going to be a significant number of shops and restaurants for you to discover.

It’s a chance to discover the Royal aspects of Scotland and grab some great souvenirs along the way, as well.

Warner Brothers Studio tour in London

The Warner Bros. studio tour in London is one of the hot tickets right now. The tour allows you to see behind the scenes of Harry Potter and see how some of your favourite scenes were made. Some of the cast and crew returned to record their memories on film, and these can be seen throughout the tour as well.

Adjacent to the working film studios, the tour offers the ability to tour to soundstages as well as a back lot filled with an electronic creatures, special effects, and original sets. There is also a studio shop where you have the opportunity to purchase some incredible items that look like the originals from the movie.

Beaches Across the UK

There are some incredible beaches across the coastline of the UK, and you can choose one that is close to where you are – or close to where you want to be. Three Shells Beach in Southend is known for clean water and a lot of sunbathing opportunities. There’s also Blackpool Sands in Devon, where beach-side chairs can give you a great view of the water. Benllech Beach on the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales has clean shores and a full beach resort to enjoy.

Dr Who Experience

In Cardiff, Wales, you can take the family on a Dr Who experience where you can come face-to-face with some of your favourite TV characters. There is an interactive adventure, the opportunity to fly the TARDIS and go behind the scenes. It’s a chance to lead through time, and everyone in the family will love checking out this place.

Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire

A trip to Bedfordshire, England can be the perfect family trip, especially because it is home to be biggest who in the UK – Whipsnade. There are giraffes, tigers, lions, cheetahs and a number of other animals, including rhinos and elephants. It is the opportunity to learn about so many different exotic animals, watch them being said, and discover more about conservation.


Throughout the UK and throughout the year, there are some incredible children’s festivals that you can find. This includes:

  • Winchester Children’s Festival in February
  • Bank of Scotland Imaginate Festival in May
  • Belfast Children’s Festival in May
  • Reading Children’s Festival in May
  • Glastonbury Children’s Festival in August

There’s always something going on somewhere across the UK, so get creative and go and do something you have never done before. It’s a chance to see the beautiful countryside and keep kids entertained in the process.

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One of the reasons many couples choose the Bahamas for their destination wedding is that there are several regions that can host a dream wedding and honeymoon. Though Nassau is the island most often chosen by couples, other popular selections include Harbour, Paradise and Grand Bahama Islands.

As its capital city, Nassau boasts many beautiful venues for indoor and outdoor weddings. It has a vibrant nightlife to offer and there are several water sports couples can participate in during the day. For couples who want to experience the culture of the Bahamas there are several museums and other attractions they can visit.

Planning A Destination Wedding In The Bahamas

Harbour Island is often the best choice for couples who want to have a wedding on the beach. The beaches of Harbour Island are consistently rated as being among the best anywhere in the country. For a touch of romance, couples love getting married while standing on the pink sands of the beach. Couples who actively enjoy swimming will find that Harbour Island is the best place in the Bahamas to do so. With calm and shallow water it is safe for couples to go swimming at virtually anytime. Those who want to escape from the stress of everyday life love that Harbour Island’s preferred method of transportation is golf carts as opposed to cars. It is also not unusual to see people riding horses along the beach.

Located close to Nassau; Paradise Island lives up to its name. Couples who want to have their destination wedding in a secluded area can get married at Lyford Cay or Adelaid. For a flashier wedding, couples can get married at any of the resorts and hotels located throughout Paradise Island. The sandy white beaches and clear waters make for some lovely wedding photos that couples can cherish forever.

Couples that want to make their destination wedding a family affair often choose Grand Bahama Island. Activities to participate in while couples and their guests are there include three aviary sanctuaries and national parks, as well as underwater caves larger than any others in the world. Grand Bahama Island is well known for its delicious fish fries, which the locals eat and enjoy on a regular basis. Couples and their guests can enjoy a hearty meal followed by shopping, golfing or simply laying on the beach.

Planning A Destination Wedding In The Bahamas

One thing that is often overlooked when planning a destination wedding is what you can and cannot take along on your plane ride. Certain things like sparklers are forbidden on planes altogether while things like decorations are simply too bulky for checked luggage. Before you book your destination for your wedding, make sure you can acquire all of the things you’ll need when you arrive if you can’t take them along on your journey.

When planning a destination wedding in the Bahamas couples must show their drivers licenses, passports and birth certificates prior to the big day. Couples must apply for their marriage license in person in the Bahamas. Arriving in the Bahamas on a cruise ship requires couples to prove that they have been in the waters of the Bahamas for at least 24 hours before they can apply for their marriage license. This can be done by obtaining a signed letter from the purser of the cruise ship. Couples are generally approved for their marriage license 24 hours after they apply for it and must have two witnesses at the signing.

Fishing is actually one of the most interesting water activities to do with friends and family and it can be done for either commercial or recreational purposes. If you are planning to visit Darwin, Australia, you might want to consider going on a fishing adventure. And because it is probably a new thing for you to try, you will surely enjoy the fishing safari experience.

Go On Fishing Adventure In Darwin With Anglers Choice

Fishing Safari with Anglers Choice

You can choose your own adventure for your most awaited fishing adventure. The fishing tours Darwin can be done by selecting the type of fishing charter you prefer or you can just go for a Dundee boat hire. Below are some detailed information about Anglers Choice fishing trips and tours:

Fishing Charters

For fishing charters, you can choose the sport fishing charter, reef fishing charter, or the Barramundi fishing charter. Sport fishing charter allows you to experience pelagic fishing in Dundee beach and the possibility of catching a Spanish mackerel, sailfish or queenies is very high.

Reef fishing charter is recommended to those who want to try having a prize catch such as coral trout and red snappers. They practice catch and release so you will not have to worry about engaging in this type of activity.

Lastly, the Barramundi fishing charter is also a great option to those who want Barramundi fishing. Along the Barramundi charter journey, you will also have an encounter with some saltwater crocs and even birds of prey.

Dundee Boat Hire

The Dundee Beach boat hire is recommended for those who want to go fishing at a budget price. Starting at $270 per day, you can already rent the 4.55 m Polycraft Hire Boat, which is already good for four anglers.

Even if you do not have long days to stay in Australia, you can actually enjoy a one-day fishing charter experience only in Anglers Choice. They have a professional yet very friendly staff that will not only tour you around Dundee beach, but will also give you great pieces of advice when it comes to fishing methods. Your one-day fishing charter adventure includes all the fishing gears, lunch and refreshments, and some great stories to hear from the staff.

To book your fishing trip in advance, you can visit the Anglers Choice website to select your accommodation and proceed with your booking request. You can also call them at +61889781292 or email at [email protected] for more details and inquiries.

Vehicles have long become a symbol of a man’s opulence and luxurious indulgence.   I would like to convince you to experience a memorable ride in a limousine at least once in life.

What Is The Top Reasons To Hire A Limousine

Relaxation Indulgence

Relaxing while travelling is a great trade off for the amount of money paid. Hire a splendid vehicle like a limo for a hassle free smooth ride. You can have the liberty of refreshments, music, service stops, or any preferred route for the ride.  Limos have a remarkable sound system and sometimes even a karaoke for you and your friends to have some fun. Most limos also come with a bar where you can raise some toasts as well!  Hire a limo for a night out fun with friends or family because every one of us deserves a pampering once a while.

Make a statement arrival

There are often times in our lives when we wish to indulge in luxuries, comfort and make a fashion statement for glitzy and glamorous functions.  There can be several occasions where you need to be suited up and make your presence a grand gesture. And what better way to do so other than making an arrival in a limousine!

Special Events

On your most special day, you would want the most memorable experience of your life. Limousine by far is the safest and the most traditional vehicle of choice for a grand entry at the wedding venue. This is the memorable day which you would wish to remember for your entire life and a luxurious transport is surely going to be the best start of this journey.

Convenient and Safe way to travel to a new city

A luxury vehicle and a courteous chauffer are all you can ask for in a new city. It is a safe way to move around the city with the chauffer knowing the best of routes; in some cases have a good opening conversation with the driver about the best in town. No hassles of waiting in line for taxis or finding a parking spot.

Limousines are now very popularly available for hire to suit your occasion’s demands; whether it is a wedding ceremony or a lavish party or simply a corporate function, limo hire companies are now dedicatedly providing you services to deliver your best possible experience with them.  As a customer, your input is to provide them with as many details as possible to avail a better service. Try out Limo Service CT for your next best limo experience.