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It really doesn’t matter whether you are a veteran diver or a beginner who is trying scuba diving for the very first time – Hawaii is one of the best places to explore the world that waits beneath the waves. There are so many different spots to visit that it can be difficult to choose where you want to explore. There are some great places to explore off the shore of every one of the Hawaiian Islands and each island boasts at least one ‘must see dive’! With that in mind I have put together a list of my top 4 places in Hawaii to go scuba diving so that you can start to narrow down your choices.


Great Scuba Diving Spots in Hawaii

  • Kealakekua Bay : This popular scuba diving site is located off Hawaii’s Big Island and offers calm waters shielded by towering cliffs. Aside from the plethora of marine life to be discovered during your exploration, many divers also like to kayak out to the monument in honor of Captain James Cook, the explorer who first discovered the islands back in 1778! As an added bonus, you can also snorkel around the base of the statue for some interesting sights
  • Hanauma Bay : At the South East tip of Oahu you will find one of Hawaii’s most popular spots for snorkelling and scuba diving. The bay is actually a Marine Life Conservation Area due to the fragile ecosystem that exists there so there are some restrictions in place. However, it is worth complying with them to enjoy the stunning reefs teeming with colourful fish!
  • Kee Beach: Over on Kauai, Kee Beach offers a sheltered lagoon with some beautiful offshore reefs. However, this spot is only really suitable in the Summer months since the conditions in Winter can be dangerous due to strong winds and currents. There are plenty of kauai rentals to choose from in the summer months as well.
  • The Sea Tiger : If you are interested in wreck dives, then one of the most interesting is the ‘Sea Tiger’ which lies off the Southern shore of Oahu fairly close to Honolulu. It is more suited to experienced divers and offers a really exciting place to explore.  The 165 foot wreck creates a great artificial reef. The top of the wreck is around 65 feet under the surface although you can dive to around 120 feet if you are looking to spot Tiger Sharks or Hawaiian Stingrays during your dive. One of the most commonly spotted residents is a Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle that makes his home in the former cargo hold of the ship!

Getting The Best From Your Scuba Diving Experience

If you have never been scuba diving in Hawaii before then you may not know where to start even once you have picked your dive site. However, there are plenty of local dive tour companies who can lead a scuba diving trip for you. One of my favourite places to go for scuba diving tours in Hawaii is Living Ocean Scuba, you can read about them here if you want some more information about them. Choosing to go with a tour rather than going it alone has a number of advantages including the fact that your guide will know exactly where to look for the best examples of local sealife.

Hawaii is the ideal place to enjoy some scuba diving thanks to the many varieties of marine life that make their home among the reefs. There are also a number of wrecks that can be explored which are always great for an exciting dive! The waters around the Hawaiian Islands are fairly warm pretty much all year round and the various islands all offer there own type of dives each with plenty to experience. It is well worth looking into organised dive tours in order to make the most of your trip to Hawaii as this is going to help you fit in all of the dives that take your interest.