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In this article you’ll take an excursion into the history of Verona and get acquainted with the most ancient buildings and constructions in the city.

It’s not known for certain when Verona was founded. Some historians have an opinion that a settlement on the site of modern Verona is founded by the Euganei – the tribes that were pressed by the Cisalpine Gauls in about 550 BC. But this is only one of a few versions.

What historians know for sure is that Verona became a Roman colony in 89 BC, so the oldest city constructions survived to our days were built by the Romans.

89 BC

Ponte Pietra (“Stone Bridge”)

Ponte Pietra is among the oldest construction in Verona. The original ancient Roman bridge was built in 89 BC. The 120 meters long arch bridge crossing the Adige River today is dating back 1957.

Timeline: 11 Historical Attractions In Verona

At first, the Ponte Pietra was made of wood and was repeatedly destroyed in 1007, 1153, 1232 and 1239 until in 1503 it was decided to use stone as building material.

The last time Ponte Pitera was destroyed by retreating German troops in 1945. In fact, they blew up every single bridge in the city.

Despite many changes and restorations that took place during the period from 89 BC to the 20th century, the Ponte Pietra still remains a shining example of Roman construction in Verona.

30 AD

Arena di Verona

It’s believed that the Arena was built in 30 AD, 42 years before foundation of the Coliseum in Rome.  It inferiors to the Coliseum in sizes, but it still remains the Italian third largest Roman amphitheatre.

Timeline: 11 Historical Attractions In Verona

Despite its considerable age, the Arena di Verona has remained virtually untouched by unforgiving passage of time. It’s so well preserved that even nowadays holds various events including famous Verona Opera Festival.

1st Century AD

Porta Borsari

Porta Borsari built of white stone in the middle of the 1st century is a shining example of a high level of skill of ancient Roman architects and builders.
Whereas nowadays the Porta Borsari is just one of the historical city attractions, 2 thousand years ago it was important outpost, which housed the Roman garrison guarding the entrance to the main street of Verona.

11 Historical Attractions In Verona

If you look attentively at the fronton of the gate’s lower tier, you’ll see ancient inscription “Colonia Verona Augusta”. It was the name of Verona during the time of the Roman Empire.

10-12th Century

Basilica of San Zeno

11 Historical Attractions In Verona

Saint Zeno is considered a patron of Verona. It’s therefore not surprising that the Basilica built in his honor approximately in the 10-12th centuries, nowadays is the main church in the city.  In the crypt of the Basilica, there is the tombstone of San Zeno. He was a bishop of Verona for eight years from 362 to 380 and became famous due to his various noble deeds.


Lamberti Tower

11 Historical Attractions In Verona

The Lamberti Tower is very popular among tourists due to the fact that it has observation desk at its top.  You can climb on your own by overcoming steep stairs or pay a small fee and use elevator. This medieval tower was founded in the 12th century but later it only grew until it reached 84 meters in height.

It’s interesting to know that similar constructions are in many Italian cities. Perhaps, the most famous ones are two leaning towers in Bologna. They were also built in the 12th century and as the Lamberti Tower were designed not only for defensive purposes, but also to show a high social status of the family who owned it.


Santa Maria Antica Church

11 Historical Attractions In Verona

In translation from Italian “antica” means “ancient”. Indeed, the Santa Maria Antica Church is among the oldest ones in the city.  In fact, the very first temple located on its site was built in the 7th century, but didn’t survive an earthquake in 1117.

To our days, the Santa Maria Antica Church has preserved its original quite ascetic interior decoration. Walls are covered with brick and masonry lining and there isn’t any outstanding decoration either inside or outside the church.

13th Century

Juliet’s House

11 Historical Attractions In Verona

If there is a little chance that Juliet, described in Shakespeare’s play, really existed in the real life, then more likely she lived in the old house located on Via Cappelo Street in Verona. The famous Juliet’s House once belonged to the family dell Capello who probably could be described as Capulet. Anyway, the Juliet’s House today is very popular landmark attractions visited by hundreds of tourists each day.  The place is usually crowded by couples willing to kiss under the Juliet’s balcony.


San Francesco al Corso Monastery

11 Historical Attractions In Verona

This Franciscan monastery was hardly damaged during the Second World War. In its survived buildings, there is museum being operating since 1973. It stores a collection of frescoes brought here from various reasons from different churches in Verona.  But the major exhibit is so-called Juliet’s tomb – sarcophagus dating back 13-14th century.


Basilica of Sant’Anastasia

11 Historical Attractions In Verona

This three naves basilica is the largest church in Verona. The facade of the basilica, made in Roman-Gothic style, looks modest since its facing isn’t finished yet. The interior in contrast to the exterior is richly decorated with paintings in the Renaissance style.

14th Century

Verona Cathedral

11 Historical Attractions In Verona

It’s the main Catholic cathedral in Verona. It stands on site of an ancient Roman temple.  In addition to the beautiful interior decoration, you’ll also see real masterpieces of the Renaissance inside the Verona Cathedral. Here, the following paintings are stored: Assumption of the Virgin by Titian and Adoration of the Magi by Liberale da Verona.

14th Century

Castelvecchio and Scaligero Bridge

Castelvecchio is a castle that was a residence of the family of Scaliger the Lords of Verona. Inside the castle, there is a quite interesting museum with the collection of Romanesque sculptures and paintings by Pisanello, Tintoretto, Vittore Carpaccio and others. On the last floor, there is an access to the observation deck offering nice views of the Adige River and the city.


The fortified Scaligero Bridge was built on to the Castelvecchio in the 14th century as way to escape from anomies in case the castle is sieged. As well as all Verona bridges, it was destroyed by the Nazis during the World War II. The Scaligero Bridge was completely restored and nowadays it’s one of the main symbols of the city along with the Juliet’s House and Arena.

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What You Should NOT Do If You Encounter A Bear On The Road

Question: What would you do if a massive Grizzly Bear was running towards you at 55km an hour?

Answer: Run!?

Response: Don’t be stupid…

It might seem daft, but what you actually think you should do in a situation like this is in fact the complete opposite. Seriously. I was shocked too.

Instead of telling you what you SHOULD do, I am going to tell you what you SHOULDN’T do.

What You Should NOT Do If You Encounter A Bear On The Road

Let’s begin.

Stage 1) Do not pack smelly stuff (or be smelly)

You may not know that a Bear’s greatest sense is smell. Their eyesight is mediocre as well as their hearing so in laymen’s terms they will smell you before they see you. So remember not to scoosh that expensive perfume or aftershave before you set off.

This includes food too!

Stage 2) Don’t be quiet

Make as much noise as you possibly can! Start your own one man band with a harmonica, drums, guitar and cymbals! Or just clap, talk to others and snap twigs as you walk may be the easier option. Do this to make the Bear’s know you are there, they will be less inclined to stick around if they know that a big group of people are approaching.

Ok, so we have actually encountered a Grizzly. But they don’t see us yet. What do I do? What do I do?

Stage 3) Don’t listen to stage 2.

Move away quietly before they spot you. Sorted. You’re safe. Go to the hotel, motorhome, lodge and grab a LARGE beer!

But he has seen me and he’s staring right at me. What do I do? What do I do?

Stage 4) Don’t listen to stage 3

Do not show him that you are afraid (even know you are afraid). Show this 300kg Grizzly that you are the boss! Talk to him and let him know that you are not an animal that he can eat. Also appear as big as you can so do not drop anything that you happen to be carrying and if there is a child on the trip, pick them up and huddle together in one group.

Then back away slowly and go back to the hotel, motorhome or lodge and grab an even LARGER beer!

Spend A Few Days In Marmaris and Get A Fresh Lease Of Life

Who doesn’t like to get away from the humdrum of city life? Imagine going to a quiet place and resting your tired body and mind for a few days. And if the place is Marmaris you can rest assured that your soul would also feel relaxed. Yes, the charm of Marmaris is infectious and it makes everyone get back into life with a fresh lease of energy.

Marmaris – the place to be

It is the place to be. Close to the end of the previous century the sleepy fishing port of Turkey got into headlines due to its dazzling beaches and exquisite landscapes. Ever since it became one of the hotspots of global tourism it has attracted thousands of travelers from all corners of the world. People love Marmaris for its beaches, foods, bazaars and excursions. It provides a complete package to tourists who look for a few days of bliss.

Spend A Few Days In Marmaris and Get A Fresh Lease Of Life

Marmaris – things to do

Well, there are plenty of things to do in Marmaris. You would not like to miss on the major attractions and hence should create a list of the things you want to do once you are there. Excursions to Rhodes and Cleopatra Island should find a place in your list. Both these spots are covered in day excursions and you would love the cruise as well as the scenic beauty of the places. In fact there are plenty of such exciting and adventurous excursions that you can participate in Marmaris.

Apart from these, do take a walk to the Iclemer beach. The beach is long, clean and sandy, just perfect for a stroll.

Do you have children traveling with you? Go for a one day excursion to Dalyan. The kids would love the mud bath.

You cannot go back home without getting a Turkish carpet for yourself. The markets or the local bazaars in Marmaris are simply superb. They are colorful and always buzzing with life. They are the right place to find exquisite items like carpets, towels, leather goods and jewelry. You can shop for yourself and also get knick-knacks for your friends and relatives.

How about a Turkish bath? Yes, for centuries Turkey has been known for its hamams where people get a thorough message and bath that rejuvenates both the body and mind and at Marmaris you can experience that. Try it and you will always savor the experience of being scrubbed and polished and feeling so fresh afterwards.

What else do you have in your mind? Make your wishes and fulfill them in Marmaris. It’s not every day that you get a chance to visit as enchanting a place as Marmaris.

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Travel And Entertainment BlogMotivation and travelling are terms that seem to complement each other. When life constantly gives you a lot of stress, you think of ways of gaining some relief. Too much stress can also lead to demotivation and lack of concentration. But these are the things that must be present in your life for achieving a successful position. The only solution to it is travelling. By disconnecting with the daily life, you not only gain motivation but also discover several things about yourself. There are few people for whom travelling is like a drug. These individuals love exploring new destinations. Thus travelling includes a plethora of purposes.

Browsing the blogs

To know the true meaning and benefits of travelling, you can revert to several travel blogs as well. In these, you can learn about the experiences that the travellers. On the various websites, you can learn about the famous tourist hot spots. But when you go through the blogs, you can learn about the existence of several places that are still unexplored. Travel bloggers usually carry a bag pack with them and walk a lot. You must know that walking can make you explore places that you could never have imagined. Travelling always does not mean staying in posh hotels and riding in top notch cars for moving from one place to another.

Importance of gaining current information

When you travel to a particular destination, knowing about the way to reach the spot, the mode of transportation to the hotel, hotel rates and sightseeing spots is important. Some people go on holidays to know an unknown place other than their hometown and some travel for having fun with buddies. The second category of people is those who are looking for some entertainment. Browsing through the travel and entertainment blog is quite beneficial gaining correct information. You can gain some inspiration from these blogs. Also when you go travelling with friends, these blogs present you with ample ides to party and have fun.

Increasing love for sports

A sport is something that engages various young individuals these days. Young girls indulge in swimming for maintaining a fit body. Along with a healthy, obtaining a slim and slender figure is also quite easy with swimming. However, if you are new to this sport, then you can go through sport content that talk about the importance that swimming holds. Apart from this, almost every teenager boy these days is a huge fan of basketball. Not only motivation, but this specific sport can also enhance the metabolism in an individual.

Taking online help

Various people have varied interests. Some are enthusiastic about sports; some get excited by hearing the name of fashion and some others are simple travel lovers. Thus, you can see that the specialties and categories can be varied. With today’s technology, whenever you want to know about a particular subject or know about a specific fashion trend, you seem to take help of articles that are found on the Internet. The Internet features online portals like zero city that offer you with articles on numerous topics.


Hurghada Super Safari Adventure

Our family trip to Egypt was a blast! My wife and I, and our children (18-year-old boy, 17-year-old boy, and 16-year-old girl) all agreed that it was the best family trip that we ever had. We planned to go to Hurghada, and before we left, we researched travel agencies that offer Hurghada excursions. In the end, we decided to book the Hurghada Full-Day Deluxe Super Safari Adventure with

On the day of the excursion, our driver met us at the hotel lobby at around 9am. He was a young and pleasant gentleman. After listening to his brief overview of what we would be doing for the day, our two sons and I were absolutely ecstatic. We were ready for an action-packed day at the desert. The quad biking was so much fun. The quad bike trip around the desert was great and well supervised. We were given good instructions before we ventured out. My wife and daughter struggled with their quad bikes but the guides were fantastic and jumped on with them. My wife said that with the guide on board her quad bike, she had a much better experience. My boys and I absolutely enjoyed our ride. We also stopped at a desert mirage, which was amazing.

Hurghada Super Safari Adventure

The short camel ride was equally amusing. The only camels we’ve seen were those at the zoo. It was our first time actually touching a real camel. They were such mild and friendly animals. My 16-year-old daughter swore that the camel was smiling at her. It was fun, and we couldn’t stop giggling while we were riding them.

My wife was very impressed with the visit to the Bedouin Village. We had tea and watched them make bread. We got an insight into how these desert people live. Our kids was amazed at how these people live without modern day things, like a smartphone and a computer! My wife and I also tried the shesha pipe, which we thought was just ok.

The BBQ folklore show was a great experience. Since we live in the city back home, we can hardly see a starry sky. Here at the desert, we had a lovely meal under the stars and a bit of entertainment. The foods were delicious, and we had a good time watching the traditional dancers and belly dancers.

At the end of the day, our nice driver drove us back to the hotel. Just a note for anyone who plan to join one of these Hurghada excursions, the desert isn’t smooth sand so bring a pair of comfy shoes and a scarf!

Ask anyone who has traversed through Europe and he/she will tell you that your trip is incomplete unless you visit Italy. For many decades, Italy has remained in the top spot as a beautiful country with many exotic and wonderful holiday destinations. Whether you are interested in fashion or tradition, modern wonders or historical artifacts, Italy offers you everything. In this article we will talk about exploring Pisa, a city in central Italy. We will discuss the best way to explore this wonderful city.

Exploring Pisa

Don’t mistaken Pisa for a small country side town that you see in movies. Pisa is a large city and is the capital of the province of Pisa. It is nothing less than a metropolitan with a population of more than two hundred thousand residents. So now when you have an idea about the size of this city, it is only obvious that you will need a car to explore this city fully.

  • Exploring Pisa by Bike:

The weather in the city of Pisa is quite pleasant. On a nice sunny afternoon you can definitely enjoy exploring the city on a bike. However we won’t advice you to traverse through the entire city paddling on your bike. You should use the bike only for exploring nearby places. Anyplace that is not too far away from your hotel, you can take your bike with you. We have seen some bag packers who enjoy travelling through the city only on bike, but these travelers do not hesitate in changing hotels. So if you also don’t have any problems in changing hotels frequently, you can definitely try to explore Pisa solely on a bike.

  • Exploring Pisa on Foot:

Pisa is a beautiful city with ancient and medieval architecture. Obviously it won’t be possible to fully appreciate the historical heritage of the city when you are zooming past at high speeds in your car. The best way to appreciate Pisa and its beauty is to take a walk and see the places with a relaxed mind. You must have also heard that Italy is famous for its extraordinarily high class cuisine. Walking on foot will let you explore the rich Italian cuisine. You will have plenty of time to look around and try different exotic flavors that the Italian cuisine has to offer. And when you are tiered, there’s always the option of catching a cab back to your hotel.

Pisa is a large city and as a traveler you will not be able to enjoy its beauty to the fullest without a guide. You can try a map and visit the locations with its help but the best way to do it is to hire a guide so that you can visit all the popular tourist locations. Another benefit of having someone local by your side is that you won’t have any communication problems. It happens so many times that tourists do not speak the native language and find themselves lost with no one to help them to get back.

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Most of the companies in the UK do not reveal their financial statements, but here in WorkAdvisor you will be allowed to witness the account details of the companies who have given their financial statement. This offers you to access the current value of the company and predict how it will do in future. The company encourages reviews from everyone to make sure precise information is provided to the users.

Making Vehicle Identifying EasyIf you are struggling to find the data or history records of any vehicle then the best way to get the details is through VIN. VIN stands for vehicle identification number which is very much helpful in identifying any vehicle and know all about it.

The 17 digit number is unique for every vehicle and tells you a lot about the vehicle. You can even know about the vehicle whether it is stolen or not through VIN. VIN is actually a code which can be easily decoded through VIN decoder.

Once decoded, you can know about the manufacturer, registration, and even insurance of the vehicle. If you are planning to buy an old car and are not sure whether it had any accident history or not then too VIN is the option to check out which will clear your doubt and will tell you all about it and you can then make your final decision whether to go with the vehicle or not.

VIN is used in the cases of stolen cars and is very helpful in solving the cases within short span of time. People who buy or sell cars today look for VIN and learn all about the car within no time. So, if you are too one of those who are planning to buy or sell a car whether old or new then check out VIN number of the vehicle and learn about it.

Finding the prefect home is a difficult thing to do. After the purchase you may want to celebrate, but the next part is just as hard. The next part is packing and moving. Imagine fitting your whole home into a truck! It sounds hard, but it can be done.

The first thing to consider is your final destination. Many moving companies are local area only and cannot or will not be able to move your belongings over a large distance. If you are staying in the same city, then there is not much to worry about. It is easy to find online reviews of movers in your area. Be sure to select a company that has not only positive, but also numerous, reviews. A reputable company will be fully licensed, bonded, and insured. If they do not disclose this information, or it is unclear, this is a sign you should avoid that company

Finding A Good Moving Company

The reason for getting a mover is so you do not have to do as much work. If you liked heavy lifting and carrying furniture, you wouldn’t be interested in hiring someone to do it for you. So, it is a must to find a moving company that does a full-service job. A good mover will give you the necessary supplies to safely pack your valuables. It will be necessary to have lots of boxes to put things in, blankets to wrap around furniture, and paper to help keep fragile glass items from being broken. Some movers will even pack your belongings into the boxes for you!

Before packing starts, take some time to take a full inventory of all of your belongings you are planning to take. If you have a complete list of everything to be packed, and clearly labeled boxes, unpacking at your new home will be much easier. Also, if something becomes missing it will be clearly documented. Rather than searching through every box looking to find one item, you can just look at the list and immediately find the right box.

In some cases there maybe extra time between when you move out of your old house and into your new one. If this happens you must find a moving company that offers storage. A company like this will keep all of your boxed and wrapped belongings in a safe and secure area until you are ready to finish the last part of your move. Another common option is to include intermediate pickups. If you would like the moving truck to make a stop between old and new homes this is a possibility.

Whatever your plans may be, there is sure to be a mover that can meet your needs. If you looking for, there are numerous options with excellent reviews.Take a minute and look around your home. Do you want to lift and carry every piece of furniture and décor to and from a truck two times?No. Then you will need a mover.

Look For Decoration Ideas OnlineIf you are planning to decorate your home and its interior but not finding any great ideas then check out online and you will surely find something new and innovative. Online search for anything and everything is just a perfect idea in today’s time in order to make things easier, simple and fast.

Find decoration ideas online by looking for sites that provide you good and innovative decoration ideas and items in order to make your home décor just perfect as per your need. There are so many different types of home décor items that can enhance the look of your home. It is juts you need to search for the best and get it for your home.

You can check out sites online such as allchildrendecals and get some cool and decoration ideas so as to make your home look beautiful and pleasing. Decals can be one of the best items to go with when looking to decorate your home in an effective and affordable manner. Cool looking decals installed on the walls of your home will just look perfect and will give the best look which you always wanted. These are available at much affordable price and since they are easy to install you can go for them anytime.