Discover Some Of The Most Common Myths About Staying In Hostels!

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More and more people are choosing to stay in some of the best hostels in Edinburgh when visiting the exciting and beautiful city in Scotland. This is because people are getting wise to some of the myths that surround staying in a hostel. We are going to explore these myths in further detail below, so you can discover what to really expect when staying in this type of accommodation.

You are going to be forced to share with strangers of the opposite sex – A lot of people are put off from staying in a hostel because they fear they are going to be shoved in a room with a bunch of strangers. However, you actually have control over what type of room you stay in and who with, as most hostels provide a number of different options for you to choose from.

There are mixed dorms for those who are happy to share with others and want to get to know new people. However, there are also same sex dorms for those who would feel more comfortable staying in an all female or all male room. Finally, there are hostels that offer private rooms, so you can stay in the group you come with and experience complete privacy.

You get a bed and nothing more – People assume that you are only going to get a bed and nothing more when you stay in a hostel. Yet, as is the case with hotels and other accommodation options, all hostels are different. There are some hostels that do indeed only provide the bare basics, but there are also those that have numerous facilities available as well. From Wi-Fi to games rooms, you would be surprised by the number of facilities that you can make the most of when you are staying in a hostel.

Discover Some Of The Most Common Myths About Staying In Hostels!

Everyone that stays in a hostel is a traveller – This is not the case either. Of course, hostels are popular amongst those that are going from city to city, but you get all types of people staying in a hostel. There are those that are travelling on business as well as people who are going away with their friends and simply want cheaper accommodation. That is one of the great things about staying in a hostel – you will get to meet plenty of fun, diverse and interesting people, which can really enhance your stay.

Hostels aren’t clean – Last but not least, perhaps the most ridiculous rumour of them all is that hostels aren’t clean. There may be one or two hostels that give the industry a bad name. But, doesn’t this apply for hotels and B&Bs too? If you book a stay in a hostel, you certainly shouldn’t expect to be somewhere dirty and unclean. Just because you are getting a cheap room does not mean you should expect the worse of everything.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what to expect when staying in a hostel. You certainly won’t experience a dirty place where there are no facilities and loads of strangers crammed together – that’s for sure.