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Simple, Affordable Car Hire

One of the few downsides of travelling through Australia is that most of the public transport options – including the long-distance rail, bus and commercial flights – ignore large swathes of the country, instead focusing their attention on capital cities and regional centres. Even getting around within the confines of a capital city can be an odyssey of epic proportions when you have to navigate any of Australia’s complex public transport systems. It’s best for foreigners and visitors to Australian cities and regional areas to drive private vehicles, as they allow you to control your timing and destinations, but for the most part people don’t travel with their own vehicle in tow.

Fortunately, hiring a car is a popular choice for many travellers, and you can truly enjoy Australia exactly the way you see fit when you’re at the wheel of your own destiny. Australians are notoriously friendly and hospitable to visitors, so you should have a look at the car hire companies operating near your travel destinations and see how they can help you to embark upon the holiday of your dreams.

Simple, Affordable Car Hire

Choosing a Car

Perhaps the most important aspect of hiring a car is choosing which car is best suited to your needs. Do you just need a zippy, efficient vehicle that will help you to get around a metropolitan area, or are you looking for a more rugged vehicle capable of housing you and your friends on a long road trip? Perhaps you need something that fits neatly in between those two extremes, a vehicle ideal for exploring the Outback or a short trip to your favourite Melbourne coffee destination. When you have a look at your hire car options, you need to have some idea as to what you’ll be using the vehicle for so the hire company can cater to your needs. Car hire businesses with a range of vehicles suited to all budgets and lifestyles are the best to work with, as their breadth of experience allows them to help you make an informed decision as to the vehicle that’s best for you.

When You Know What You Want

It’s always best to work with experienced car hire companies. This is primarily because those with experience in dealing with tourists and visitors from a range of backgrounds tend to provide exemplary customer service and a fleet of versatile, well-maintained vehicles for you to enjoy. You simply can’t beat the feeling of getting behind the wheel with the open road ahead of you and any destination you like available at the push of the accelerator, and the finest car hire companies are those that can provide you with a vehicle that will allow you to do exactly that. You may be travelling with the family and need a van to accommodate all your luggage and personal effects, or holidaying solo, in which case you’ll enjoy the luxury of a compact car. If you can, find yourself an award-winning business (the Golden Backpack is one prestigious award given to car hire companies, for example) so you can set out on the Australian road in style and security.