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Myanmar Tours- Tailor Made and Private Tour Packages

For travelers who are eager to see a country that remained mystically beautiful in Southeast Asia then Myanmar is no doubt one of the best choices.  Filled with shimmering temples, pristine forests and untouched heritages, the country promises some amazing travel experiences you should expect.

Myanmar Tours- Tailor Made and Private Tour Packages

These are top must see sites in Myanmar which should be included in your itinerary :

Shwedagon Pagoda Yangon

The rich history of Shwedagon and the giant architecture reflecting Buddhist highlights make this pagoda outstanding amongst all the attractions in Yangon city.

For all the firs timer, it is incomplete if you travel to Myanmar without visiting this site.

Indein Stupas and Market

With mountain backdrop and direct view to the romantic lake of Inle, Indein is a very place to enjoy the culture and nature in Shan State. There are chances to spot the wildlife along the canals or floating gardens, decorated by stilt villages.

Indein boasts faded Buddhist stupa ruin which depicts the ancient treasures of the area. The pagoda on the top of Indein is said to be a sacred place for pilgrimage also.

Another event that takes place every week in Indein is the rotating market. There is a collection of boat, unique farm produce and colorful traditional hill tribe dress to behold during this day.

Bagan Temples

The iconic image of Burma Tourism comes from Bagan which is studded by thousands of temples. Photographers from all over the word come here to capture the haunting sunrise, flying over the sky with balloon to see the exceptional charm of the area.

Bagan also has many traditional works and the most famous one is to make lacquer ware.

Amarapura, Mandalay

Authentic Asia Tours, a local Myanmar Travel Agency voted Mandalay the first choice for adventurers who want to do motorcycle, trekking and river cruises.
Surrounded by 4 ancient capitals, the city of Mandalay has so much to offer from famous historical sites to the Royal Palace which marked the last capital of Burma kingdom.

From Mandalay, you can take cruise upriver to watch the river dolphin, riding motorbike to Pyn Oo Lwin or embark a trek in Nam Sanh

Southern Beaches

Since Myanmar opens more area for oversea travelers to visit, the south islands is really appealing. Explore Mergui Archipelago could define a life time journey for everyone. The beach is so pristine, the islands are untamed, the coral reefs are so beautiful and the people are just incredibly friendly.

Some notes :
To visit Myanmar, you need to apply for Myanmar Visa before you enter the country.
The best time to visit is from Oct to April.